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Scrubs are one of the most popular and the most used protective apparels in medical facilities around the world. Medical professionals are often recognized by the wearing of scrubs. Originally made for the staff working in operating rooms, scrubs have now been designed to be worn in almost all situations in medical institutions. Designed from strong and durable but economical materials, scrubs can be easily worn, removed, and washed whenever needed. They can be easily replaced in the case of damage or tearing of any sorts and can be disposed off safely if infected from something.

Benefits of Scrubs

Scrubs were originally developed as protective clothing for surgeons, but have now become common apparel for all medical staff. There are a number of benefits of scrubs that make them an indispensable part of medical institutions in the world today.
Added protection for doctors, nurses, and other medical staff
  • Accessible and fits easily
  • Promote good hygiene and health
  • Can be fashionable and comfortable
  • Important for classification and identification

Types of Scrubs

There are three major types of scrubs based on the wear type of the scrubs:

  • Scrub Pants - Scrub pants are made for lower body protection and are usually attached with drawstrings or buttons to secure them in place. There are two types of scrubs viz. pant style and flare leg scrub pants. One can use either drawstrings or buttons to adjust the size of the scrubs.
  • Scrub Tops – Available in unisex, male, and female options, scrub tops are used to cover the upper body during medical procedures. There are variable lengths and you can choose the one that fits your needs the best. Some are available with cuts and vents to provide a cooling effect as they are worn throughout the day.
  • Scrub Jackets – Unlike standard jackets, scrub jackets can be worn over a scrub top or can be worn directly by an individual. They offer greater protection as compared to scrub tops because of their cuffed sleeves and thicker fabric. They too are available in three size options and multiple color options

Other Things to Look For While Buying Scrubs

There are a few other important things you should consider before you buy scrubs or a set of scrubs.
  • Colors – The color of the scrub is very important as it serves as a form of identification at medical institutions. Darker colors are preferred if you work in an environment where there is a greater chance of getting stains and marks on the scrubs. This way you can wear the scrub for a longer time before washing it. Lighter shades are recommended if you work in a department where you do not aid in medical procedures.
  • Pocketed – There are variations with pockets as well, where some scrubs come with a pair of pockets, others have multiple pockets. A greater number of pockets is recommended when you are habitual of carrying medical supplies like scissors, alcohol pads, bandages, etc with you all the time.
  • Fabric – Last but not the least, the material of the scrubs is important as a weak or thin material can prove to be nearly useless whereas a scrub made of quality material will not only last longer but provide some level of protection as well.

Where to Buy Scrubs Online?

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