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Devilbiss Five Liter Compact Oxygen Concentrator

Brand/Manufacturer: DEVILBISS

Devilbiss Five Liter Compact Oxygen Concentrator is a robust concentrator that offers just the right balance of cool and quiet. It is designed with enhanced quality, durability and simplicity in mind. Patented DeVilbiss Turn-Down Technology minimizes wear on internal components, reduces power consumption by 15% or more and extends the life of the concentrator. Devilbiss Five Liter Oxygen Concentrator requires no maintenance for two years. Two-piece cabinet aids in sound quality improvement.

Why Choose Devilbiss Compact Oxygen Concentrator?

  • Exceptional compressor durability.
  • Flame-retardant cabinet.
  • Pressure-relief valve and thermal protection on the compressor.
  • Pressure-compensated flow meter to ensure accurate flow display.
  • Double insulated unit, two-prong plug
  • Proprietary sieve mixture and fill process.
  • The proven rotary valve design.

Devilbiss 5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator Features

  • Built upon legacy of reliable, field-proven concentrator models
  • Exclusive DeVilbiss OSD (Oxygen Sensing Device), standard on every unit, ensures patient safety and reliability for longer service intervals
  • Readily accessible patient controls and protected cannula fitting
  • Noticeably quiet operation - 15% typical sound quality improvement
  • Recessed humidifier nook prevents damage
  • Lockable flow meter
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble two-piece cabinet for ease of maintenance
  • Accommodates up to a 50-foot Oxygen Cannula (15.3 meters)
  • Convenient top and side handles for easy transport
  • Translucent back of Intake Filter allows technician to quickly determine if the filter is dirty
  • Upgraded base design, which includes: New material, which is more resistant to chemical & environmental degradation Increased wall thickness to reduce the risk of physical damage (cracking, etc.) to the base and casters New caster design, which includes longer connecting stems, improved fit and durability. 
  • Longer/larger sieve beds, which improve overall sieve bed performance and increase the bed useful life
  • Upgraded compressor cup seal material with greater heat resistance, which extends life of compressor cup seals, improving overall compressor performance
  • Use of brass screw inserts and machine screws at all cabinet connection points, which improves the overall stability and durability of concentrator shell
  • Reduced internal operating temperature (through various component and system updates), which extends product life by reducing wear on key internal components
  • Interfaces with DeVilbiss Smart Track Concentrator Management System which:
    •  Performs in-depth concentrator check
    •  Inputs patient data and downloads critical equipment information
  • Robust design for improved durability
    • Unit tested in high temperature and high humidity for extended periods of time
  • Oxygen Concentrator Mannual
    Drive Oxygen Concentrator Parts Description

    How to use Drive Oxygen Concentrator?

    • Alarms indicate:
      •  Power failure (capacitor powered)
      •  High/low pressure
      •  Low oxygen
      •  Service required
    • Alarms do not require a battery, reducing service and maintenance
    • Pressure-relief valve and thermal protection on the compressor
    • Pressure-compensated flow meter to ensure accurate flow display
    • Double insulated unit two-prong plug
    • Flame-retardant cabinet

    Important Parts:

    Devilbiss Five Liter Compact Oxygen Concentrator1. Operating instructions
    2. Green Power light
    3. Power switch
    4. Flow meter knob
    5. Flow meter
    6. Circuit breaker
    7. Oxygen outlet
    8. Normal Oxygen (green) light
    9. Low Oxygen (yellow) light
    10. Red Service Required light
    11. Handgrip
    12. Exhaust
    13. Power cord and/or IEC power connector
    14. Line cord strap
    15. Air filter
    16. Oxygen outlet port

    When to use DeVilbiss Oxygen Concentrator?

    DeVilbiss 5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator helps provide supplemental low flow oxygen therapy to the patients suffering from COPD, lung disorders and cardiovascular disease. Oxygen concentrator is used in homes, nursing homes, home type environments, patient care facilities, etc.

    What to buy with Drive Oxygen Concentrator?


How To Operate Devilbiss Oxygen Concentrator?

Oxygen concentrators are the most reliable, efficient, and convenient source of supplemental oxygen available today. The oxygen concentrator is electrically operated. The unit separates oxygen from room air which allows high-purity supplemental oxygen to be delivered to you through the oxygen outlet. Although the concentrator filters the oxygen in a room, it will not affect the normal amount of oxygen in your room.

