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How To Choose the Right Scrubs?

How To Choose the Right Scrubs?
Anushree Kothari

Scrubs are a standard uniform worn by medical personnel in healthcare settings. They are protective clothing that prevents cross-contamination between patients and caregivers. Wearing scrubs creates a barrier between the wearer and harmful environmental pathogens. In addition to the prevention of cross-contamination, scrubs offer several other benefits as well. Knowing them well helps in the correct selection of scrubs.  

Why do healthcare workers wear scrubs?  

1. Prevent potential contamination 

Scrubs are a great help in preventing the incidence of bodily wastes such as urine, stool, vomit, blood, and other chemicals on regular clothes.  

2. Protect personal clothing from being spoiled 

Scrubs prevent regular clothes from coming in direct contact with bodily fluids and other chemicals, thereby preventing them from getting spoiled. Also, the inexpensive cost of scrubs makes them preferable to regular clothes in medical settings where contact with different fluid types is common.  

3. Provide storage for easy accessibility 

Some scrub styles have a lot of pockets to store nursing tools and equipment like pens, pencils, scissors, pen lights, notepads, gloves, etc. Keeping the surgical tools in the bags make them easily accessible, especially in the case of emergencies.  

4. More hygienic than regular clothing 

Many healthcare facilities wash the scrubs of their nurses and doctors before they are worn again. Since the healthcare settings wash them, it is evident that they will be cleaner than regular clothes, and healthcare workers will not be carrying around the potential germs or contaminants on their clothing.  

5. Help identify the staff 

When the whole staff wears the same type of clothes, it gets easier to identify the hospital personnel among the patients and visitors. Different departments, like orthopedics, neonatal care, cardiology, neurology, etc., can have other colored scrubs to distinguish between the employees.  

6. Create a uniform organization 

Just like school dresses make a school look uniform, nursing scrubs make a hospital setting look uniform and professional.  

5 Things to consider while choosing the right scrubs 

1. Foremost comes the fit  

While choosing scrubs, it is essential to consider their fit and size. They should not be too loose that they come your way when you are doing work. At the same time, they should not be too tight that they restrict your movement. Instead, choose flexible or stretchy scrubs that maximize the range of motion and make you feel comfortable.  

Tips to find perfect fitting scrub tops:  

  • Check whether the product you are buying is unisex or sized for men and women separately. Women's scrubs slightly curve inward at the waist to follow their body contour, while men's and unisex scrubs have a straight fit.  
  • It is also essential to consider the scrub top length while buying scrubs. The size of the top should be such that it covers you adequately below the hips while you work.  
  • Scrub tops should not be too low cut so that the patients do not get an eyeful when you bend down to diagnose them. It applies to both men and women.  
  • Tops with vents or side slits increase comfort and provide air.  

Tips to find perfect-fitting scrub pants:  

  • Choose a pant style that best suits your body shape and work duties. If you opt for flare-leg scrub pants, they will balance out your bust or hips but may drag on the ground and trip you up if you are petite.  
  • Drawstrings or buttons usually accompany scrub pants to hold them in place. Both help adjust the pant according to your waist, but drawstrings are preferable to controls if you experience weight fluctuations.  

2. Never compromise with the material  

Make sure you choose the scrub with a soft and comfortable material because then you must wear this protective apparel all day long. You can choose 100% cotton, cotton, polyester mix, or other blends per your requirements.  

If you encounter a lot of germs and bodily fluids at work, you should go for stain-resistant and antimicrobial scrubs. It will be a treat if your scrubs are moisture-wicking as well. They will keep you cool and dry throughout the day.  

3. Do you need pockets 

It depends on your work and how many pockets you will need while doing your job or whether you will not need them at all. Scrub tops, pants, and jackets may have pockets, depending on the design.  

They are used to store alcohol pads, scissors, pens, and many other items which are frequently required throughout the day and need easy access. If putting things in the chest pocket puts pressure on your neck, you can look for scrub pants with pockets.  

4. Colors matter 

When buying scrub pants or tops, be sure what color scheme is followed in your healthcare setting. There is a wide range of colors to choose from, depending on your preferences. Green and blue are a few colors commonly found in hospitals. They suit both petite and plus-size individuals. Dark colors, like wine, navy, and black, can reduce the size and better suit individuals with plus sizes. On the other hand, light colors make individuals look big and are suited for petite people.  

5. Length of the scrubs  

While choosing scrubs, it is also essential to consider whether you will wear something under your scrub top and pant. If you are going to wear something, then your scrub should cover what you are wearing inside. If not, your scrub should be thick enough to coat your body correctly. Consider all the points mentioned above while buying scrubs. They will help you choose a scrub that will compliment your body type and help you do your work more efficiently.  

Consider all the points mentioned above while buying scrubs. They will help you choose a scrub that will compliment your body type and help you do your work more efficiently.  

Where to buy scrubs online?  

Many hospital workers wear surgical scrubs to protect themselves from cross-contamination. HPFY offers a wide range of scrubs like scrub jackets, scrub pants, and scrub tops from the likes of Medline industries. Purchase yours now! 


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