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Five Best Pediatric Wheelchairs Of 2023

Five Best Pediatric Wheelchairs Of 2023
Taikhum Sadiq

Pediatric wheelchairs are excellent mobility aids designed specifically for children. As compared to wheelchairs for adults, wheelchairs for children are designed to be safer, more compact, and comfortable for children. Medical aids and equipment for adults can tend to instill fear in the hearts of children. Hence medical aids and equipment for children, just like pediatric wheelchairs, are built and colored to be fun and attractive to children. Pediatric wheelchairs often come in attractive colors, playful designs, and bright patterns. Since children tend to grow in size and shape very drastically, pediatric wheelchairs often are more adjustable than adult wheelchairs.

What are the Types of Pediatric Wheelchairs?

Folding Pediatric Wheelchairs – Folding pediatric wheelchairs are the best pediatric wheelchair options for the changing needs and size of the children. They can be stored in the smallest of spaces and can be carried along with you with ease. They are simple to use and come with built in adjustments as the child grows.

Rigid Pediatric Wheelchairs – Rigid or heavy-duty pediatric wheelchairs are designed for children who can move their wheelchair around independently. They are lightweight and have excellent balance but require a standard functioning of the upper body of the child as well as their skill of moving their own wheelchair around easily. They too come with built-in features.

Tilt-in-Space Pediatric Wheelchairs – Built for children with a weak upper body and designed to help correctly position the child to allow for easy mobility, easy feeding, and pressure reduction. They can be easily customized and adjusted while the child is sitting in the wheelchair. For urgent adjustments while the child is using the wheelchair, this is the best pediatric wheelchair option

Pediatric Strollers – Designed for infants and children of younger age who cannot fit into wheelchairs. They come with knobby tires and are easier to maneuver around corners as compared to standard strollers. They can be easily folded and stored.

How to Choose the Best Pediatric Wheelchair?

There are a few important factors you should take into consideration before choosing the best pediatric wheelchair. They are:

Size of the Pediatric Wheelchair – The size of the pediatric wheelchair is important so that the child is not uncomfortable while using the wheelchair. A few parameters include height and depth, back height, seat height, footrest height, arm type and size, and weight considerations.

Portability of Pediatric Wheelchair – Some wheelchairs are standard in structure and built where as some are folding. Both can be used as portable pediatric wheelchairs but the best pediatric wheelchair would be one that is lightweight and can be folded with ease and stored in the trunk of your car or even in a rucksack.

Accessories of a Pediatric Wheelchair – Children often need extra support and extra help while in the wheelchairs and you can pair the pediatric wheelchairs with a number of accessories to ensure the child is safer and more comfortable than before. These accessories include ponchos, wheelchair bags, feeding trays, cup holders, and straps for extra safety.

Five Best Pediatric Wheelchairs 

1. Medline Excel Kidz Pediatric Wheelchair

Medline Excel Kidz Pediatric Wheelchair has a bright yellow frame with a smiley face logo on its nylon upholstery. This wheelchair features easy flip-back arms, composite footplates to stay cooler, anti-tippers, and tires having deep treads for playing outside and inside. The pediatric wheelchair has thick padded and upholstered armrests and comfortable calf pads. It also features a standard dual axle that allows for easy seat height adjustment to hemi level and telescoping handles to accommodate caregiver comfort. It is easy to fold, and its compact size allows one to take it in the car or stow it on an airplane.

Features of Medline Excel Kidz Pediatric Wheelchair

  • Adjustable telescoping handles for caregiver comfort
  • Durable vinyl upholstery
  • Treaded and flat-free tires for safe riding
  • Anti-tippers included
  • Standard dual axle enables easy adjustment of seat height to hemi level
  • Upholstered and padded armrests and calf pads
  • Flip-back arms
  • Arm style: swing back desk length permanent; Leg style: detachable elevating leg rests
  • Manual wheelchair designed for use by children with mobility disabilities
  • 14" swing-back desk-length arms with arm release
  • Detachable elevating leg rest
  • Latex-free
Buy Medline Excel Kidz Pediatric Wheelchair
Medline Excel Kidz Pediatric Wheelchair

2. Ziggo Lightweight Pediatric Wheelchair

Ziggo Lightweight Pediatric Wheelchair is a lightweight manual wheelchair specially designed for kids and teens. This provides mobility, comfort, and safety. It is adjustable, practical, durable, and cost-effective. This ensures maximum support and functionality and includes a range of positioning options.

Reasons to Choose the Ziggo Lightweight Pediatric Wheelchair

  • Adjustable, practical, durable, and cost-effective
  • Provide maximum maneuverability and easy transport, be it indoors and outdoors
  • Meets the standards of therapists and clinicians
  • Comfortable support, functionality, and positioning options

Features of the Ziggo Lightweight Pediatric Wheelchair

  • Colored steel frame
  • Folds easily for compact storage and transport
  • Comfortable nylon upholstery with back pocket
  • Flip-back padded desk length arms
  • Pelvic belt
  • Quick-release treaded PU rear wheels
  • Solid PVC front wheels
  • Push to lock brakes
  • Height adjustable swing-away footrests with plastic footplates
  • Calf strap for extra support and comfort

How to use Ziggo Lightweight Pediatric Wheelchair?

