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Medicine Ball For Exercise - Everything You Need To Know

Medicine Ball For Exercise - Everything You Need To Know
Shweta Chaubey

Fitness regimes have evolved over the years and have become an integral part of our lives. But with our hectic lifestyles, keeping up with a gym schedule may seem like a distant dream. Exercising becomes much easier and fun with fitness products like medicine balls. But wait, what is a medicine ball, and where do you find one?

What is a medicine ball?

A medicine ball, commonly known as an exercise ball or weight ball, is a versatile fitness tool used in many workouts, including strength resistance and balance training. This heavy ball targets specific muscle groups and core muscles for easy, high-impact exercise. They can also improve balance, agility, and overall fitness. The fitness ball is used for rehabilitation and athletic activities.

Types of exercise balls

Medicine balls come in various types and designs, each serving a specific purpose.

  • Traditional medicine balls: made of leather or synthetic material and range in weight from 2 to 25 pounds.
  • Wall balls: larger and softer, designed to be thrown against walls or used for partner exercises.
  • Slam balls: durable rubber balls made to withstand high-impact exercises.
  • Soft medicine balls: filled with sand or gel, making them ideal for exercises that require gripping.
  • Weighted medicine balls: available in various weights to use for progressive resistance training.
  • Bouncing medicine balls: designed with a rubberized exterior and used for rebounding exercises.

Medicine ball benefits

Medicine balls come in several sizes and weights, making them suitable for any fitness level and activity. They are inexpensive and perfect for improving strength and balance. Other benefits include the following -

1. Strength and power training

Training with a medicine ball requires using the whole body in a coordinated way. This type of exercise helps to develop agility and coordination,which are important for any sport.

2. Core stabilization

Medicine ball exercises involve throwing, catching, and lifting, which requires proper core activation and stabilization. Performing core exercises with a medicine ball helps to develop proper balance and stability.

3. Functional training

The dynamic nature of the exercises allows you to focus on specific muscle groups while still engaging your core and other stabilizing muscles.

4. Targets different muscle groups

Medicine balls offer exercises targeting different muscle groups and fitness goals. Whether focusing on upper body, lower body, or core exercises, it can be a versatile tool to add variety and challenge to your workouts.

5. Rehabilitation and injury prevention

When recovering from an injury, a medicine ball can help improve joint stability, mobility, and muscle strength. Additionally, incorporating one into your routine can help strengthen muscles and connective tissues, reducing the risk of future injuries.

When to use a weighted exercise ball

Here is when one can use a weighted exercise ball for exercise routines:

1. In sports and athletics

Medicine balls are commonly used in sports-specific training to improve explosive power, core strength, and rotational movements. Athletes from various sports, such as basketball, baseball, tennis, and martial arts, can benefit from incorporating medicine ball exercises into their training regimen.

2. In functional strength training

Medicine ball exercises mimic real-life movements, benefiting individuals who want to improve their functional strength. Functional strength refers to the ability to perform everyday tasks with ease and efficiency. Medicine balls can help develop core stability, improve balance, and enhance muscular strength.

3. In rehab therapy

Medicine balls can aid recovery in rehabilitation and physical therapy settings. They help improve coordination, balance, and joint stability. Additionally, medicine ball exercises adapt to target specific muscle groups or movements, assisting patients in regaining strength and range of motion.

4. In fitness programs for older adults

Medicine balls for older adults can be of great help. It is often a part of a well-rounded fitness program for seniors. They can help improve overall strength, balance, coordination, and mobility, essential for maintaining independence and reducing the risk of falls.

5. In weight loss

Incorporating medicine ball exercises into a weight loss program can add intensity and variety to workouts, increasing calorie expenditure. Medicine ball exercises engage multiple muscle groups, providing a full-body activity that can contribute to weight loss efforts.

6. In pregnancy

Using an exercise ball for pregnancy can provide several benefits for expectant mothers. Exercise ball induces labor, promotes better posture, and enhances pelvic floor strength, which helps in childbirth and minimizes the chances of postpartum incontinence. Subsequently, it also supports abdominal and back muscles and boosts post-childbirth recovery.

