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Best Weights For Weight Training

It is rightly said that exercise is the closest thing to a miracle drug that we have. And strength training truly acts as magic for patients who are undergoing a rehabilitation program. Strength training is becoming a fad nowadays, but very few people realize that strength training is an important component of fitness and rehabilitation. Strength training is the best tool to be used for rehabbing from an injury.

Weights play a vital role in strength training, and it involves using weights as some resistance. Weight training helps the patients strengthen and recondition their muscles, which helps get back the original mobility, flexibility, and balance. Your rehab physician or physical therapist will decide what weights are to be added to your rehab program and specify how much weight and how often they need to be lifted. Cuff weights, kettlebells, exercise bars, dumbbells, weight plates, weighted vests, medicine balls are some of the weights used in physical therapy. These weights are added during a workout program to develop strength, increase motion, flexibility and increase muscle.

We at Health Products For You offer cuff weights, weight plates, ankle and hand weights, thigh and wrist weights, and weight bars. These products are sturdy, reliable, inexpensive, and come to you from top brands like CanDo, Elgin, Thera Band, Aqua Power, and many more.

Wearable Weights: How do they help in Strength Training?

Wearable weights are the weights to be worn on the body while exercising. Some people wear weights while walking, running, or during daily activities. These weights also add resistance, increase endurance and boost calorie burn like any other weight. These weights are convenient to use and are excellent strengthening tools for people recovering from injuries and managing chronic muscle pain. It has a feature that offers varying loads/resistances, which allows patients in recovery to select the best weight for their current fitness level and can easily adjust the load by adding or removing weights. These weights are ideal for exercises targeting specific muscle groups, but they are some risks when walking or running with the weights. They can strain the joints and increase the chances of injury. Talk to your physical therapist before planning your workout program. Some of the wearable weights are:

Wrist weights

These are wide, flexible weighted straps that wrap around your wrist and are secured with Velcro. They mainly target arm and shoulder muscles. It strengthens the grip and great for patients who have arthritis and those recovering from a stroke. When added to the workout routine, it improves overall fitness and helps weight loss by burning calories. They come in different weights, and you can increase or decrease consequences as needed. All-Pro Adjustable Hands-Free Wrist Weight is an example of wrist weights.

Ankle weights

The weights are built into a wide strap that wraps around the ankle with Velcro. These weights are great for exercises that target the leg and hip muscles. They are used during isolated lower body and abdominal exercises for strengthening and toning. Walking and running with ankle weights can cause injuries to the knees, hips, and back due to muscle imbalance. You can conveniently adjust the load by adding or removing weights. Power System Premium Ankle Weights is a great product to add intensity to your workout.

Weighted vests

A vest with weights attached to it is put on over your head. It has straps to keep the vest in place and has pockets to add weights. Like other wearable weights, it also adds intensity to your workout program. It improves balance and also helps in fighting bone loss by stimulating the growth of new bone cells. Power System VersaFit Weighted Vest is used for plyometric drills, bodyweight exercises, and much more.

Top Picks for Best Weight Equipment

  1. Rolyan Ankle And Wrist Weights: It fits most wrists and ankles and helps in wrist and ankle strengthening.
  2. Body Sports Kettlebell: It is an ideal tool to burn body fat and build power with graduated weights.
  3. Rehab Weight Bars: They help in muscle strengthening during rehab.
  4. TheraBand Soft Weights: These are relatively lightweight exercise tools that are designed for strengthening, plyometrics, balance training, and mobilization of the hands or wrists.
  5. CanDo Iron Disc Weight Plates: They are designed to strengthen arms and shoulders and are available in multiple sizes.
  6. Power Systems Pro Bar Wrap Pad: It protects your shoulders and back of the neck while performing squats and other bar exercises.

Where to Buy Weight Training Equipment Online?

At Health Products For You, we offer weights that help in strength training during rehabilitation from top manufacturers such as Power Systems, Fabrication Enterprises, Bodysport, Patterson Medical/Performance Health, and many more. Please browse our catalog and choose weights that suit your needs.

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