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5 Best EMS Units for Muscle Growth

5 Best EMS Units for Muscle Growth
HPFY Staff Writer

EMS or electric muscle stimulation is a technique used in electrotherapy that is designed to stimulate the muscles using electrical impulses to achieve a wide range of medical outputs. EMS is designed to deliver small, low voltage electrical impulses via accurately placed electrodes on the skin. These electrical impulses make the muscles contract and relax in tandem to thus reduce pain, alleviate discomfort, reduce inflammation and enhance their performance. Electric muscle stimulation is excellent not only for reducing pain but also enhancing the performance of the muscles and avoiding fatigue during excessive workouts.

How Does an EMS Unit Work?

EMS units are devices that use electric muscle stimulation to relieve muscle pain, nerve pain, and joint pain. An EMS unit contains an impulse generator which is wired to electrodes that are placed on the skin. The impulse generator sends micro impulses that are directly delivered to the muscles resulting in their contraction. The repeated and frequent contraction and relaxation helps the muscle gets stronger, relieve pain, and has other benefits as well, such as:

  • Relaxes the muscle
  • Prevents any muscle atrophies
  • Speeds up the healing of the muscle
  • Minimizes any inflammation
  • Stimulates muscle growth
  • Improves blood circulation to the muscle
  • Aerates the muscle

EMS Unit v/s TENS Unit

TENS units are also excellent conduits of electrotherapy but the major difference between a TENS unit and an EMS unit is the purpose they serve. TENS units are designed to relieve pain, inflammation and discomfort. EMS units on the other hand are not used for just these three things but are also designed to stimulate the muscle resulting in its growth, relaxation, and strengthening it. Muscle spasms, muscle atrophy, poor blood circulation to the muscle, are some of the common conditions that can be alleviated using an EMS unit.

How to Choose the Best EMS for Muscle Growth?

Choosing the best EMS unit involves taking into consideration a few important factors that help you analyze the quality and quantity of results that the EMS unit might give you. Here are a few important points you should look at before choosing the best ems machine for home use.

Intensity Controls

The intensity of the electrical impulses is paramount in deciding the best EMS unit for you. The intensity of the EMS unit directly translates to the intensity of the electrical impulses that will be delivered to the muscle. The greater the intensity of the electrical impulses the faster will the unit work, but if the intensity exceeds a specific limit it can cause injuries as well.

Channels Available

Channels in an EMS unit are referred to as the number of electrodes that can lead as outlets from the EMS unit. A single channel EMS unit can have two electrodes attached to it whereas a dual-channel EMS unit can be exceeded to four electrodes. The area of treatment and the intensity required can be the criteria for choosing a single channel or dual channel EMS unit.

Treatment Time

Some EMS units have a treatment timer set within the unit to ensure that no complications occur due to elongated use of the electrical impulses. Depending on the condition you are treating and the intensity prescribed to you by the medical professional you can choose the EMS unit that is either for shorter treatment times or longer treatment times.

Other Important Factors

These include battery-powered or rechargeable EMS units, compact or tabletop EMS units, portable or stationary EMS units, and lightweight or standard weight EMS units.

Five Best EMS Units 

1.EMS-2C Electronic Muscle Stimulator

EMS-2C Electronic Muscle Stimulator allows easy one hand operation, including current adjustment, active probe positioning and on-off control. These instruments are used in the evaluation and treatment of muscle dysfunction caused by peripheral and C.N.S. disorders. They are most commonly used for preventing or retarding muscle atrophy, relaxing muscle spasms and muscle re-education.

Benefits of EMS-2C Electronic Muscle Stimulator

  • Light weight: approximately 6 oz.
  • Interrupted DC and Pulsed current
  • One hand operation.
  • Hospital or Home use.