How to choose a fitness ball

Choosing the right exercise ball depends on several factors -

  • Weight: Choose a weight that suits your fitness level and the exercises you plan to use it for.
  • Material: Consider the durability, grip, and impact resistance.
  • Grip and texture: Look for a non-slip ball with a textured surface for better grip during workouts.
  • Size and diameter: Ensure the ball suits your hand size and allows for proper form during exercises.
  • Bouncing vs. non-bouncing: Determine whether you need a ball that can bounce for specific exercises or if you need a non-bouncing variant for more controlled movements.

How to use a medicine ball

Most people use a medicine ball for core training. Some of these exercises include:

  • Overhead throws: Develop upper body strength and power by throwing the ball overhead or from various angles.
  • Throwing against a wall: Engage the entire body by forcefully slamming the ball onto the ground or throwing it against a wall.
  • Twists and rotational exercises: Improve core strength and power by incorporating twisting movements with the medicine ball.
  • Core engagement: Perform exercises like Russian twists, planks, and situps with a medicine ball to strengthen the abdominal muscles.
  • Partner drills and workouts: Engage in dynamic partner exercises such as chest passes, medicine ball sit-ups, or lateral throws for added variety and challenge.

Top 5 best medicine balls for exercise

1. Aeromat Extreme Elite Medicine Ball

Features a thick textured surface, ensuring a firm and secure grip during workouts. Its balance and weight distribution make it the perfect tool for strengthening the core and upper body. Weather-resistant material prevents any splitting or cracking.


  • Withstands rigorous use.
  • Maintains its shape over time.
  • Works best for rehabilitation and strength training.
Aeromat Extreme Elite Medicine Ball



2. Aeromat Elite Mini Kettlebell Medicine Ball

An excellent choice for group exercise classes and personal training sessions, the mini kettlebell medicine ball is made of synthetic rubber for durability. The handle offers a comfortable grip for secure handling.


  • Versatility, safety, and ease of use.
  • Latex-free
  • Available in 5, 7 and 15 pounds.
  • Each weight variant has a uniform size of 8" in diameter
Aeromat Elite Mini Kettlebell Medicine Ball



3. Aeromat Elite Kettlebell Medicine Ball

Great for group exercise and personal training sessions, catering to various workout styles. The aeromat medicine ball enhances core function, strengthens abdominal muscles, and facilitates rotational movement training.


  • Latex-free
  • Provides a more comfortable workout experience.
  • Made with a pliable material for a user-friendly alternative to traditional cast iron kettlebells
  • Safe and adaptable fitness solution for various training needs.
Aeromat Elite Kettlebell Medicine Ball



4. BodySport Double Grip Medicine Ball

This remarkable tool builds strength and endurance, focusing on isolating specific muscles during workouts. It effectively targets and strengthens the core while providing an excellent alternative to kettlebell exercises. Particularly ideal for rotational abdominal exercises.


  • Designed with double handles to enhance control and stability
  • The textured surface provides a non-slip workout.
  • Contributes to increased joint integrity.
  • Adds versatility to your fitness routine.
Buy BodySport Double Grip Medicine Ball



5. CanDo Firm Medicine Ball

Plyometric balls are color-coded to indicate different weights, offering a range of options for various training needs. A valuable addition to any fitness routine, they are durable, versatile, and provide opportunities for diverse training techniques.


  • Color-coded plyometric balls with varied weights for different training needs.
  • Firm rubber exterior shell for durability and long-lasting performance.
  • Uniform weight distribution ensures consistent and predictable results.
  • Easy-to-grip rubber surface provides a secure hold during exercises.
  • Can be used with a trampoline rebounder to add intensity to workouts.
CanDo Firm Medicine Ball


Where to buy medicine balls

HPFY is your one-stop shop for all your fitness needs, including medicine balls, ankle weights, peanut balls, and more. These products are manufactured by leading names in the industry. Visit our website today and explore our wide range of high-quality medicine balls.


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