Finding Menopause Relief

Finding Menopause Relief

Many women who encounter menopause have to deal with some uncomfortable symptoms. There can be physical symptoms such as hot flashes and emotional issues that can affect sleep, sap your energy, and even trigger anxiety or sadness in some women. According to the Mayo Clinic, menopause is defined as an occurrence 12 months after your last menstrual period and affects women at the age of 51 on average, but can begin in your 40s. Working with your doctor, you can work on a therapy such as hormone replacement therapy etc. to help minimize the effects of menopause. In the home, there are ways to help combat the uncomfortable effects of “the change.”

Heat of the Night

Finding Menopause ReliefOne of the most common effects of menopause is hot flashes and night sweats. Nothing will ruin your day faster than a poor night’s sleep. Besides keeping you up, your bed partner will also notice the lack of zzz’s. You can choose sleepwear that is specifically designed for wicking moisture away from you. The Cool Jams Moisture Wicking Three-Piece Jillian Pajama Set covers a wide variety of scenarios as far as keeping you cool. It includes long pants, a long-sleeve shirt, and a tank top for those nights that are warmer than usual. Not everyone has the need for long pants or even long sleeves. You can opt for a more nightgown approach by using the Cool Jams Moisture Wicking Baby Doll Nightgown. It’s made from a quick drying, soft smart fabric that whisks moisture away from your skin and is not only functional but quite fashionable!! If you like to have a robe around the house, the ABC Fitting Robe is perfect with its silky fabric. Curl up and be comfortable. Maybe you are a nightshirt kind of person, you still have options. Cool Jams offers the Melinda, Kristi, and the Button Front Nightshirts. Each has a different style for every woman’s needs. Staying cool at night is now simpler!!

Go Natural

Finding Menopause ReliefDealing with the negative side effects of menopause can be a multifaceted attack. While dressing cooler may help you at night in bed, is there a natural way to deal with some of the symptoms? The Eliminators offers some natural menopause relief. The Hot Flash Heat Eliminator is created from natural sources and will not contra-indicate with any prescription or over-the-counter medicine. It offers instant relief within 15 seconds of use, by using specific flower essences and Reiki energy. To inhibit weight gain you should try the Emotional Weight Eliminator. Not to be confused with a weight loss gimmick, this is a weight gain inhibitor. By transmuting the emotions such as boredom, anxiety, stress, and sugar cravings, it allows you to be in control and have a sense of calm. It can stop that binge eating that we all regret later on. Stress can affect our moods in many ways, so minimizing any stress can go a long way in coping with menopause. The Ultimate Stress Eliminator does just that for you. It’s an effective way to manage stress by transmuting the emotions that release the hormone cortisol. All natural with its blend of flower essences and Reiki energy, it’s a great way to overcome any stressful situation (internal and external). Take control of your menopause symptoms and enjoy life.

After working with your doctor on a medical approach to handling your menopause, find ways at home to minimize the negative effects. With hot flashes and night sweats being the most prominent symptoms of menopause, staying cool can be your godsend. Finding natural relief through supplements can be an effective method to achieve relief, but always check with your doctor first before taking any supplement!!


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