  • Opening the Wheelchair
    • Tilt wheelchair to one side toward you and push down on seat rail until fully opened
  • Folding the Wheelchair
    • Fold footplates up to the vertical position
    • Grasp the front and back edge of the center of the seat upholstery and lift the seat up
  • Wheel Locks
    • Push forward toward front of chair to lock
    • Wheel locks should embed into wheel at least 1/8” when locked
    • Engage both wheel locks before entering or leaving the wheelchair, leaning forward or during transfer
  • Install Swing-away Footrests
    • Hold the leg rest rigging to the side of the wheelchair.
    • Install the leg rest assembly hinge plates onto the hinge pins of the wheelchair frame.
    • Push the leg rest rigging towards the inside of the wheelchair until it securely locks into place.
  • Remove Swing-away Footrests
    • Fold footplates up to the vertical position.
    • Release leg rest lock by pushing on the leg rest lever.
    • Swing the leg rest outward and to the side.
    • Lift to remove.
  • Adjust Footrest Height
    • Press in the push pins and raise/lower footplate to the desired position.
    • The footrest should not be lowered to the point that it causes pressure on the thighs at the front of the seat upholstery.
    • The footrest should not be closer than 2.5” from the ground to ensure proper clearance.
  • Flip-back Armrest
    • Press in spring button and lift the arm out of the front socket.


How to clean Ziggo Wheelchair?

  • The wheelchair should be washed weekly with a clean soft cloth using warm water and a mild detergent. Dry thoroughly after washing. Metal parts can be cleaned with auto wax or similar products.
  • Do not use abrasive cleansers.
  • Dry pediatric wheelchair immediately if exposed to moisture.
  • Clean upholstery with a mild soap solution, rinse & wipe dry.
  • Clean hand grips with water only and dry thoroughly.
  • Occasionally clean front & rear tires with damp cloth.
Buy Ziggo Lightweight Pediatric Wheelchair
Ziggo Lightweight Pediatric Wheelchair

3. Convaid Cruiser CX Pediatric Wheelchair - Standard Model

Convaid Cruiser CX Pediatric Wheelchair features a 30° fixed tilt for improved postural control. It provides 5 years of growth capabilities and self-tensioning seating for increased sitting tolerance. Cruiser fixed tilt wheelchair is durable, convenient and can be custom-built to the users specifications to meet their physical needs.

Features Convaid Cruiser Wheelchair

  • Toggle Wheel Locks
  • Seat Depth Growth of 5"
  • 2-Point Positioning Belt
  • Silver Powder Coated Frame
  • Two Piece Push Handles (CX18)
  • 8" Front, 11" Rear Solid Tire (CX18)
  • Quick Release Rear Wheels (CX10/12/14/16)
  • Removable Adjustable Swing-Away Footplates
  • 7.5 x 2" Front, 11.5 x 2.5" Rear Solid Tire (CX10/12/14/16)
  • One Piece Height Adjustable Push Handle (CX10/12/14/16)
  • Closure Strap – Helps in keeping the chair in folded position
  • Self-Tension - Built in self-tensioning seating system increases sitting tolerance

Benefits of Convaid Cruiser CX Wheelchair

  • 30° Fixed Tilt: Increased tilt angle improves postural control through upper body positioning
  • Customizable: Custom-built to your specifications to meet each individual’s physical needs
  • Multiple Upholstery Styles & Colors: Removable, washable Cordura or Textilene available in various colors
  • 5 Years of Growth Capabilities: Adjustable seat depth extends chair life for a growing child
  • Self-Tensio: Built in self-tensioning seating system increases sitting tolerance
  • Tool-less upholstery removal
  • Added zippers on the seat bottom and back upholstery
  • Under seat storage basket and side, bags provide extra storage
  •  Lightweight & compact folding-wheelchair folds like an umbrella stroller
  • Textilene or Cordura upholstery that is removable, washable and comes in a wide selection of colors
  • Self-Tension - built in self-tensioning seating system increases sitting tolerance

Unfolding Convaid Wheelchair

  • Lay chair flat on ground and unbuckle closure strap.
  • Stand chair on front caster, grasp side of Push Handle and push down on Seat Tube
  • Press down firmly on seat tubes to ensure the chair is completely unfolded.
  • Using your foot, push down on Lower Rear Lock Brace until it locks into a straight position.
  • Press grey buttons on each side of Push Handle at the same time, and rotate Push Handle to the desired height.
  • Swing footplates down into position.

Folding the Pediatric Chair

  • Swing footplates to the side.
  • Press grey buttons on each side of Push Handle and rotate Push Handle down completely.
  • Unlock Rear Lock Brace by kicking up on the center of the brace with foot.
  • Grasp one side of Push Handle and pull up on seat fabric or seat tube with the opposite hand
  • Lay chair back onto Push Handle. Push down on tubing above front tires until the chair is folded.
  • Buckle closure strap.

