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Standup!! The EasyStand Evolv

Standup!! The EasyStand Evolv
Kevin Cleary

Standing can sometimes be an underappreciated ability. While often unappreciated, it is a crucial component of our every day, overall health. I’m sure you’ve heard stories of astronauts in space that experience zero gravity for long periods of time losing bone density and muscle mass and this is directly related to standing under gravity. As we age, the ability to stand can be compromised, so how do we achieve this necessary ability to keep our bodies healthy and strong? The answer may be the Master Evolv standing apparatus. We here at HPFY can give you the information you need to decide if it is right for you.

EasyStand Evolv Adult Stander

Benefits of Standing

The ability to stand is incredibly important to our bodies. Everything can be affected from circulation to digestion to even bone density can be negatively affected for those who don’t have the ability to stand. A standing frame, such as the EasyStand Evolv, can give those with disabilities many of the benefits of standing safely. These benefits can include:

  1. Circulation improvement: Standing can help improve circulation with respect to orthostatic hypotension.
  2. Posture: Being able to stand improves overall posture by aligning the hips and spine. Standing can also lessen progressive scoliosis.
  3. Urinary Drainage: By standing, the bladder and urinary tract can drain better and improve renal function.
  4. Prevents Pressure Sores: Changing pressure points and shifting positions helps those who are seated for long periods of time.
  5. Improved Bowel Function: Our bowels function better with the aid of gravity and standing gives us that benefit.
  6. Improved Muscle Tone: Studies of shown that regular standing can improve muscle tone and reduce dependency on medication.
  7. Maintain Bone Density: While improving bone density is debatable, the EasyStand Evolv standing frames can help maintain existing bone density.

Patients who utilize a wheelchair for mobility and those with disabilities who don’t have the ability to stand independently can all benefit from a standing frame such as the EasyStand Evolv. Not only can they benefit physically, but they can also have psychological improvements such as increased self-esteem and social development.

EasyStand Evolv XT Stander
EasyStand Evolv XT Stander

EasyStand Evolv XT Stander

Features of the EasyStand Evolv

So how does the EasyStand Evolv series of standing frames capitalize on these benefits and aid those with disabilities? The EasyStand Evolv is especially useful for elderly and special needs children, who find it difficult to stand upright or transition from sitting to standing positions. It offers features such as:

  • Adjustable seat depth: This can allow for multiple users of different sizes to use the same standing frame in clinical settings.
  • Swing-away front: By allowing the front to swing away, patient transfers from wheelchairs can be facilitated much easier.
  • Height adjustments: Patients come in all sizes and the height adjustment of the Evolv allows a wide range of patients to use the same standing frame.
  • No tool adjustments: Once assembled, any adjustments to an EasyStand standing apparatus can quickly be done without any additional tools. This makes adjustments quick and easy for therapists.
  • Sturdy steel construction: With the possibility of spasticity in the user, the sturdy steel construction is safer for those who may have unwanted movement during use or transfer.
  • Sit to stand mechanism: There is no need to have the user in a supine or flat position. A simple transfer with a transfer board or the optional transfer seat is all that is required to achieve a seated position. A manual hydraulic lever or optional electric motor with a rechargeable battery is all that is needed to achieve a vertical standing position.
  • Customizable accessories: Depending upon the user’s requirements, EasyStand offers a wide range of accessories to ensure every safety precaution is taken to ensure each therapy session is done in a 100% safe environment. Each individual's needs can be easily installed on each standing frame. Therapists can quickly attach or remove each accessory as needed.

EasyStand has a stander for just about anyone. Pediatric patients can also benefit from their standing frame that can start from a lying down or supine position. The options for users and therapists alike are quite vast. EasyStand can offer therapy clinics packaged bundles that can meet multiple requirements in one easy to order package.

Whether in the home or in a clinical setting, the benefits of standing can all be met by the EasyStand Evolv series of standing frames. Work with your physical therapist to determine which EasyStand fits you best. With a wide range of accessories and customizable options, they are an effective and affordable standing frame option.


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Kevin Cleary

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