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Top 5 Thumb Spica Splints - [FSA Approved Thumb splints]

Top 5 Thumb Spica Splints - [FSA Approved Thumb splints]
Shweta Chaubey

A thumb spica splint decreases movement and provides support and comfort by stabilizing an injury. Moreover, thumb splints are also used to temporarily immobilize an extremity before surgery or assist in primary healing.

Unlike a thumb cast, a splint brace is noncircumferential and often preferred in emergency scenarios, where acute injuries and continued swelling can occur.

Feeling pain in the thumb may be a symptom of a possible injury or a developing chronic condition. Depending on the severity of pain and a doctor's evaluation, one may need to sport a thumb spica splint for a certain period for proper healing.

What can cause Thumb Pain?

Sports and physical activities can cause a simple jammed thumb injury where wrapping the thumb after an injury helps apply compression, reduces swelling, and prevents re-injury. However, serious chronic conditions such as Carpal tunnel syndrome can cause thumb pain that impacts nerves and sometimes spreads to the fingers and the base of the thumb.

Another common cause of thumb pain is osteoarthritis, typically starting at the base of the thumb. Symptoms of osteoarthritis include hand weakness, inflammation, and cartilage loss within the thumb joint.

Subsequently, thumb pain caused by overuse is known as thumb tendonitis or De Quervain's Tendinosis which may even move up to the forearm.

What is a Thumb Spica Brace?

A spica splint helps immobilize the thumb for quicker recovery to provide rest to the thumb. A thumb splint is made from breathable fabrics with metal or plastic inserts to support the thumb, relieve pain caused by injury or arthritis, and restrict movement before and after surgery. A thumb spica splint is recommended for several weeks in case of serious injuries.

Getting used to a thumb brace may take a while since a spica brace restrains joint movement. It is noteworthy that a right-sized thumb splint should not be too tight or restrict your circulation. The spica brace must not make the wearer feel uncomfortable after wearing it.

Top 5 Thumb Spica Splints [FSA-Approved]

1. Push MetaGrip Thumb CMC Orthosis

FSA Approved  

Push MetaGrip Thumb CMC Orthosis is designed to support the thumb and carpometacarpal (CMC) joint. The CMC thumb brace is ideal for post-operative care, arthritis, and stabilization of thumb muscles. The CMC trigger thumb splint offers a custom fit and can be worn under a glove.

Push MetaGrip Thumb Spica Splint Features

  • Push MetaGrip thumb spica brace is worn during work, household activities, and sports such as golf, tennis, knitting, swimming, etc.
  • Provides CMC stability during pinch & grip without impeding another joint movement
  • The thumb protection brace is easy to wash in a machine on a gentle cycle at a low temperature.
  • Push thumb brace provides long-term durability, resisting abrasion.
  • MetaGrip latex-free thumb support brace is worn under a glove.

2. Ossur Formfit forearm-based thumb spica splint

FSA Approved  

Ossur Formfit Thumb Spica is designed to restrict wrist and thumb motion and has simple contact closure straps for easy application. The form-fit thumb support brace constructed from a lightweight, durable fabric with patented three-dimensional molded padding provides superior comfort and fit.

The Ossur spica splint offers pain relief to the wearer by reducing the movement afforded to the injured appendage, thereby improving rehabilitation time.

Ossur Forearm-based Thumb Spica Splint Features

  • Ossur thumb support brace is ideal for long-term immobilization and protection. 
  • The Ossur thumb brace's adjustable design for arthritis offers a customized fit. 
  • The Ossur thumb immobilizer facilitates the wearer with exceptional comfort. 
  • Ossur Forearm-based thumb spica splint relieves extensive thumb pain and allows for a contoured fit. 
  • The 8-inches long forearm thumb brace is customizable.

3. Comfort Cool Thumb CMC Restriction Splint

FSA Approved  

The Comfort Cool Thumb CMC Restriction Splint supports thumb CMC joints and allows full finger function. The perforated neoprene fabric of the CMC splint brace provides maximum comfort to the user and helps keep skin healthy and cool, while terry cloth liner keeps things comfortable. This FSA-approved reinforced stitching allows users to trim the splint below the thumb MP joint. The Comfort Cool Thumb CMC Restriction Splint is specifically made for osteoarthritis and medial subluxation of the thumb CMC joint.

Comfort Cool Thumb CMC Restriction Splint Features

  • The CMC splint has a contoured strap that wraps around the thumb CMC joint and the first metacarpal for direct CMC joint support. 
  • CMC brace for thumb provides gentle compression that helps relieve thumb discomfort associated with CMC joint arthritis and instability, tendinitis, or repetitive motion. 
  • The anti-microbial, latex-free CMC brace is ideal to use for compression. 
  • CMC joint brace helps enhance the everyday performance of the wearer. 
  • Comfort Cool thumb spica splint supports painful or unstable joints due to arthritis or soft tissue injuries.

4. Rolyan Collum CMC Thumb Brace

FSA Approved  

Rolyan Collum CMC Thumb Brace is designed for people with arthritis at the CMC and MCP joints of the thumb. The CMC Thumb Brace allows the wearer to complete their routine tasks with utmost comfort as it limits the extreme motions of the thumb joints. The Rolyan spica splint has quality leather with a soft suede lining for comfort and durability.

Rolyan Collum CMC Thumb Spica Brace Features

  • The Rolyan thumb immobilizer is designed for people with arthritis of the CMC and MCP thumb joints. 
  • The CMC brace for thumb is made of quality leather with a soft suede lining. 
  • The soft thumb splint provides comfort and durability. 
  • Rolyan spica splint allows the performance of routine tasks in comfort because it limits extremes of motion of the joints of the thumb. 
  • The material used in the Rolyan thumb brace for arthritis effectively resists moisture, insulates the joint from cold, and prevents odor.

5. 3pp ThumSling NP Thumb Splint

FSA Approved  

The 3pp Thumb Spica Splint eases pain from instability and CMC joint arthritis. The 3pp thumb sling comes with adjustable compression, mild support, and a contoured strap to help control mobility and alleviate pain at the base of the thumb.

The 3pp NP ThumSling Thumb Spica Splint Features

  • 3pp Thumb Splint includes flexible stay added wherever extra support is required. 
  • 3pp hand based thumb spica provides great support and resistance to movement. 
  • The materials used in the 3pp NP thumb spica brace are resilient fabrics and stretch very little. 
  • The fully adjustable spica brace allows the wearer to determine the compression required to stabilize the thumb. 
  • 3pp thumb brace is effective in relieving pain during activity and at rest, and the dense foam offers an optimal level of support and control to reduce pain.

Where can I buy Spica Splint?

HPFY has been online since 2002 to offer the best quality orthopedic products, including thumb spica splints, ankle support, knee supports, and more, for a quicker recovery. Buy spica thumb support at the most affordable prices. It is essential to remember that thumb splints must be referred to for evaluation by a consultant within 2-7 days. What type of brace should be used depends on the reason for the splint brace.


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