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10 Essential Hospital Bed Accessories for Patient Care

10 Essential Hospital Bed Accessories for Patient Care
Kevin Cleary

Many folks suffering from a wide range of maladies are often forced to use a hospital bed in a clinical setting or at home. While hospital beds in and of themselves are great, the use of hospital bed accessories can make them even better. This can improve comfort for the user and make it easier for caregivers to properly care for their patients. This keeps the patient/user safer and can take some strain off of the caregiver.

Choosing quality bed additions may seem difficult with all the options available, but fortunately, HPFY has everything you need, including these 10 essential hospital bed accessories for proper patient care. Some types of accessories you may want to consider include: 

  • Trapeze bars 
  • Protective padding 
  • Bed rails 
  • Assist bars/rails 

Top 10 Best-Rated Bedside Accessories 

Finding the proper hospital bed accessory for your condition might be confusing with all the options available. Your head might spin!! Each patient requires different accessories, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution to patient care. We have chosen 10 essential quality bed additions or accessories that might make your situation at home or a clinical setting safer and more convenient. These 10 are: 

1. Medline Bed Assist Bar

Designed for those who need support, security, and stability while getting in/out of bed, this bed assist bar has a soft grip for comfort and reduces the risk of falling. It is easy to install and height adjustable, making it a customer favorite.

Medline Bed Assist Bar



2. HealthCraft e2 Ceiling Mount Trapeze

LatexFree Latex Free

This over-bed trapeze system is designed for bed assistance and safety. It secures to the ceiling, and the handle features two offset ladder rungs to allow for improved arm strength and increased comfort. Benefits include: 

  • PVC closed foam grip 
  • White anti-microbial powder coating 
  • Available in 24” & 32” lengths 
HealthCraft e2 Ceiling Mount Trapeze



3. GrahamField Lumex Versa-Helper Trapeze

Made in USA Made In USA

This trapeze helps patients safely change position in bed or transfer to other equipment with minimal assistance. The handbar location is adjustable, and be height can be adjusted from 43” to 52.” The rubber bumper guards protect walls and feature a VersaGuard-coded clamp and handlebar. It’s made to be used with metal frame headboards and can support up to 250 lbs. 

GrahamField Lumex Versa-Helper Trapeze



4. Mabis DMI Twin Folding Bed Board

Made in USA Made In USA

Made in the USA and designed to prevent back pain by removing sag in a mattress, this convenient and easy-to-use bed board simply slides between the mattress and box spring to add firmness. It easily and conveniently folds into four sections, making it portable and sturdy (3/4” thick). 

Mabis DMI Twin Folding Bed Board



5. Medline Lightweight Bariatric Trapeze Bar

This lightweight trapeze bar is designed for bariatric patients and can be assembled easily, making it portable and easy to use. The base material is made from steel. It safely assists bariatric patients in changing their position in bed or safely moving from their bed to other equipment by improving stability and control of movement. 

Medline Lightweight Bariatric Trapeze Bar



6. Drive Foam Side Rail Bumper Pads

These pads are one of the best hospital bed accessories available. They are designed for those at risk of entrapment or who may have trouble staying in bed. Those with spinal injuries may spasm, or Parkinson’s patients can shake themselves out of bed, and these bumper pads provide a comfortable barrier and increase security. They are made from high-density foam, and each pair comes with a fluid-resistant vinyl covering. Hook and loop fasteners secure it all together. 

Drive Foam Side Rail Bumper Pads



7. Vive Bed Risers

These bed risers are ideal for those with limited mobility and have difficulties arising from chairs, beds, or bending over tables. They feature: 

  • Customize height between 3” to 8” 
  • Can be used on most flooring, including carpet, hardwood, and tile 
  • Suitable for couches, chairs, beds, tables, and desks 
  • Strong plastic can support up to 1,760 pounds 
Vive Bed Risers



8. BedCane Bed Rail

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

This FSA-approved durable and height-adjustable bed rail folds down for easy travel or storage and installs in minutes with just 3 bolts. The easy-to-grip handle is cushioned, measures 15” wide, and can be installed on either side of the bed, making it a best-rated bedside accessory. One customer said: 

BedCane Bed Rail



9. Clarke SafetyGrip Bedside Balance Assist Rail

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved Made in USA Made In USA LatexFree Latex Free

Mounted on the side of a standard bed with an L-shaped frame, this bedside assist rail helps to eliminate twists, turns, and slips by providing a firm, stable Grab & Move system. It is a 360° rotating horizontal and vertical assist rail to help with transfers onto or out of bed. It features: 

  • FSA approved economy 
  • 300 lbs. capacity 
  • Height adjustable 
  • Safe to use on all mattress thicknesses and sizes 
Clarke SafetyGrip Bedside Balance Assist Rail



10. Drive Half Length T Style Bed Rails

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

Ideal for preventing patients from tumbling out of bed, these bed rails feature a T-shaped design and are only a half-length, making them less confining. These rails offer excellent protection when the bed is elevated, and the enhanced design prevents the rail from shaking while the patient moves in bed. These are constructed of 1” steel and are designed for use with Pan-Style and bariatric beds. They can be used with most manufacturers' beds and are FSA-approved. 

Drive Half Length T Style Bed Rails



The number one goal for any caregiver is their patient's and themselves's safety. These 10 essential hospital bed accessories help prevent injury and make care more convenient and safe. They also make the user comfortable and provide family members with peace of mind, knowing their loved one is being cared for safely and comfortably.

Where can you buy the best-in-line hospital bed supplies?

HPFY carries a wide range of patient care supplies, including bedside accessories. Explore our website for all your patient care needs and these best hospital bed accessories. 


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