Patented DeVilbiss Turn-Down Technology

  • Automatically turns down its flow cycle below 2-1/2 lpm, resulting in a 35% reduction in system pressure to reduce stress on compressor bearings and internal fittings
  • Energy-efficient design reduces power consumption by 15% or more compared with competitive designs to save patients an average of $100 in electricity costs annually
  • Minimizes wear on internal components thereby extending the life of concentrator

Devilbiss Operating Instructions

  1. Press the power switch to the “On” position. When the unit is turned “On,” all four lights (Power, Service Required, Low Oxygen, and Normal Oxygen) on the front panel will illuminate briefly and audible signal will briefly alarm. After a few seconds, only the Power and Normal Oxygen lights will remain lit.
  2. Check the flow meter to make sure that the flow meter ball is centered on the line next to the prescribed number of your flow rate. If the flow meter knob is turned clockwise, the flow decreases (and eventually will shut off the oxygen flow). If the knob is turned counterclockwise, the flow increases.
  3. DeVilbiss concentrator is now ready for use, properly position the cannula or mask. Allow 20 minutes for oxygen concentrator to reach stated performance.

How to clean Devilbiss Concentrator?

  1. Dispose of all accessory components that are not suitable for reuse, i.e., particularly the oxygen tubing, the nasal cannula/mask, oxygen outlet connector and humidifier bottle.
  2. Concentrator must be disconnected from the power supply for this step. Open the concentrator and remove all dust deposits inside the cabinet with an appropriate vacuum cleaner.
  3. Clean and disinfect all parts of the cabinet inside and outside and the power cord with a suitable disinfecting agent, e.g., Aldahol, Cidex OPA or Peract.
  4. Check the cord, the plug on the back of the device, the power switch, the fuse holder and the indicator light for possible damage.
  5. Replace all damaged or worn components.
  6. Replace the cabinet air filter on the back of the device.
  7. Check the oxygen concentration. If the device is within specifications, the extended life intake bacteria filter does not need to be replaced between patients.

New Filter Doors

  • All 525/1025 series concentrators produced on/after this date will no longer require the use of the gross particle filter and ships with the new filter door. However, the new door design can accommodate a gross particle filter. The filter door has been designed to capture gross particles without the filter, while increasing the air flow into the concentrator. This design change does not adversely alter the performance or useful life of the intake HEPA filter or other internal components. 
  • The new filter door will be backwards compatible with older 525/1025 models & the old filter door will be forward compatible with the new 525/1025 models. 
  • The part number for the filter door will remain the same: 525DD-639. The new filter door will be dropped in as part of the running change for stationary concentrators, as any remaining stock of the old filter door sells out.

  • Warnings:

    • For your safety, the oxygen concentrator must be used according to the prescription determined by your physician
    • Equipment not suitable for use in the presence of a flammable anesthetic mixture with air or with oxygen or nitrous oxide
    • This device contains electrical and/or electronic equipment
    • Follow local governing ordinances and recycling plans regarding disposal of device components
    • Installation of 515LF-607 low output flow meter package will cause the low flow alarm to not work

    Oxygen Concentrator Specifications



    Outlet Pressure

    8.5 PSIG (58.6 KPa)

    Oxygen Purity

    93% at 1 to 5 lpm (+/- 3%)

    Power Consumption

    310 Watts average
    (275 Watts @ 2.5lpm and below)

    Product Dimensions

    24.5”H x 13.5”W x 12”D
    (62.2cm x 34.2cm x 30.4cm)

    Product Weight

    36lbs (16.3kg)


    Audible and visual High/low pressure, low flow, low oxygen, power fail, Oxygen Sensing Device

    Sound Level

    48 dbA

    Pressure Relief Valve

    40 psig±5psig (276 kPa±34.5 kPa)

    Electrical Rating

    115V, 60Hz, 3.3amp

    Storage Conditions

    -40°C to 70°C, humidity range of 10% to 100%, including condensation

    Delivery Rate (Lower delivery rates available for low flow applications)

    0.5lpm to 5lpm

    Maximum Recommended Flow (nominal outlet pressures of zero and 7kPa)


    Operating Voltage Range

    97-127V, 60Hz

    Oxygen Percentage

    1-5 lpm=93%±3%

    Oxygen Concentrator Warranty

    Three Year Warranty

    Devilbiss O2 Concentrator Reviews


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    Eydie     10/31/2020

    What does it mean when the 2nd O2 light is yellow and what do I do? Can I still use the machine?


