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5 Best Thumb Braces for Arthritis

5 Best Thumb Braces for Arthritis
HPFY Staff Writer

Despite no treatment available to eradicate arthritis, new technology has made managing arthritis much easier. One of the best examples of technology helping manage symptoms is using a thumb brace for arthritis. It is a sought-after option for those seeking relief and comfort. 

Thumb arthritis can cause pain in thumb joint, disrupt daily activities, and adversely affect quality of life. Thumb arthritis splints are also effective for conditions such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and tendonitis.

Specifically targeting arthritis in the thumb joint, thumb spica splint provide support and stability, maintaining grip strength to perform daily tasks more comfortably.  

These orthotic devices stabilize the joint and prevent Edema and morning stiffness. They can be worn during daily activities or at night. 

Benefits of Thumb Brace 

The thumbs are commonly affected by two types of arthritis: osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis is caused by joint wear and tear, typically occurring with age. Similarly, rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder that makes the body's immune system mistakenly attack its joint tissues.   

Regardless of the type, arthritis in thumb can significantly impact the ability to perform daily tasks. A thumb brace for arthritis offers valuable support and relief to the painful joint. Some of the benefits include -

1. Pain Relief 

Thumb spica brace helps distribute pressure evenly across the joints, relieving pain and discomfort. They can also minimize stress on inflamed tissues by limiting range of motion of the affected area.  

2. Improves Strength  

Arthritis often weakens the muscles and ligaments, leading to joint instability. A thumb brace for arthritis provides external support, stability and prevents excessive movement that can exacerbate pain and further damage the joints.   

3. Enhances Function   

Thumb arthritis splint improves movement and dexterity by supporting and aligning the affected joints. As a result, they can help with daily activities such as gripping objects, writing, and performing fine motor tasks more efficiently.   

4. Prevents Injuries 

Braces help prevent or slow down the progression of arthritis. They provide gentle pressure and proper alignment, encouraging the joints to maintain their natural position.

There are a variety of thumb support braces available on the market. But which one is right for you? Here is our list of the five best thumb braces for arthritis that are practical and budget friendly.

5 Best Thumb Braces for Arthritis   

1. Push MetaGrip Thumb CMC Orthosis

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

It is one of the most popular thumb brace for arthritis. Providing excellent support for those struggling with Carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritic thumb, this is a game-changer. A secure and comfortable fit helps it to stay in place during activities.  

The Push MetaGrip features a streamlined, low-profile design, allowing for easy use and unobtrusive wear. It aims to improve thumb function, reduce pain, and enhance overall mobility, promoting a better quality of life for those with thumb-related conditions. 

Why choose Push MetaGrip?

  • Helps curb thumb pain and instability. 
  • Suitable for various lifestyles and can be worn during sports activities, repetitive thumb motions, or everyday tasks. 
  • Customers have noticed remarkable improvements in thumb function after using it. 
  • Adjustable design and low-profile construction. 
  • Highly recommended by medical professionals for thumb joint issues.

Push MetaGrip Thumb CMC Orthosis Customer Review


04/03/2023 Evelyn K. "I wear these for everything during the day except the very messiest tasks (like cutting raw chicken, rolling out pizza dough, etc). Easy to maintain, comfortable and gives me the protection and support needed to prevent constant pain in CMC joints."

Push MetaGrip Thumb CMC Orthosis


2. Hely & Weber CMC Controller Plus

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

The low-profile design of this FSA-approved thumb brace offers pain relief and functionality. Completely trimmable and malleable to keep the brace in place and lift the head of the metacarpal while simultaneously seating the basilar joint, aiding in pain relief.   

Why choose CMC Thumb Brace?

  • The strap allows for simple one-handed application.  
  • Ideal to wear while cooking, golfing, gardening, playing tennis, driving, knitting, and during all other work or household activities.  
  • Stabilizes the CMC joint to reduce arthritis pain.  
  • Reduces dorsal translation and restores alignment.

Hely & Weber CMC Controller Plus Customer Review


04/29/2021 Debbie W. "My trigger thumb is much more comfortable while wearing the controller. The support it gives is great!
It is easy to put on too."

Hely & Weber CMC Controller Plus


3. Comfort Cool Thumb CMC Abduction Orthosis

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

As one of the best thumb braces for arthritis available, it provides direct support to the thumb CMC joint while allowing full finger function. This FSA-approved thumb splint is made of antimicrobial and latex free material that keeps skin cool and comfortable.   

This wrap-around thumb splint supports the wrist for conditions such as tendinitis, arthritis, de Quervain’s joint instabilities, and post-surgical recovery of the wrist and thumb.  

Why choose Comfort Cool Thumb CMC Brace?

  • Offers optimal and comfortable support.   
  • Reinforced stitching allows it to be trimmed below the thumb MP joint if needed.  
  • Allows full finger function
  • Easy to fasten and adjust.

Comfort Cool Thumb CMC Brace Customer Review


06/28/2023 Charlene B "Gives me comfort and support for my thumb and is comfortable to wear."

Buy Comfort Cool Thumb CMC Abduction Orthosis


4. Rolyan Neoprene Pull On Thumb Support

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

Designed to provide warmth and compression to the painful thumb joint. This FSA-approved support joints and relieves discomfort caused due to arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or any other hand injury. 

Why choose Rolyan Thumb Brace?

  • Helps prevent reinjuries to thumb.
  • Neoprene construction prevents overstretching of the splint from frequent wear.  
  • Absorbs prespiration.

Rolyan Neoprene Pull On Thumb Support Customer Review


09/26/2016 Ann R. "Very helpful and economic when other thumb and wrist supports have failed."

Buy Rolyan Neoprene Pull On Thumb Support Brace


5. Liberty CMC Thumb Splint

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

Offers support to the carpometacarpal joint without restricting the thumb movement. The soft hook and strap design makes the brace easy to put on and take off.  

Why choose the Liberty Thumb Brace?

  • Minimizes pain 
  • Provides support and compression to the joint. 
  • The anti-microbial terrycloth material makes it safe for sensitive skin.

Liberty CMC Thumb Brace Customer Review


03/22/2021 Walter R.. "One like the Doctor ordered for me."

Liberty CMC Thumb Splint - Leather


When considering a thumb brace for arthritis, talk to your doctor or an occupational therapist who can evaluate your specific needs. They can recommend the most appropriate brace for your condition to ensure proper fit and functionality.   


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