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Convaid Cruiser CX Pediatric Wheelchair - 3 Point Positioning Belt Convaid Cruiser CX Pediatric Wheelchair - Standard Model Convaid Cruiser CX Pediatric Wheelchair - Canopy with Windows

Convaid Cruiser CX Pediatric Wheelchair - Standard Model

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The Convaid Cruiser is a popular 30° fixed-tilt pediatric wheelchair with best-in-class folding, convenience, lightness, and compactness. The Cruiser is custom built to your specifications. Self-Tensio, Convaid's innovative self-tensioning seating solution, provides enhanced seating tolerance and can aid in the promotion of neutral pelvic alignment. It has a seat depth extension system that allows for 5 years of growth. The Cruiser is available with detachable, washable Textilene or Cordura upholstery in a variety of colors. For maximum portability, the Convaid Cruiser is simple to fold.

Why choose Convaid Cruiser Pediatric Wheelchair?

  • Customizable
  • 30 degree fixed tilt
  • Growth capabilities
  • Self-tension seating system
  • Comprehensive positioning options
  • Lightweight & compact-folding


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Convaid Cruiser Wheelchair Features

  • Toggle Wheel Locks
  • Seat Depth Growth of 5"
  • 2-Point Positioning Belt
  • Silver Powder Coated Frame
  • Two Piece Push Handles (CX18)
  • 8" Front, 11" Rear Solid Tire (CX18)
  • Quick Release Rear Wheels (CX10/12/14/16)
  • Removable Adjustable Swing-Away Footplates
  • 7.5 x 2" Front, 11.5 x 2.5" Rear Solid Tire (CX10/12/14/16)
  • One Piece Height Adjustable Push Handle (CX10/12/14/16)
  • Closure Strap – Helps in keeping the chair in folded position
  • Self-Tension - Built in self-tensioning seating system increases sitting tolerance

What to buy with Convaid Cruiser CX Wheelchair

How to operate Convaid Pediatric Wheelchair?

Unfolding Convaid Wheelchair

  1. Lay chair flat on ground and unbuckle closure strap.
  2. Stand chair on front caster, grasp side of Push Handle and push down on Seat Tube. 
  3. Press down firmly on seat tubes to ensure the chair is completely unfolded. 
  4. Using your foot, push down on Lower Rear Lock Brace until it locks into a straight position. 
  5. Press grey buttons on each side of Push Handle at the same time, and rotate Push Handle to desired height. 
  6. Swing footplates down into position.

Folding the Pediatric Chair

  1. Swing footplates to the side. 
  2. Press grey buttons on each side of Push Handle and rotate Push Handle down completely. 
  3. Unlock Rear Lock Brace by kicking up on center of brace with foot.
  4. Grasp one side of Push Handle and pull up on seat fabric or seat tube with opposite hand.  
  5. Lay chair back onto Push Handle. Push down on tubing above front tires until chair is folded. 
  6. Buckle closure strap.

Lifting/Carrying the Convaid Chair

  1.  To safely lift or carry the Convaid Chair, always use both hands. 
  2. With one hand hold the chair by the front x- brace bar. 
  3. With the other hand hold the chair by the back x-brace.

