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Natural Ways to Keep Odors at Bay

Natural Ways to Keep Odors at Bay
Kevin Cleary

Incontinence can be an embarrassing issue to live with. Besides the potential embarrassment of urine leakage, the odor associated with this issue can also be one that makes you self-conscious enough to limit your social contacts. Eliminating this side effect of incontinence can go a long way in maintaining your social life if not your everyday quality-of-life. We here at HPFY can show you some methods that can control these odors naturally.

How to Protect Yourself from Incontinence?

When dealing with incontinence and its negative impact on your life, it is important to be proactive in your incontinence plan. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Yes, incontinence can be embarrassing but it can also create serious medical issues down the road if not properly managed. Incorporating incontinence products into your daily management plan can not only help with odor, but can help prevent issues such as skin breakdowns, irritation, and even infection. Your best options for protecting yourself against negative side effects of incontinence include:

  • Adult briefs: These are no longer your grandparents adult briefs/diapers. They come in a wide variety of absorption levels and styles, so everyone can find the right one that matches their lifestyle. Most importantly, the key to controlling odors/skin issues is to make sure you change your adult brief regularly.
  • Penis clamps: The name of this device says it all. Simply put, it is a medical device that clamps your urethra gently and prevents the involuntary flow or leakage of urine.
  • Underpads: Not only can these protect you but they can protect furniture around you. They can be used on the sofa, recliner, and in bed. Not only can this protect your expensive furniture but can reduce laundry loads.
  • Practice good hygiene: In order to maintain healthy skin and minimize odor, good hygiene can go a long way. Urine is dangerous to our skin and keeping yourself clean can help with odor reduction and minimize irritation that can lead to infection. Wash your hands with soap and water or use alcohol based hand sanitizers for personal hygiene. To eliminate odors in the house, using mixture of baking soda, peroxide, and dish detergent (such as Dawn) to clean and deodorize.
  • Cleanup ASAP: If or when an episode of incontinence arises, it is crucially important to clean yourself and any affected areas in the home immediately. Not only will this keep your skin free from irritation due to urine, but it will diminish the chance of urine odors permeating throughout your home.
  • Preventative Measures: Some devices can alert you to empty your bladder before you experience incontinence and odor. The DFree Incontinence Wearable Device, for instance, supports self-toileting by monitoring your bladder and actually predicting when to go to the bathroom. This can cut your adult brief expenditure by 50% and is specifically designed for seniors and those with disabilities!!

Eliminating urine odors around the house after a leak or spillage may seem difficult. One simple method for cleaning and eliminating the scent of urine is with spraying undiluted vinegar or a commercial cleaners specifically designed for urine to eliminate any odors.

Products to Help with Incontinence

In developing your incontinence management program, work with your urologist or nurse to see what type of incontinence product you may need or require. Protection from odors and irritation associated with incontinence should incorporate a multilevel approach. Protection and prevention is just the beginning but having a contingency plan that includes cleaning and disposal can go a long way in keeping odor to a minimum in your home. Your plan can include:

  1. AT Surgical VELCRO Elastic Waist Incontinence Pants: These unisex, vinyl waterproof shells are lined with cotton and slip over adult incontinence briefs to provide another layer of protection against leaks and odor. Not only are these durable, but they are reusable and easy to put on. Be sure to change your adult briefs regularly!!
  2. Becks Classic Birdseye Reusable Underpads-Heavy Absorbency: Each of these pads has three layers of protection for your bedding, mattress, and other furniture to minimize odor and to avoid urine stains that can omit foul odors. The vinyl barrier prevents leakage and the 100% cotton surface is soft to the touch protecting sensitive skin from urine.
  3. Janibell Akord M330DA Adult Incontinence Disposal System: With its advanced double sealing system, this disposal system can minimize odors from soiled adult diapers/briefs. The 11 gallon capacity utilizes specialized liners that can be disposed of at any time instead of having to wait until the bag is full. This makes this system more economical and allows for no contact removal of contents.
  4. MedPride Alcohol Wipes: Ideal for cleaning and deodorizing, these wipes are enriched with 75% alcohol and are gentle enough for your skin and everyday use. Not only can these reduce the risk of infection but can keep incontinence odors to a minimum.
  1. Homecraft Toilet Aid: This toilet aid helps with everyday hygiene which can minimize or eliminate odor. It is made with a curved handle and a molded plastic head that gives the user the proper reach needed to help with incontinence odors. The handle is 10 inches long and only weighs 2.5 ounces, therefore making it easy to use and grip.
  2. Toilet Tissue Aid: Toilet Tissue Aid This tool with a curved handle is commonly used by people suffering from incontinence. It helps one clean oneself well and eliminate odors before they start.
  3. Attends Washcloths Convenience Pack: The soothing soft cream that contains aloe and vitamin E in these washcloths helps prevent irritation and maintains healthy skin while containing offensive odors. These convenient, one-step skincare washcloths are produced with 100% wind energy and contain pure glacial artesian water. Not only are they good for you, but they’re good for Mother Earth.

Developing a plan for dealing with incontinence is crucial in minimizing the risk of skin breakdown or infection, as well as minimizing odor. By eliminate odor associated with incontinence, not only will you lower the risk of embarrassing moments but you will also head off any potential medical issues that can truly become serious if left unattended. Be proactive and not reactive and you will be successful when dealing with incontinence odor!!


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