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Scrub pants or scrub trousers are the lowers worn to protect the lower body during times of medical procedures or for general wear in medical institutions. Earlier only male nurses would wear scrub pants, but today, there are three different options available such as unisex, male, and female types.

Types of Medical Scrub Pants

There are two types of medical scrub pants:
  • Pant Style Scrub Pants – For people who prefer a simple lower body style scrub, the pant style scrub pant can be a great option as it allows ease and comfort during work duties
  • Flare Leg Scrub Pants – They have a wider lower end of the pants and are great to balance out your bust or hips. They are recommended for larger body sizes and might drag along the floor if you are petite

Other Features of Scrub Pants

We offer a wide range of reversible scrub pants as well for times when you just want to flip the pants around to have a fresh pair of scrub pants for once.

Scrub pants are secured using either drawstrings or buttons. Drawstrings are great if you need a continuous adjustment during the wear and buttons are great for permanent security.

Where to Buy Scrub Pants Online?

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