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How to Refill Oxygen Tank at Home: All About O2 Cylinder Refilling Systems

How to Refill Oxygen Tank at Home: All About O2 Cylinder Refilling Systems
Ayush Henry

Article Reviewed by Respiratory TherapistReviewed by Laura Castricone, Respiratory Therapist, on April 4, 2022

Homefill oxygen devices or O2 transfill systems are popularly known as Oxygen Cylinder Refill Systems. They are portable oxygen refill devices that are used at home to fill empty O2 tanks. By using oxygen concentrator technology, the concentrated oxygen is extracted from room air to oxygen refill machines. This gives the user an unlimited refill of oxygen. The refill system then pressurizes the concentrated air to fill the oxygen cylinders. Patients get more liberty as they don’t have to depend on oxygen vendors for a refill. In this article, you will learn how to fill a portable oxygen tank from concentrator to make the most of your oxygen therapy from the comfort of your home.

Why use an Oxygen Tank Refill System?

  • Greater freedom and independence for oxygen patients
  • Saves a lot of precious time
  • Saves money spent on pickups and deliveries
  • Gives the comfort of easy time scheduling
  • Independence from a third party
  • Assurance of oxygen availability at all times

An empty oxygen cylinder can be refilled at any time. It does not matter if the patient is away shopping or taking a nap. There are no restrictions on refilling the cylinder. Turn on the machine and attach the empty cylinder to refill the oxygen tank at home. After refilling, the portable oxygen tank can be used instantly or can be kept as a reserve. Oxygen refilling also saves the space required for storing the number of reserve tanks. Always make sure to have backup tanks filled and ready to go in case of an emergency.

How to Refill Oxygen Tank at Home?

Complete Oxygen Tank Refill System Diagram
  1. Place an oxygen refill machine on top of an O2 concentrator and connect them to each other. Plug them into an electrical socket and press the power button to turn them on.
  2. Connect your tank or cylinder to the refill machine. Ensure that the tank's oxygen conserver or regulator is turned off. If you are not using a conserver or regulator to fill the oxygen cylinder, verify that the cylinder valve is closed to ensure proper filling.
  3. Remove any protective caps from the oxygen tank. When not in use, replace these protective caps to prevent dust buildup.
  4. Gently pair the cylinder fill port of the refill machine with the cylinder. When the cylinder is secured to the oxygen compressor, you will hear an audible click.
  5. Press the fill button to begin filling your oxygen tank. The filling might take some time, depending on the size of your cylinder.
  6. You will be indicated when the tank is full. Most machines automatically shut off when the canister is full.
  7. Turn off the power button and release the cylinder from the oxygen refill system.

Oxygen transfilling systems are integral to making a patient more independent, compliant, and healthy.

Personal oxygen tank refill systems have three major components - 

1. Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen Concentrator removes impurities and gases, such as nitrogen, from the ambient air and allows the patient to breathe better and maintain O2 levels in the blood.

2. Oxygen Compressor

The O2 compressor on the top of the refill system produces compressed oxygen by taking in the ambient air. The compressor is connected to the concentrator via a tube or hose that allows the oxygen to travel between them.

3. Oxygen Tank

Oxygen Tank contains compressed oxygen for the therapy. The small tanks are refilled occasionally and come in various sizes for different requirements.

Other components include nasal cannula, reservoir, regulator, and tubing.


Where to refill Medical Oxygen Tanks?

Oxygen tank refill systems can be used at places with a regular supply of 110-120-volt electricity. They can be used anywhere that electricity is available. They are ideal for home, office, and even hotel use.

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