Features EMS-2C Electronic Muscle Stimulator

  • EMS-2C Electronic Muscle Stimulator is ideal for facial and smaller peripheral muscles
  • Reliable and versatile
  • Use either water-soaked or conductive rubber electrodes
  • Current limited safety Active probe positioning and on-off control
  • Effective and comfortable stimulation
  • Pulsed current
  • 9V Alkaline Battery (included)

When to use EMS-2C Muscle Stimulator?

  • Relaxation of muscle spasms
  • Prevention or retardation of disuse atrophy
  • Muscle re-education
  • Maintaining or increasing range of motion

2. BioMedical EMS 2000 Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulator

BioMedical EMS 2000 Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulator is a two channel analog device with three modes of operation: Cycled, Constant, and Reciprocal. It provides muscle stimulation in acute medical conditions such as immobilized limbs, long-term disuse or prolonged bed rest, muscle weakness, and muscle spasticity following a stroke. EMS 2000 has adjustable On Ramp 0-2s, On Time 0-60s, Off Time 0-60s and Pulse Rate 1-80Hz. The unit is powered by one 9-volt battery.

What does EMS 2000 Kit include?

  • Two pair Electrodes
  • Four Lead wires
  • One 9V battery

Features of the BioMedical EMS

  • Prevents muscle spasm
  • Used for muscle reeducation
  • Maintains and increases the range of motion
  • Increases local blood circulation and as an immediate post-surgical stimulation of calf muscles to prevent venous thrombosis
  • Comes with carrying case and instruction manual
  • Dual-channel EMS device
  • Consists of three stimulation modes: constant, reciprocating and cycled

Contraindications with BioMedical EMS

  • Use of electrical stimulation may be hazardous for patients with certain demand-type cardiac pacemakers
  • EMS devices should not be applied to malignant tumors

Precautions with BioMedical EMS

  • After a recent surgical procedure where muscle contraction may disrupt the healing process
  • After acute trauma or a fracture where there is a tendency to hemorrhage
  • Over the menstruating uterus
  • Where sensory nerve damage has caused the loss of normal skin sensation

3. Graham-Field Grafco Premium Dual Function Stimulator

Graham-Field Grafco Premium Dual Function Stimulator is an electrical stimulation system operated by three 1.5 (AAA) batteries. The operation principle of stimulation equipment is based on the simulation of the bodys own pulses, transmitted transcutaneously to nerve or muscle fibers, with electrodes. It is equipped with 5 TENS and 5 EMS treatment programs to help with varying levels of discomfort. This unit offers dual functionality with both TENS and EMS.

Highlights of the Graham-Field Grafco Stimulator

  • Dual Function: TENS and EMS
  • 20 levels of intensity
  • Dual Channel
  • LCD Panel
  • 3 AAA batteries (not included)

Features Grafco Premium Dual Function Stimulator

  • Sleek design with side indentions for easy handling dual channel
  • 20 Levels of intensity
  • One (1) year limited warranty

Graham-Field Grafco Premium Dual Function Stimulator Kit Includes:

  • GF-DF5 Dual Channel Electrical Stimulator Device
  • 2 electrode lead wire
  • Four (4) 2" x 2" (50 mm x 50 mm) adhesive electrode pad
  • Operation manual
  • Lanyard (can be used to hang device from lanyard hole)
  • Carrying Case

How to Operate Grafco Dual Function Stimulator?

