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Understanding a patient's needs and requirements is the first and foremost job of a caregiver or a medical practitioner. To help you provide the best medical care to your patients, Health Products For You brings you the best quality surgical aids at the best prices by top brands like Geneva Healthcare, Dynarex Corporation, and many others. Our well-tailored surgical aids catalog is designed to cater to all your requirements. From General Use Syringes to Surgical Skin Prep items, you name it, and we have it.

Surgical Aids at HPFY

General Use Syringes

A syringe is simply a tube with a snuggly fit plunger that pushes a liquid through a needle or tubing. A syringe is used to inject liquid nutrients into a feeding tube or even for life-saving medication for an allergic reaction or insulin. While all syringes mechanically operate in the same manner, there are some differences in needles and syringes that one needs to keep in mind while buying. At HPFY, we have a wide variety of syringes such as syringes with slip tips, pre-filled saline syringes, oral syringes with tip caps, and many more. These syringes and needles are manufactured by top brands like Beckton Dickinson and their likes.

Specialty Tubes

Specialty tubes are used to observe fluids, aspiration of gastric and intestinal contents, and administration of tube feedings or medications. We offer various types of specialty tubings from manufacturers like Bard and Covidien.

Surgical Gloves

Surgical gloves are designed to act as a protective shield to prevent the transmission of diseases between healthcare practitioners and patients. These gloves have a textured finish for superior grip and handling. With the ever-increasing risks of fatal infections, it is important to protect yourself while treating patients. Health Products For You understands the dire need for good-quality surgical gloves and more. Therefore, our leading brands, such as Medline Industries, offer the best quality surgical gloves at the most affordable prices.

Surgical Instruments

At HPFY, we have varied kinds of surgical instruments available to suit all of your purposes. Our range of surgical tools includes scissors, forceps, clamps, and scalpels, to name a few. These products are manufactured by famous brands like Graham-Field Health Products Inc., Mckesson, etc.

Surgical Accessories

Surgical accessories include all those tools which are used for performing and assisting during surgery. Our range of products involves replacements trays, table pillows, instrument tables, sacral pads, stent kits, etc. We offer quality surgical accessories to help you provide the best services. Our top-selling products are brought to you by BSN Medical, Span America, and their likes.

Surgical Skin Prep

Surgical skin prep is a very important part of pre-operative patient preparation. HPFY allows you to select from a wide range of surgical aids that are effective for skin and mucous membrane Preparation before surgical procedures. High-quality products from leading brands like Aplicare and Sage Products etc., all of which are available at your discretion.

Where can I buy Surgical Aids Online?

Along with quality products, Health Products For You provides its customers great deals and offers on every purchase. You can also collect Reward Dollars by purchasing any of our products and use them for future shopping. We also offer the quickest delivery possible to make your shopping experience fulfilling. Browse our catalog today and get attractive discounts.

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