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Urological Accessories to Optimize Your FSA Dollars & Incontinence Plan

Urological Accessories to Optimize Your FSA Dollars & Incontinence Plan
Kevin Cleary

Those whose employers offer a Flexible Spending Account or FSA for employee healthcare contributions must understand that employee contributions (FSA funds) that don’t get used or spent are forfeited at the end of the year. Why throw away that FSA money…it is yours! Some of us may need medical aids to help with urological issues and many of the accessories for these products are FSA eligible.

HPFY points you to several of these medical aid accessories that can benefit from your FSA account.

What are some common Urological Disorders?

Developing a plan for incontinence or other urological issues can not only make your life easier but also improve its quality dramatically by eliminating the fear of embarrassing moments that can arise from urological issues - a fear sometimes so severe that you stay home just to avoid those moments.

Some medical issues that could lead to urological problems can include:

Many of these urological disorders can lead to the need for catheterization, either indwelling or intermittent. There is a wide range of catheter types that can incorporate polished eyelets, lubricated/non-lubricated, and even Foley catheters which remain in place for longer periods of time. The use of these types of catheters often need accessories for easier use.

10 Great Urological Accessories that you can buy with your leftover FSA dollars

Catheterization is the insertion of a tube into your urethra up to your bladder to safely drain urine. Many folks with urological issues have problems urinating or emptying their bladders fully which leads to incontinence or dribbling. That in turn can affect your skin and lead to serious problems such as infections later. Not what you want!

Here are some urological accessories that can make your incontinence plan easier and more effective:

1. Advantage Close Fit Male Urinal System

This system is ideal for men who need assistance with toileting while homebound or in a wheelchair. These urinals are simpler and safer to use than trying to navigate bathrooms without assistance. Not only can it reduce the risk of falls it can also help minimize infections, accidents, and spills. It also maintains bladder memory and decreases excess or nighttime ambulation.

2. Aplicare Sterile Lubricating Jelly

Using lubrication during catheterization makes it more comfortable. This sterile lubricating jelly is greaseless and water-soluble. Not only is this lubricant economical but also it doesn’t irritate the skin, tissue, or mucous membranes and can be used as a general multi-purpose lubricant. It is ideally suited for tissue lubrication, endoscopic procedures, and instrument lubrication. It is transparent and unscented.


3. Bard Bardia Foley Catheter Insertion Tray with Syringe

This user friendly kit has everything you need for the process of catheter insertion and irrigation. It includes a waterproof underpad, a fenestrated drape, 5g lubricating jelly, two latex free exam gloves, 3 swabs sticks (povidone-iodine or BZK) and a specimen container with label. It is perfect for 5 cc or 30 cc balloon Foley catheters and is designed for single use, sterile catheterization.

4. McKesson Consult Urine Reagent Strip Protein and Glucose

Our urine can tell a lot about our overall health. The firm plastic strips of this reagent testing pads give the user two parameters for testing. The results tell you about carbohydrate metabolism, kidney and liver function, acid-base balance, and bacteriuria. It’s always easier to solve a problem if you know it’s there!



5. Sammons Preston Hands-Free Cathing Mirror

This acrylic cathing mirror allows the user to have both hands free during intermittent catheterization. It features a 33” flexible hose that wraps around your leg comfortably and is lightweight to maximize the portability of this latex free catheter accessory. This mirror is ideal for those with limited mobility and/or dexterity, as well as the elderly and those in a wheelchair.

6. Bard StatLock Foley Stabilization Device-Adult

Designed to reduce the risk of accidental catheter removal and movement, this can be an effective alternative to medical tapes or leg straps. This device can be used with both latex or silicone Foley catheters and can eliminate circumferential compression while maximizing patient comfort. Made with a breathable non-latex tricot fabric, it is sterile and latex free, and the unique alcohol soluble adhesive is gentle on your skin.


7. Medline Leg Bag with Comfort Straps and Twist Valve Drainage Port

Ideal for those who use catheters but can ambulate on their own, this leg bag features a twist valve for easy emptying while minimizing spillage. The anti-reflux valve helps prevent backflow and each bag has latex free elastic straps for a secure fit. The flip drain is easy to use for those with limited dexterity and the slide tap makes use even easier while the fluid pathway stays sterile.

8. Tytex CareFix CarePocket Leg Bag Holder

Many urology patients may be self-conscious about wearing a catheter in public. This leg bag holder solves that by keeping the urine bag in place discretely on either leg. It distributes the weight of the urine bag evenly to reduce pressure points on your leg. This lowers the risk of constriction and pressure sores. Great for active users, and it can be washed and reused.

Medline Leg Bag With Comfort Straps
Medline Leg Bag With Comfort Straps

9. Andropeyronies Penis Curvatures and Peyronies Device

One urological issue that men might have to deal with is Peyronies Disease or Penile Fibrosis. It is characterized by a painful erection and a curved penis caused by fibrous scar tissue. This medically prescribed device is designed to help correct penis curvature. This penis traction device can reduce Peyronies disease and penile curvature by 50-60% and reduce the pain associated with this disorder.

10. ConvaTec FlexI Trak Urological Anchoring Device

This latex-free anchoring device can be worn for up to five days by using a skin-friendly, modern acrylic adhesive to securely hold tubes, catheters, and drains in place to the skin. It is easy to apply and remove. It can be used for multiple applications such as urinary catheters, nephrostomy tubes, and even IV tubes. Keep what you need in place with peace of mind!


We can encounter an entire gamut of urological issues as we age. These can be daily arising issues that need an everyday plan. There are numerous urological aids that can benefit from accessories that both improve your incontinence or urological plan and maximize your Flexible Spending Account or FSA dollars. Take control of your urological needs and live life to its fullest!


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