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Best Bedwetting Alarms At HPFY

At Health Products For You, find an assortment of alarm devices to control incontinence and eliminate bedwetting. The first drop of moisture triggers the alarm and sends the user to the toilet before the entire bladder is emptied out and the bed and pajamas get wet. This system works in conditioning or training the wearer to wake up to urinate and gradually learn to suppress the urge to do so during the night. These devices are especially useful to train children. Products featured here are user-friendly and designed for habitual bedwetters, incontinent patients, and those who are physically or mentally handicapped.

The phenomenon of young children wetting their beds is quite common. However, most children stop doing so after a few years. Bed-wetting that continues even after a child turns older than 4-5 years can be embarrassing for him. If the child is 6 or 7 and still finds it hard to get up from bed during the night to use the toilet, it is recommended you consult a doctor for a bed-wetting problem. One of the most effective and easiest ways to help your child in getting over this problem is the bed-wetting alarm.

What are Incontinence Alarm Devices?

Bed-wetting alarms are one of the most effective and fruitful treatments. It is also very safe to use. The therapy has proven to be beneficial for children and even for those suffering from overreactive bladder problems. Children and older people who have incontinence can use this to control their urinary incontinence problems.

How to use Bed-Wetting Alarm?

The Wireless Bedwetting Alarm does three things that help you in managing your incontinence problem -


The non-invasive sensor attached to the body uses ultrasound technology to monitor the bladder around the clock. Furthermore, it finds out how much urine is there in the bladder in real-time. The sensor needs to be placed about 0.5" above the pubis bone in order to detect the bladder properly.


The data collected by the sensor will be analyzed to predict when you need to go to the bathroom. The alarm uses safe and non-invasive ultrasound technology. Ultrasound technology is also used for prenatal checkups as well as other non-medical devices such as toothbrushes so rest assured that it is safe to use.


The alarm sends alerts to your phone or tablet letting you know that you need to go to the bathroom. Set a notification threshold to determine when you want to receive a notification. Set the notification so you have ample time to go.

Where to buy Bedwetting Alarm System for Adults?

Health Products For You brings to you top-quality incontinence alarm devices that will aid you in controlling your bedwetting issues and help you sleep well. It can be used by anybody without much trouble. Check our collection of bedwetting alarms from top brands like Triple W. Along with these alarms, explore our varied collection of incontinence products such as diapers and briefs and avail attractive discounts on every purchase.

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