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Brain Fog vs Dementia

Brain Fog vs Dementia
Linda Guerrera

You walk into a room with determination, and the minute you get there, you forget the reason why. We all experience this feeling at some time or another. But while you have probably heard of brain fog, what is it, and could it be an early sign of dementia

First of all, the answer to that question is probably no. Let’s take a closer look at both health conditions to get a better understanding of the differences and similarities.  

Brain Fog 

Brain fog can really mess with you. It can make you feel confused, lose your focus, or forget things that you never forgot before. But while your mind may be a bit “fuzzy”, brain fog is reversible. The trick is to find out its cause...and there are a lot of things that can cause brain fog.  

  • Stress  
  • Anxiety 
  • Depression 
  • Dehydration 
  • Improper diet 
  • Not enough sleep 
  • Hormonal changes 
  • Certain medications 
  • Autoimmune diseases 
  • Low levels of Vitamins B12, D  
  • Deficient iron levels in the blood 

There are also some underlying health conditions that can cause you to lose concentration. Illnesses such as chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia can make your thoughts very cloudy. The good news is that once the cause is determined and treated, brain fog usually disappears. 

Treatment for Brain Fog 

To treat brain fog, the underlying cause must be identified, and then treatment can begin. But there are some commonsense things that you can do to reduce the symptoms, including: 

  • Exercise 
  • Reduce stress  
  • Get enough sleep 
  • Eating a healthy diet 
  • Being properly hydrated 
  • Managing health conditions and adjusting medications if needed 


Dementia is an irreversible severe cognitive disorder affecting memory, thought processes, behavior, and personality. Dementia is usually degenerative, meaning that it typically gets worse over time. As the disease progresses, patients will require more care and support. But as with most health issues, the sooner it is diagnosed and treated, the better the outcome.  

Types of Dementia 

There are several different forms of dementia. Each type with its own cause and symptoms.  

  • Alzheimer's Disease: Abnormal proteins in the brain multiply and lead to memory loss and a decline in cognitive thinking. 
  • Vascular Dementia: A blockage or damage to a blood vessel causes reduced blood flow to the brain leading to degeneration of brain cells. 
  • Lewy Body Dementia: Mobility and cognitive thinking decline due to atypical protein deposits in the brain. 
  • Frontotemporal Dementia: The front and sides of the brain are affected, which leads to personality changes and trouble with speech and language. 

Symptoms of Dementia 

Symptoms vary with each type and stage of dementia, but they include: 

  • Poor judgment 
  • Feeling confused 
  • Difficulty making decisions 
  • Inability to perform everyday tasks 
  • Personality and behavioral changes 
  • Trouble speaking and communicating 
  • Difficulty remembering things, especially recent events 


While early detection can help manage symptoms, dementia is not curable. To help improve the quality of life for individuals with dementia, treatment can include.

  • Behavior therapy 
  • Home and lifestyle modifications  
  • Prescription medication to slow progression and manage symptoms 
  • Games such as crossword puzzles that stimulate memory and cognitive function 

How to Help Someone with Dementia 

Dementia not only affects the patient but also those around them. But there are a number of things that you can do to make things easier for everyone involved. Some things you can do to help a loved one with dementia: 

  • Reduce hazards: Make sure that the environment is as safe as possible. Reduce clutter, install handrails, and modify the living space. 
  • Daily routines: Establishing a structured routine will make things feel more familiar and consistent. 
  • Communicate simply: Speak clearly and directly. Introduce nonverbal cues. 
  • Support daily tasks: Search for items designed to assist with eating, bathing, and dressing.  

For the caregiver: 

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help – Caregiver burnout is a thing! Enlist the help of family or friends, join a support group or reach out to a therapist.  

Brain fog and dementia are completely different issues. If you have any concerns about either condition, it is vital to consult a qualified healthcare professional to get the right diagnosis and treatment.  

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