  1. Turn the Device ON
    • Press the POWER button to turn on the device; the LCD will show.
  2. Select the Treatment Mode
    • While in the standby mode, press either the TENS button to select the TENS treatment mode or the EMS button to select the EMS treatment mode.
  3. Select the Treatment Program
    • After pressing the TENS button to select TENS treatment mode, press the TENS button again to select the treatment program. The stimulator has five TENS programs.
    • After pressing the EMS button to select EMS treatment mode, press the EMS button again to select the treatment program. The stimulator has five EMS programs.
  4. Adjust the Treatment Intensity
    • Press the Intensity Control button ([+] or [-]) to control the intensity output. The left [+] and [-] button control the CH1 channel intensity, and the right [+] and [-] button control the CH2 channel intensity.
    • When increasing the intensity, each click of the [+] button increases the output intensity of the selected channel by one level, which will show on the LCD. The stimulator has twenty levels of intensity. Adjusting the intensity may cause a tingling sensation; adjust the intensity to a level that is comfortable to you.
    • When decreasing the intensity, each click of the [-] button decreases the output intensity of the selected channel by one level, which will show on the LCD.
  5. Warning
    • If the stimulation levels are uncomfortable or become uncomfortable, reduce the intensity to a comfortable level. If problems persist, contact your healthcare professional.
  6. Stop Treatment
    • To stop treatment, press the POWER button ( ) to turn the device off.
  7. Load Detect Function
    • When the device hasn’t detected load (i.e., an electrode is loose or off, resulting in no current), it will be assumed there is no load, the intensity will automatically return to zero, and the device will return to standby mode.

4. BioMedical Micro Plus Microcurrent Electrical Nerve Stimulator

BioMedical Micro Plus Microcurrent Electrical Nerve Stimulator is a two-channel analog device with three polarity settings, positive, negative, or bipolar. This is the best EMS unit for the cellular repair and symptomatic relief and management of chronic intractable pain and as an adjunctive treatment for post-surgical and post-traumatic acute pain problems. It increases the production of ATP energy integral to nearly every cell in the human body and decreases during injuries.

Features of BioMedical Micro Plus Analog Nerve Stimulator

  • Uses extremely small pulsating currents of electricity.
  • Adjustable Pulse Rate: 0.5-120Hz.
  • Pulse Duration: 1-3s.
  • Micro and Milliamp control.
  • The unit is powered by one 9-Volt battery.
  • The pulse rate or Frequency is 1-120Hz.
  • The carrier frequency is 14000 Hz.
  • Three polarity settings are positive, negative, or bipolar.

Micro Plus MENS Device includes

  • Micro Plus device
  • (4) 2”x 2” square reusable electrodes
  • BMLS Touch Proof lead wires
  • (1) 9V battery
  • Zippered pouch
  • Belt clip
  • Instruction manual

5. BioMedical Biostim NMS2 Digital Muscle Stimulator

BioMedical Biostim NMS2 Digital Muscle Stimulator is a flexible, powerful, and comfortable EMS unit. Biostim NMS2 Muscle Stimulator features eight user-friendly pre-set therapy settings to accommodate a variety of applications for several groups including pediatrics and athletes. The device also holds up to three custom programs that are easy to switch on and off. The custom programs remain set in the machine until they are changed or reset.

Biostim NMS2 Stimulator can be used for

  • Muscle spasm relaxation
  • Preventing or retarding disuse atrophy
  • Maintain or increase range of motion
  • Increase local blood circulation
  • Muscle re-education
  • Immediate post-surgical stimulation of calf muscles to prevent venous thrombosis

Features of BioMedical Biostim NMS2 Digital Muscle Stimulator

  • 400 µS pulls some of the largest muscles.
  • The therapy is customized by adjusting the buttons to support the therapy regimen.
  • Users can easily toggle from pain relief settings to a muscle-strengthening program with just a push of one button.
  • The Patient Compliance Meter starts recording how many hours the device has been used from the first time it is issued to the patient until the therapist resets the device.
  • The adjustable pulse width setting enables patients of all tolerance levels to succeed in their rehab program.

BioMedical Biostim NMS2 Muscle Stimulator includes

  • BioStim NMS2 device
  • (4) 2" x 2" square electrodes
  • BMLS Touch Proof lead wires
  • (4) AA batteries
  • Zippered Pouch
  • Belt clip
  • Instruction manual

Where to Buy the Best EMS Unit Online?

At HPFY, we have a vast range of premium EMS units that are designed to stimulate the muscles, enhance their functioning, and relieve pain and inflammation. Choose from the top manufacturers and brands at competitive prices and amazing discounts.


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