    Customer Care    11/02/2020

    On the Devilbiss Five Liter Compact Oxygen Concentrator, if Yellow Low Oxygen light is on or the yellow Low Oxygen light is On and the intermittent audible signal is sounding, it indicates that either -

    1. Flow meter is not properly set Ensure the flow meter is properly set to the prescribed number. (The maximum flow meter setting is 3 LPM when an oxygen bottle is being filled with oxygen from the auxiliary port.)
    2. Air filter is blocked Check the air filter. If the filter is dirty, wash it following the cleaning procedure.
    3. Exhaust is blocked Check the exhaust area; make sure there is nothing restricting the unit exhaust
    For more information, you can visit



    carol root     12/21/2019

    what does low oxygen mean


    Customer care    12/23/2019

    Press the power switch to the “On” position. When the unit is turned “On,” all four lights (Power, Service Required, Low Oxygen, and Normal Oxygen) on the front panel will illuminate briefly and audible signal will briefly alarm. After a few seconds, only the Power and Normal Oxygen lights will remain lit.



    Tommy Lee     10/02/2019

    Where can I purchase the Nasal tubing for this machine?


    Customer Care    10/04/2019

    you can use any as per your need and medical requirement, we also suggest to consult your doctor for best nasal tubing as per your medical requirement(You can use up to a 50-foot Oxygen Cannula (15.3 meters):- 



    musheer s naqvi     08/12/2019

    want to the return or refund if ther is any


    Customer Care    08/13/2019

    Please refer to the Return Policy Section under this link:



    Jerry     01/23/2019

    What is the start-up surge wattage on the 525DS


    Customer Care    01/24/2019

    "Please refer to the  below information:-

     Power Consumption :- 310 Watts Average 275 Watts @ 1 .2 LPM & below 

    Electrical Rating:- 115 V, 60 Hz, 3 .3 Amp 

    Operating Voltage Range:- 97-127 V~, 60 Hz 

     (tested at 70˚F {21˚C} only) 0-1500 M (0-4921 ft) :-Across the voltage range: No degradation of performance 

     41˚F (5˚C) to 95˚F (35˚C), humidity range of 10% to 95% No degradation in performance across the operating voltage range 

     Storage Conditions:- -40˚F (-40˚C) to 158˚F (70˚C), humidity range of 10% to 100%, including condensation 

     Please refer to the manual for more information:- 



    J Carrell     03/29/2017

    how does this connect to cpap?


    Customer Care    03/30/2017

    Devilbiss Five Liter Compact Oxygen Concentrator can be attached to a CPAP unit in one of 2 ways.

     1. The oxygen tubing can be attached directly to the mask if the mask has an oxygen port on it.
     2. It can also be attached to the air supply port on the CPAP unit using an oxygen adapter (part# 7353D-601). One end of the oxygen adapter is connected to the air supply port and the CPAP tubing is connected to the other end of the adapter. Finally the oxygen tubing is connected to the oxygen fitting on the adapter.



    ron     03/03/2017

    need devilbiss part pf1100tub for rear hookup bottle fill line


    Customer Care    03/04/2017

    You can buy Drive PureFill Oxygen Compressor System #PF1100 from below link.



    Deliliah Chavis     01/06/2017

    do you have to buy a filter for this concentrator


    Customer Care    01/06/2017

    No, you don't have to buy filter for Devilbiss Five Liter Compact Oxygen Concentrator.



    Judy Pittman     11/26/2016

    Where is health products for you located?


    Customer Care    12/05/2016

    Our Product is available in USA 

    82 North St
    06810 USA



    Christine Hudgins     10/30/2016

    Can anyone buy this product ? I have asthma and the pollution and smells inside and outside are getting to me.


    Customer care    11/02/2016

    Did you purchase Devilbiss Five Liter Compact Oxygen Concentrator from us. 

    If yes, then let us know the Order ID, so that we can arrange a return if it is under our return policy.


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