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Symptoms & Causes of Breast Cancer

Symptoms & Causes of Breast Cancer
Ayush Henry

Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. It begins when cells present in the breast begins to grow exponentially. These out-of-control cells can usually be felt as a lump (tumor) that can be confirmed by an x-ray report. The tumor can be cancerous if surrounding cells are also affected and start spreading to various parts of the body. Breast cancer can occur in both men and women, although male breast cancer is quite rare.

Currently, about 1 in every 8 women in the U.S. can develop breast cancer in the course of a lifetime. It is best to catch early breast cancer symptoms and meet medical attention.

Breast Cancer Symptoms

Symptoms of Breast Cancer
  • A visible lump in the breast or a lump within that can be felt by touching.
  • The redness of the breast skin is similar to orange skin.
  • Rash on or around any of the nipples.
  • Breast pain or burning sensation in the armpit that doesn’t relate to the menstrual period.
  • Change in size or shape of the breast.
  • Change in the appearance of the nipple. It may look inverted or sunken.
  • Discharge from any of the nipples. The discharge may contain blood sometimes.
  • Flakey breast or nipple skin.
  • Swelling in the armpit.

What Causes Breast Cancer?

Though the reason for breast cancer is still not sure, still the main causes of breast cancer are:

  • Genetics: If any close relative has/had cancer. Then it is likely to develop.
  • Aging: Getting older increases the risk of developing breast cancer.
  • Breast lump: Any kind of breast lump can develop into cancer later on.
  • History: Non-invasive cancer in the past can develop into breast cancer again.
  • Dense tissues: Dense breast tissues increase the chances of developing breast cancer.

Other causes include:

  • Obesity
  • Estrogen Exposure
  • High alcohol consumption and
  • Radiation Exposure

It is always better to be aware of causes and start working on them. Changes in lifestyle, healthy eating habits, and physical fitness can significantly reduce the chances of development of breast cancer.

Helpful Products for Breast Cancer Patients

For women who have undergone mastectomy or lumpectomy surgical procedures, there are a number of products available like mastectomy bras, mastectomy breast forms, lumpectomy breast forms, etc. that can ease day-to-day living.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is one of the first symptoms of breast cancer?

One of the first signs of breast cancer that individuals may notice is the presence of a new lump or mass in the breast or underarm area. These lumps are typically painless, hard, and may have irregular edges.

What are Stage 3 breast cancer symptoms?

Symptoms can vary from person to person, and it's important to remember that not everyone may experience the same signs. Some common symptoms of Stage 3 breast cancer may include Skin changes in the breast area, Breast pain or discomfort, and chest wall or rib pain. Early detection and treatment can improve outcomes and quality of life for individuals with breast cancer.

Can breast cancer be prevented?

While there is no guaranteed way to prevent breast cancer, certain lifestyle changes may help reduce the risk. These include maintaining a healthy weight, regular physical activity, limiting alcohol consumption, and avoiding smoking.

What are the risk factors for breast cancer?

There are several risk factors for the development of breast cancer, including age, family history of breast cancer or certain genetic mutations (e.g., BRCA1 and BRCA2), personal history of breast cancer or certain non-cancerous breast diseases, hormonal factors (e.g., early menstruation, late menopause), and lifestyle factors (e.g., alcohol consumption, lack of physical activity).

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