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Pediatric Strollers: A Joyful Ride for Children and Parents

Pediatric Strollers: A Joyful Ride for Children and Parents
Swati Chadha

As a mother of two (2) kids, one of whom is a toddler, life without a stroller would literally come to a standstill! It not only offers a comfortable ride for the little one but also has provision to stock up essentials under seat. With features like flat folding, reclining back, big all terrain wheels, strollers have become the top item on the parents ‘must have kids gear’ lists.

The modern pediatric strollers fulfill a variety of mobility needs of children of all ages. Their multitude of add-on features and accessories make them absolutely indispensable. They even meet certain special needs wherein they can be used as pushchairs and adult strollers. The wide variety of choices available may make the desired pick confusing. So, before zeroing in on the one that suits your child the best, ponder over the following considerations:

How and where will the stroller be used?

  • Do its features meet your child’s special needs, if any?
  • Is it maneuverable on rough terrains or climb curbs or stairs?
  • Do its safety provisions meet your requirements?
  • Lastly, its appeal to the child in terms of its style, design, color, etc.

While a user tries to make a need-based decision, the broad characteristic features of the product will also facilitate the decision-making process. To mention a few,

1. Lightweight frame

Strollers with a lightweight frame are easily portable. This coupled with a compact folding system makes their storage and transportation super convenient. The Thomashilfen Swifty 2 Lightweight Pediatric Stroller weighs 110.2 lbs. It is a stable, comfortable pediatric wheelchair with a fixed seat, specifically designed for children in the age group of early intervention to pre-adolescence. To give better comfort and support the seat, back, and footrest provide safe and firm support and make the stroller a convenient place to sit for the child. The washable seat cover is soft and breathable to prevent perspiration and provide a thoroughly cozy feeling.

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2. User weight capacity

Most of the strollers have a limited user weight capacity, it being in the range of 80 to 120 lbs. The Convaid Cruiser CX Pediatric Wheelchair is a lightweight, compact, and portable wheelchair with solid durability, crash-tested, and compliant with the WC19 standard for safe use as a seat in a school bus or accessible van. The Convaid Stroller has an array of positioning options that aid in achieving the ideal position for the child. Interestingly, most options need not be removed when folding the chair. Subsequently, the headrest extension is standard equipment used at all times when in a tie-down position.

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3. Safety features

The wheelchair has a 30° fixed tilt for improved postural control. Additionally, the Convaid Cruiser CX Pediatric Wheelchair offers five years of growth capabilities and self-tensioning seating for increased sitting tolerance. The Cruiser wheelchair is durable, convenient, and custom-built to the users' specifications to meet their physical needs depending on their desired safety requirements.

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4. Wheels for easy maneuvering on uneven terrain as well as indoor use.

Most of the strollers have 8 to 14 inches wheels which makes it easy to tread the stroller on all kinds of surfaces. They also have a functional rear suspension to allow their use on all kinds of surfaces. Either or both the front and rear wheels swivel, enabling indoor use of the stroller. If a child needs more positioning support in combination with the best possible freedom of movement, Thomashilfen EASyS Modular S Pediatric Stroller is the best option to go for. In addition to the multidimensional adjustable headrest, the short back ensures ideal adaptation and support for active children. A large variety of adjustments for optimal seating, positioning, and comfort in motion are the basis for taking part in everyday activities.

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5. Reclining and padded seat back

The child can be in different comfortable positions. He/she can sit upright or be in a TV watching position or nap cozily by reclining the seat back. They seat covers are anti-absorbent and UV resistant so as to keep the child cool and comfortable. They can be further upholstered with durable and washable material. An extra layer of padding on the head pillow and back and hip laterals will give pelvic and trunk cushioning to the child.

6. Adjustable Footrest

Adjustable and collapsible foot rest and height adjustable push handle. The footrest may even have foot straps and side boards.

7. Accessories

Stroller accessories such as under seat storage, water bottle carrier, further add to its utility. Behind the seat storage is also a common feature.

So, while there are options which let the parents take kids for a casual stroll, there are choices which will make a trip to the beach or a jog in the park with your little one a fun experience.

There are options to meet the mobility needs of special kids with cerebral palsy, autism, muscular dystrophy, or any other disability. Even for those recovering from any injury or illness, pediatric wheelchairs will meet their special mobility needs. The five-point harness system with superior safety equipped Angeles Runabout 6 Passenger Stroller, which features a water and fade-resistant canopy with adjustable side sunshades, allows preschools and daycares to transport 4 or 6 students in one go. This Runabout Passenger Stroller fits well through standard doorways and has a foot push bar for easy curb access. The commercial-grade secure parking brake ensures that the strollers remain stationary during loading and unloading. Specifically designed for ages 6-36 months, it supports up to 40 pounds each.

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Making a well-informed decision in cases of children with special needs, may not be easy. Hence, it is always advisable to consult a professional medical and therapy team. The parent/caregiver should ensure to invest in a pediatric wheelchair which best meets the child’s needs.

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