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All That You Need to Know About External Catheters for Men

All That You Need to Know About External Catheters for Men
Laura Castricone

When contemplating catheter selection, most men would choose a condom catheter for urinary incontinence. External catheter for men is easy to change at home and non-invasive (nothing inserted into the body). The external male catheter looks like a large condom and is worn over the penis using adhesive to keep it in place. A tube that is attached to the condom and to a bag that straps onto the leg and leads the urine away.  

External Catheter for men is less likely to cause CAUTI and catheter-associated urinary tract infections, and they are more comfortable and available to be used at home by the patient. Male external catheters are easy to use and cause fewer movement restrictions than indwelling or intermittent catheters. And mostly, they are non-invasive.  

How long can you keep a condom catheter on? 

Male External Catheters need to be changed every 24 hours. The collection bags can be reused but need to be cleaned before reuse. Always make sure your hands are clean before applying the catheter to avoid infections, bacteria, and cross-contamination.  

How to apply an external catheter for men? 

  • When applying, unroll the condom, do not pull, and leave enough room at the tip of the penis once applied so that the condom does not rub. 
  • If it has adhesive, hold it against the skin for about 15 seconds to allow it to adhere.  
  • Place the sheath holder around the base of the penis but loose enough that you do not cut off blood flow.  
  • Attach the tubing to both the condom and the urine drainage bag, and then strap the collection bag to the leg below the knee for sufficient drainage. 

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Top Reviewed External Catheter for Men for 2023

1. Coloplast Conveen Optima Male External Catheter 

Coveen Optima is Coloplast's award-winning condom catheter with urinary incontinence. Coloplast Conveen Optima male external catheter is made from PSX silicone material that is breathable, stretchable, and allows for a snug fit. Conveen Condom Catheter features a double grip strip, making it discreet, reliable, and easy to apply. 

Conveen Optima Condom Catheter Features 

  • Coloplast condom catheter is a one-piece silicone catheter kit. 
  • The double-grip strip provides smooth and easy roll-out for a secure fit. 
  • The catheter for men securely fits around the penis and prevents skin irritation
  • The triple action anti-leak system offers the best possible security. 
  • Standard length suits most men, whereas sport length is more suitable for a retracted shaft. 

Coloplast Conveen Optima Male External Catheter Customer Reviews

5.Star Reviews on Attends Premier Briefs [16 Reviews]

03/08/22 by Denise T. ”This product is the best…has made life tolerable for my husband…and healthier. "


2. Rochester UltraFlex Self Adhering Male External Catheter 

Rochester UltraFlex Self Adhering Male External Catheter comprises soft and breathable silicone. The 100% latex-free Self-adhering external catheter for men is safe for people with latex allergies or other skin irritations caused by latex. With UltraFlex, the skin beneath remains healthy and ensures greater patent comfort. Due to the transparent design of the Rochester external catheter for men, the skin under the sheath is visible, which aids in the visual inspection without removing the catheter. The adhesive used for contact is non-sensitizing and skin-friendly for added confidence and increased wear times. 

Features of Ultraflex Self-adhering External Catheter for Men 

  • The kink-resistant design of the Rochester condom catheter ensures continuous urine flow. 
  • The Ultraflex catheter offers a built-in adhesive band and placement. 
  • The clear sheath of the ultraflex condom catheter facilitates easy visual inspection of the skin. 
  • The ultraflex self-adhering catheter improves patient comfort
  • The five diameter sizes of the Rochester catheter for men provide superior fit and greater reliability. 

Rochester UltraFlex Self Adhering Male External Catheter Customer Reviews

4.5 Star Reviews on Rochester UltraFlex Self Adhering Male External Catheter [29 Reviews]

05/21/19 by Joan. ”My husband doesn't get up 4 times a night when using these external catheter condoms. He gets a good nights sleep. Thanks so much!"


3. Coloplast Freedom Cath Male External Condom Catheter 

Coloplast Freedom Cath Male External Condom Catheter is a self-adhering catheter to manage male incontinence. It is a one-piece catheter made of soft, stretchable latex to keep the user comfortable and secure. Freedom cath catheter is designed with a wide watertight adhesive seal for better protection. There is no requirement for adhesive tape to fix the catheter. 

Freedom Cath Male External Catheter Features 

  • The self-adhering latex catheter by Coloplast is easy to apply. 
  • The double-thick bulb and stem prevent kinking and twisting of the catheter. 
  • There are no straps on the male cath that constrict or make the wearer uncomfortable. 
  • The Coloplast external catheter for men is perfect for everyday wear. 

Coloplast Freedom Cath Male External Condom Catheter Customer Reviews

4.5 Star Reviews on Coloplast Freedom Cath Male External Condom Catheter [14 Reviews]

03/23/18 by Aaron R. ”good, and they fit better and are less likely to cause problems. "

Who should not use a condom catheter? 

The downside to these catheters can be leakage if the wrong size is used or if they fall off. Skin breakdown can be a side effect of urine leakage. Some clients can experience an allergic reaction to the latex material the condom catheters are made of. Removal of the condom catheter can be painful due to the adhesive.  

For patients who have cognitive dysfunction, this is not an easy item to remove, so it may not be indicated for those with dementia or Alzheimer's. Sealants are sold that can be applied to the skin at the base of the penis near the pubic bone so that the adhesive stays in place for longer and with more security. 


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