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Maternity bras are recommended during pregnancy. Seamless bras are best for use in the first trimester and post birth while the contour range is good for the second and third trimester. HPFY offers a range of maternity and nursing bras to cater to all your needs. Nursing bras are recommended in the postpartum period to protect from long term damage and comfort that you need the most. Nursing bras usually have clasps or panels for easy access of the nipples while feeding. These bras permit breastfeeding without the need to remove the bra. Popular Nursing bras include Anita Maternity Polka Dot Padded Wireless Nursing Bra or Medebra Medebaby and many more available as per your size requirements at HPFY.

Features of a Good Maternity Bra

  • Additional support for fuller breasts upto 35% heavier 
  • Side supports to avoid bust flattening and ligament damage 
  • Non-restrictive 
  • Wider set frame to avoid compression of milk ducts 
  • Single handed drop down clips for easy feeding 
  • Cotton lined for comfort and breathability

Some specially designed bra come with straps to expose the nipple with one hand. Always remember Tight is not right!! If you notice indentations of bra straps on your body that means you need a new bra. While you enter the pregnancy cycle your body starts undergoing changes. Likewise your breasts also change. They become bigger and sensitive to touch. The developing glandular tissue add a few ounces to each side. It is recommended to have at least three maternity bras one on, one to wash and a spare one. It is common for your bra to get stained with breast milk therefore a good quality supportive bra is needed. You may need to do the shopping several times during your pregnancy as your breasts may change throughout the period.