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A pediatric manual wheelchair is ergonomically designed for children who need mobility assistance to get around easily. These special chairs are created with the smaller frame of a child in mind and can often be adaptable to suit the needs of a growing child. The wheelchair allows disabled children to learn, enjoy and explore the world like any other child.

Children’s Power wheelchairs are specially made to cater to the unique needs of an active child. These mobility aids will allow the kids to move freely at home, in school, during playtime, or while away on vacation. These chairs ease the stress of parents and carers and allow them to enjoy life without getting worried about how the child will take part in everyday activities. Manual wheelchairs are lightweight, come in attractive colors, and are easy to use. Some wheelchairs are foldable and can easily fit into the car trunk.

Health Products For You offers strong, durable, lightweight, innovative, children’s folding wheelchairs that fulfil the needs of young children and provide them the freedom to explore the world around them.

Who Needs a Pediatric Wheelchair?

Pediatric wheelchairs are used by kids with below mentioned health conditions:

Benefits of a Kids Wheelchair

  • Provides mobility 
  • Enhances self-esteem 
  • Offers independence 
  • Develops social skills

Buying Guide for Pediatric Manual Wheelchair

1. Weight capacity

It is important to pay attention to the weight capacity of the wheelchair before buying. The chair should accommodate the child and the child's growth.

2. Size

Before buying, take proper measurements of the wheelchair width so that there is enough space to accommodate the user but not too much space on either side that can make the child uncomfortable.

3. Growth adjustability

The important consideration in a pediatric wheelchair should be growth adjustability. If the child is advised to use a wheelchair, it would be best to adjust to avoid multiple purchases. Many children's wheelchairs are designed to grow with the child, and various components of the wheelchair are also adjustable.

4. Armrest and Footrest

Ensure that the armrests and footrests are comfortable and allow for an adequate amount of grip. It would be best if they could swing out of the way to make transfers easy.

5. Portability

If the child requires a wheelchair outdoors also, then investing in a foldable model is recommended. Folding wheelchairs are ideal for taking it to school, on holiday, or on a day out, and they can easily fit into the car. Drive Medical Wallaby Pediatric Folding Wheelchair is compact and lightweight and can be stored in a small place.

Where to Buy Wheelchairs for Kids?

Health Products For You offers safe and sturdy pediatric wheelchairs that provide versatility, functionality, and maneuvrability to the young user. These superior quality wheelchairs have come from the industry leaders like Invacare, Childrens Factory, Medline Industries, and many more.