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Strollers are special mobility equipment designed to provide your child with a smooth stroll through parks, hospitals, pavements and a lot more. These pediatric strollers provide a comfortable seating along with a lot more features. They are less functional than a standard wheelchair but offer a better portability and is very lightweight when compared. A stroller is a vehicle that is driven by the parent or the caregiver. Strollers are available in man attractive colors and designs that your kid will love. Special needs strollers go through rigorous tests regarding crash, drop or bumpy roads ensuring the safety of your child in any situation.

Types of Special Needs Strollers

Strollers come in various sizes and growth capacities to accommodate kids of all ages up to adolescence. They are designed come with various safety options for children with mobility and health issues.

Tilt-in-Space Strollers

The tilt function offers the flexibility required by children with muscle tone challenges. The special positioning options help in pressure relief and to attain the most comfortable position while seated. These strollers provide appropriate positioning for naps, diaper changes, medication and suction tube access.

Multiple Positioning or Fixed Position Strollers

These mobility strollers come with positioning equipment that allows precise adjustments that generally range from 5-20 degree adjustments according to the needs of the child. They are specially made for children with moderate to severe disabilities.

Folding Strollers

These are ultra-lightweight strollers that are designed to take along on trips. These strollers come with many accessories for optimal positioning. They can be folded easily and stored in the trunk of a car. These strollers are appropriate for kids with mild to moderate disabilities.

Bus Transit Strollers

These strollers come with special hooks that can be latched to belts on any public transport vehicle. These strollers are fitted with special accessories like lap belts and footrests etc. that secure the child in an event of crash or uneven terrains.

All-Terrain Strollers

These strollers are supplied with special wheels that are fit for any terrain. They are good for taking your kids out to spend quality time with you. You may also get additional options like adjustable handle, hand brakes and single-hand steering.  

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