Lifting/Carrying the Convaid Chair

  • To safely lift or carry the chair, always use both hands.
  • With one hand hold the chair by the front x- brace bar.
  • With the other hand hold the chair by the back x-brace.
Buy Convaid Cruiser CX Pediatric Wheelchair - Standard Model
Convaid Cruiser CX Pediatric Wheelchair - Standard Model

4. Kanga Adult Tilt-In-Space Wheelchair

Kanga Adult Tilt-In-Space Wheelchair provides mobility for individuals in a seated position. This provides an adjustable tilt angle to provide the user with weight shifts and reorientation in space to assist with postural support. It is ideal for anyone who requires adjustability in the tilt-in-space wheelchair, especially within the Medicare capped rental and long-term care markets.

Features Kanga Adult Tilt-In-Space Wheelchair

  • Kanga Adult Tilt-In-Space Wheelchair is a folding frame tilt-in-space wheelchair with 45° of tilt
  • Adjustable frame width and depth without additional components
  • Adjustable height back canes
  • Adjustable angle backrest
  • Height adjustable and removable T style armrests
  • Width adjustable solid seat pan included
  • 20” rear wheels included
  • Removable anti-tippers included
  • Transit brackets included for securing unoccupied wheelchair in the vehicle
  • The ideal solution for rental or long term care markets

How to assemble Kanga Adult Tilt-In-Space Wheelchair?

  • Open frame by pulling right and left side frames apart and pushing down on the cross brace until fully extended.
  • Install right and left rear wheels by pushing the quick release axle button (located in the center of the wheel) and sliding it into the axle sleeve (A) until it locks. To remove, push the quick release button and pull out from the axle sleeve.
  • Raise right and left-back canes (B) until both back canes click into place.
  • To install a solid seat pan, first, remove threaded knobs from the front seat pan brackets.
  • Snap solid seat pan onto seat rails of the wheelchair.
  • Insert threaded knobs into front seat pan brackets and tighten.
Buy Kanga Adult Tilt-In-Space Wheelchair
Kanga Adult Tilt-In-Space Wheelchair

5. Convaid EZ Rider Pediatric Wheelchair - Standard Model

Convaid EZ Rider Pediatric Wheelchair is a lightweight, compact-folding chair that offers upright seating with a 10° fixed seat angle. It helps in maintaining the upright posture to enhance functional positioning. EZ rider can be custom-built to the user's specifications to meet their physical needs. It comes with multiple upholstery styles & colors. Built-in self-tensioning seating system increases sitting tolerance. Adjustable seat depth extends chair life for a growing child.

Convaid EZ Rider Wheelchair Highlights

  • Customizable
  • Upright seating
  • 10 degree Fixed Tilt
  • Self-Tension Seating System
  • 5 Years of Growth Capabilities
  •  Comprehensive Positioning Options
  • Lightweight & Compact -folding

Features Convaid Ez Rider Standard Wheelchair

  • Closure Bar
  • Toggle Wheel Locks
  • 10-Degree Fixed Tilt
  • 2-Point Positioning Belt
  • Seat Depth Growth of 5"
  • Silver Powder Coated Frame
  • Two-Piece Push Handle (EZ18)
  • 8" Front, 11" Rear Solid Tire (EZ18)
  • Quick Release Rear Wheels (N/A EZ18)
  • Removable Adjustable Swing-Away Footplates
  • 7.5 x 2" Front, 11.5 x 2.5" Rear Solid Tire (EZ12/14/16)
  • One Piece Height Adjustable Push Handle (EZ12/14/16)
  • Choice of Cordura or Textilene
  • Made in the USA

Benefits of Convaid EZ Rider Wheelchair

  • 10° Fixed Tilt provides upright posture to enhance functional positioning
  • Five inches of seat depth growth for years of use
  • Foot activated, spring assisted wheel locks for stationary positioning
  • Adjustable seat depth extends chair life for a growing child
  • Built-in self-tensioning seating system increases sitting tolerance
  • Removable Mag Rear Wheels allows independent mobility
  • Removable adjustable swing away footplates are independently adjustable and swings away for user access and comfort
  • Great for everyday use (indoor, outdoor and rugged terrain); yet still looks like a standard umbrella stroller
  • Compact-folding and ultra-lightweight provide for easy storage without heavy, awkward lifting
Buy Convaid EZ Rider Pediatric Wheelchair - Standard Model
Convaid EZ Rider Pediatric Wheelchair - Standard Model

Where to Buy the Best Pediatric Wheelchairs Online?

At HPFY, we have an extensive range of premium and best pediatric wheelchairs that are designed to provide exceptional mobility to children. Our pediatric wheelchairs come in funky styles, bright colors, and amazing patterns from top manufacturers and brands at competitive prices and amazing discounts.


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