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5 Best Transfer Devices For The Elderly

5 Best Transfer Devices For The Elderly
HPFY Staff Writer

Transfer devices, or transfer aids, were designed for those who are less mobile due to surgery, a medical condition, or simply because of age. They are very helpful when moving a patient from one location to another, like getting out of a chair and going to bed or the bathtub.

Using transfer equipment is a good way for elderly patients to maintain their independence. These aids provide reassurance that the patient still has control over their body and can rely less on others.  

5 Best Transfer Devices For Elderly

1. Transfer Board

A transfer board, also known as a sliding board or slider board, is a rigid, flat board made of plastic or wood. It acts as a bridge to move from one seated surface to another. This patient transfer aid allows the user to make small movements instead of one large step. The transfer board reduces exertion for the caregiver as well.  

These boards may be curved or straight. They have handles at each end for easy grip and a smooth top surface to reduce friction. To avoid transfer mishaps, it is of much value to keep a mental note of the weight limit of the transfer board while purchasing it.

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

Allows patients with reduced mobility to move comfortably from a bed, chair, wheelchair, commode, and car. This wooden transfer board has a smooth surface that reduces friction, makes it easy to slide a patient across the board, and does not injure the user.

Features of Vive Wooden Transfer Board

  • It is 30” long for better security.
  • Two convenient cut-out handles are sealed and rounded to protect the hands and clothing.
  • Sturdy construction makes it easier for the patient to slide on without enduring scratches.
  • The compact design makes the transfer board ideal to carry while traveling.
Vive Wooden Transfer Board



2. Patient Lift Sling

A patient lift could be a sling lift or a sit-to-stand lift. This patient transfer device is used in hospitals,  nursing homes, and in the home to  move a patient from  a bed to a chair or couch and vice versa

These lifts work on hydraulic power or electricity and are mobile or mounted on a ceiling. They reduce the risk of injury to the patient and the caregiver and are especially helpful when transferring a heavy patient.

A comfortable way to lift a patient. This standing transfer aid has been designed exclusively with patient comfort in mind. It comes with deluxe cushioning under the arms and shoulder areas with non-slip inner surfaces to prevent riding up during lifting. 

Features of Bestcare Deluxe Padded Stand Assist Slings

  • Comes with a weight capacity of 400-600 lbs.
  • Lowers pressure at stress spots.
  • The padded design ensures patient comfort.
  • Optional buttock support and calf straps.
Bestcare Deluxe Padded Stand Assist Slings



3. Gait Belt

A gait belt is another transfer aid used to shift a person from a bed to a wheelchair and also helps with standing, sitting, and walking around. It is secured around the waist to help the caregiver provide assistance in lifting or moving the patient by grasping the belt.

It also protects the patient from falling and the caregiver from getting injured. A gait belt can also be used in pivot transfers and while using a transfer board.

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

Designed to safely and comfortably transfer patients with a high risk of falling. This gait belt is lined with a soft, non-irritating, breathable fabric to provide ultimate comfort even during extended periods. This padded gait belt is suitable for rehab and physical therapy also.

Features of Sammons Preston Padded Gait Belt

  • One size fits most
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Features four nylon looped handles
  • Quick-release side button for easy on and off
Sammons Preston Padded Gait Belt



4. Grab Bar

A grab bar is a device installed to help a person maintain balance and reduce fatigue while standing and to hold onto something in case of a fall. It increases safety and accessibility for people who face mobility challenges.

Grab bars are mostly installed in bathrooms for the elderly to prevent the risk of slipping or falling due to a wet floor. They also offer great support in getting in and out of a bathtub and using a commode. Grab bars can be installed in any room where this type of assistance is needed.

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

Eliminate the risk of falling with this easy-to-install grab bar. The large suction cups have an extremely strong hold and adhere to smooth surfaces. It can be used anywhere in the house to provide convenient mobility.

Features of Drive 12 Inch Suction Grab Bar

  • Drive Suction Cup Grab Bar can be easily and securely attached without drilling.
  • Provides security and the convenience of mobility.
  • The Red/Green color indicators show if the product is affixed properly.
Drive 12 inch Suction Cup Grab Bar



5. Leg Lifter

A leg lifter strap is a transfer device used after injury or surgery of the hip, knee, or leg. It helps to relieve pain by keeping the leg from bending too often and makes it easy to place the leg on or off the bed, couch, or wheelchair.

The leg lifter is a nylon strap with two loops at the ends and a flexible metal rod inside. The larger, rigid loop is for the leg, and the softer, smaller loop is for the hand. It is also used in physical therapy and as a mobility aid. 

Allows the user to move lower extremities independently. This leg lifter has an aluminum rod in the center that bends, straightens, and twists to the desired position and helps the user to lie and sit on the bed by lifting the leg.

Features of Rigid Leg Lifter

  • Loop design ensures a safe grasp
  • Reliable, stable, and convenient
  • Can use with or without shoes 
  • Allows elders to self-manage their movements
Rigid Leg Lifter



Patient transfer devices reduce the stress associated with movement on the patient and the caregiver. A transfer board is more common in households, whereas patient slings and lifts are more common in hospitals. Always remember that it is important to note the maximum weight limit of the device you plan to use. Your healthcare provider can help with any questions that you may have when looking for transfer aid. HPFY carries a wide range of transfer aids for the elderly. Explore today!


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