Manual Patient Lifts

A manual lift protects the patient from physical difficulty during movement and also eases the work of a caregiver protecting him/her from strain or injury. Our range of manual lifts provides the perfect combination of patient safety, weight capacity and maneuverability. They are easy to operate and assure caregivers and patients of stability and comfort. Manual patient lifts provide a safe way to transfer a person who is unable to move unassisted out of a chair or bed. We offer multiple types of lifts including hydraulic lifts, lifts for the bariatric and products with a six-point cradle to meet all your mobility needs.


How do Manual Lifts Work?

Whether it is lifting someone off the floor or from a high surface, our manual patient lifts need minimum effort to carry out the task. They are operated by hand using a handle. When the caregiver cranks the handle, hydraulic fluid powers the pump making the lifting/pumping procedure effortless. The hydraulic pressure allows the caregiver to exert minimum pressure to operate the lift.

Types of Hydraulic Patient lifts

Manual Pool Lift

Patients seeking mobility aid for recreation can opt for pool lifts which are innovative in features, style and follow strict safety guidelines. The Hoyer Classics, which has a weight capacity of 400 lbs, is constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel resistant to humidity and corrosion. It has a 360 degrees swivel which allows placing the user into the water gently.

Manual bariatric lift

We also carry manual bariatric patient lifts which are heavy-duty and developed for a bariatric patient who needs assistance for safe and smooth transfer from his or her bed to a wheelchair, gurney or the toilet. Hoyer Classics Hydraulic Manual Patient Lift is designed for those bariatric persons who can lift themselves up. It is more of an alternative to a wheelchair for easier commode access. The ApexLift from Bestcare is a stable and sturdy lift which can support up to 600 lbs. It is fitted with a weight limit warning system as well as an emergency manual lowering device.

Patient Lifts – Best Buys

Choosing a manual lift will depend on several factors – where it is to be used, what is the weight capacity of the user, whether it is for indoor /outdoor use, if it is to be used at home or is for nursing home applications. We have different types of manual lifts all of which are extremely cost effective.

  • The Silver Vein from Drive Medical is popular among manual lift users. It has a six-point swivel bar that can accommodate 2- or 4-sling straps plus two chain connections. Its high-performance hydraulics raises or lowers individuals gradually and safely from any stationary position. The pump handle can be rotated from side-to-side as per the convenience of the attendant.

  • The Hydraulic Patient Lift from Invacare has 360 degrees swivel but prevents swaying of the patient from side-to-side. And its 20”-64”range allows the safe picking of a patient from the floor with great ease.

  • Bestcare offers the option of manual or electric usage using the same base with its Apex Genesis Lift. It can be upgraded to electric option with an electric kit that is easy to attach. Can be used both at home and in the nursing home. 

We offer high quality and reliable manual lifts which are light in weight and can effortlessly be carried around. Since these are manually-operated lifts, these products prove to be extremely cost effective.