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Top 5 Collagen Dressings

Top 5 Collagen Dressings
Shweta Chaubey

Collagen dressing comes in the form of gels and pads that play an essential role in wound healing by encouraging cell proliferation and collagen deposition into the wound bed. Several natural processes, along with biofilm formation, can cause a delay in wound healing. 

Another factor that can delay the healing process is biofilm formation. A biofilm is created when bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms adhere to the wound's surface and are left unchecked. The biofilm protects the organisms from the body's immune response and delays natural wound healing. Collagen is often used to speed up the healing process. 

What is Collagen Dressing used for? 

Collagen dressings facilitate a moist healing environment for quicker wound healing, inhibiting or inactivating the MMPs by providing the enzymes with extra collagen. As a result, natural collagen of the body is used for new tissue growth. 

Collagen dressing for wounds comes in various forms, including collagen sheets or collagen powders that effectively absorb wound exudate. Subsequently, when collagen dressings are incorporated with silver or other agents, they deter the formation of biofilm on the wound bed and prevent infection. Additionally, collagen gel dressings also provide moisture to the wound site. 

When to use Collagen Dressing? 

  • Pressure ulcers, pressure wounds, and pressure sores 
  • Venous stasis ulcers  
  • Superficial scrapes  
  • Burns of second and third degree  
  • Partial-thickness and full-thickness wounds  
  • Tunneling wounds  
  • Infected wounds  
  • Exuding/draining wounds 
  • Deep cavity wounds 

Benefits of Collagen Dressings

  • Non-Immunogenic: Collagen wound dressings are non-immunogenic. Since collagen is a naturally formed protein, it does not provoke any unwanted responses from the body. 
  • Non-Pyrogenic: Collagen gel dressings are non-pyrogenic. Collagen is sterile and free from fever-initiating elements. 
  • Non-Allergenic: Collagen dressing does not cause any allergic reaction to the skin. 
  • Fibroblast Production: Collagen increases fibroblast production crucial for the restoration of injured tissues. 
  • Promotion of Platelets: Collagen is also helpful in spreading platelets to the injury site for the injury to heal faster. 
  • Preservation of Leukocytes: Collagen wound dressings facilitate the preservation of leukocytes, i.e., white blood cells that help fight infection and eliminate the disease. 
  • Preparation of Wound Site: Collagen dressing preserves macrophages, dead cells, and bacteria to prepare the wound site for healing. 

Top 5 Collagen Wound Dressings 

1. Coloplast Woundres Collagen Hydrogel Dressing  

The Woundres Collagen Hydrogel Dressing essentially keeps the wounds at the right moisture level and offers excellent assistance for any wound healing. The Hydrogel works adequately on virtually every wound, including all stages of pressure ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, and burns of the second and third degree, to name a few. 

WounDres Collagen Hydrogel Features 

  • Collagen Hydrogel Dressing contains elements beneficial to ensure healthy skin during the wound healing process. 
  • The clear amorphous gel allows easy wound visualization. 
  • Allantoin in the Coloplast collagen hydrogel is a skin protectant crucial for tissue growth. 
  • The collagen wound dressing has panthenol important to maintain an optimal moisture balance. 
  • The WounDres balances the wound bed's pH and fills the cavity. 
  • Collagen dressing debrides and gently removes wound exudate. It also hydrates dry wounds and eschar. 

2. Medline Puracol Plus AG Collagen Dressing 

Medline Puracol Plus Collagen Dressing with Antimicrobial Silver offers a jump-start for stalled wounds and restores a delicate balance. The unique 3-dimensional structure supports cellular growth. The antimicrobial dressing with silver and collagen together makes the dressing adhere for longer to the wound bed. In addition, the puracol collagen dressing with ag preserves the natural triple helix structure of the collagen that provides more collagen to a wound and for a longer period. 

Puracol Plus AG Features 

  • Triple-helix format restores chemical balance in the wound bed. 
  • The highly absorbent material of the puracol plus AG dressing stays in intimate contact with the wound bed as it absorbs exudate. 
  • The absorbent collagen ag dressing manages wound moisture. 
  • The Ionic silver provides an antimicrobial barrier. 
  • The collagen ag dressing contains a hydrated silver chloride (antibacterial agent) that disrupts the metabolic processes in bacteria and inhibits their growth within the dressing. 
  • The collagen silver dressing keeps the bacteria away from the wound. 

3. Medline Puracol Plus Collagen Dressing  

Medline Puracol Plus Collagen Dressing has native collagen that helps the dressing last longer in the wound bed. Puracol Plus Dressing is ideal for chronic or stalled wounds that need comprehensive wound care. 

Features of Puracol Collagen Dressing 

  • Puracol plus collagen wound dressings have 100% collagen powder to maintain a high degree of nativity. 
  • High gel integrity helps the dressings stay in good contact with the wound bed over time. 
  • Puracol treats pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, diabetic ulcers, partial and full-thickness wounds, abrasions, and traumatic and surgical wounds. 
  • Absorbent collagen sheets manage wound moisture. 

4. Maiden Collagen Wound Dressing Powder 

Maiden Collagen Wound Dressing Powder is a highly effective powder for treating wounds, including diabetic foot ulcers. It is an absorbent medical powder made of a matrix of micro fibrilar collagen, used for managing injuries presenting exudations, both moderate and severe, and for controlling minor hemorrhages. This collagen matrix dressing provides a favorable physiological environment that stimulates wound healing. When the powder interacts with the wound fluid, it absorbs the exudate, which promotes tissue regeneration. 

Features of Maiden Collagen Dressing for Wounds

  • Collagen wound powder guarantees excellent coverage of the entire wound surface, including deep wounds. 
  • Maiden collagen absorbs more than ten times its weight and comes in a breathable tyvek barrier bag and a chevron seal for easy application. 
  • Handles and absorbs the moderate and severe exudate of the wounds. 
  • Maiden wound dressing effectively controls minor bleeding. 
  • Powder application to wounds causes no physical damage to existing tissue. 
  • Maiden collagen dressing can be removed and reapplied. 

5. Medline Puracol Collagen Dressing 

Medline Puracol Collagen Dressing is the primary wound dressing for all drainage types. It is a highly absorbent material that converts to a soft gel sheet that stays in contact with the wound bed as it absorbs exudate. Topical absorbent collagen sheets manage wound moisture

Medline Puracol Collagen Dressing for Wounds Features 

  • The gel sheet stays in intimate contact with the wound bed as it absorbs exudate. 
  • Medline puracol helps restore chemical balance in the wound bed. 
  • Cut-to-fit any size of the acute or chronic wound with light to heavy exudate. 
  • Puracol collagen dressing has a high gel integrity  
  • Wound dressing works fine on the wound for up to 7 days. 

Where can I buy Collagen Dressing?

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