Convaid Cruiser Stroller User Manuals

Convaid Cruiser CX Pediatric Wheelchair Safety Instructions

  • Follow folding/unfolding instructi ons.
  • Never leave occupi ed chair unattended.
  • Do not attempt to take occupi ed chair up or down stairs, escalators, steep inclines, or i cy or slippery surfaces
  • To avoid tipping, do not overload the chair, or hang heavy items on the handles that mi ght cause tipping.
  • Be aware of newly created sharp edges.
  • Frequently inspect the adjustments on the frame and the positi oning accessori es.
  • Do not use chair after occupant has outgrown it.
  • Do not i gnore minor malfuncti ons and maintain the chair in good operating conditi on. Monitor the wheel locks (brakes) regularly and adjust as needed.
  • When going up a curb or step, face the chair forward and ti lt back to lift the front wheels over the curb. Move forward and lift the rear wheels over the curb.
  • If and whenever possible and feasible, the rider should transfer out of the chair and into an approved vehicle seat and passenger restraint system. However, if a transfer i s not possible, use only desi gnated chairs in a moving vehi cle whi ch contain the Wheelchair Ti edown and Occupant Restrain System (WTORS) following the requirements of SAE J2249. Follow ti e-down harness manufacturer’s instructi ons carefully and refer to Convaid’s ‘Transit Guide’ for specifics.
  • When going up a curb or step, face forward and ti lt the chair back to lift the front wheels over the curb. Move forward and lift the rear wheels over the curb.
  • When going down a curb, approach the curb backwards. Lower the rear wheels down the curb and continue backwards, taking the wei ght off the front wheels so they can be gently lowered.
  • When transferring user to or from chair, apply foot wheel locks.
  • Maintain control of the chair at all timeswhi le going up/down ramp. Avoid steep slopes, parti cularly with a heavy occupant. If in doubt, do not attempt a descent unless a third party is present to help maintain control of chair.

Convaid Cruiser CX Specifications

Particulars CX 10 CX 12 CX 14 CX16 CX18
Seat Width * 10" 12" 14" 16" 18"
Seat Depth 6" - 11" 8" - 13" 10" - 15" 11" - 16" 14" - 21"
Seat Back Height ^ 21"C/20"T 22"C/20"T 25"C/23"T 27"C/24"T 25"C/25"T
Seat to Footplate * 5" - 21" 5" - 25" 4" - 22" 4" - 22" 8" - 23"
Seat to Floor * 23" 25" 21" 23" 26"
Seat to Back Angle 85º/90º/95º 85º/90º/95º 85º/90º/95º 85º/90º/95º 85º/90º/95º
Seat Angle 30º 30º 30º 30º 30º
Overall Height 37" 38" 37" 40" 38"
Overall Length 48" 44" 49" 52" 55"
Overall Width 22" 23.5" 25.5" 27.5" 28.5"
Folded Length 47" 48" 47" 53" 50"
Folded Width 15" 15" 16" 16" 15"
Folded Height 17" 17" 17" 17" 17"
Headrest Extension 6" 8" 8" 8" 10"
Shoulder Strap Height <> 11" - 19" 12" - 20" 15" - 23" 17" - 25" 16" - 22"
Push Handle Adjustments O 28" - 43" 29" - 46" 28" - 45" 31" - 48" N/A
Weight Capacity Regular/Transit 75/66 lbs 75/66 lbs 100/100 lbs 170/170 lbs 250/170 lbs
Weight of Chair @ 27 lbs 27 lbs 28 lbs 32 lbs 30 lbs
* - Plus or minus .5 inches due to fabric
@ - Weight of chair is without front rigging
O - Adjustable push handle is not available on 18 inches models
<> - Models with Textilene Fabric, Shoulder Strap Height is 2 inches shorter
^ - Seat back height : (C) - Cordura upholstery
                                 (T) - Textilene upholstery


Convaid Wheelchair Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty All Convaid wheelchairs are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. The warranty in the U.S. and Canada covers any part of a Convaid product that is found to be defective within the warranty period. Convaid will repair or replace these parts free of charge. Warranty service may be performed by an authorized service center or at the Convaid factory at Convaid;s discretion. The warranty applies to the original retail purchaser of the Convaid product.

Warranty Period in the U.S. and Canada:

  • Frame & X-Braces: Lifetime of original retail buyer (except CruisAire, Lite Rider & Vivo)
  • Frames and X-Braces for CruisAire, Lite Rider & Vivo: 5 years
  • Other components: 1 year
  • Fabric & webbing: 1 year
  • Planar seat and back: 5 years for hardware, 18 months for all other components
  • Sensiform cushion: 2 years

This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or damage caused by accident or misuse. Warranty applicable in the USA only may vary in other countries.

To exercise this limited warranty, the user should first obtain a Return Authorization Number from Convaids customer service. The product must be delivered charges pre-paid (UPS recommended) to the factory or to an authorized service center, together with a copy of the original invoice, the Return Authorization Number and a written description of the problem.


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