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What is Pregnancy Belly Band used for? 

The woman's body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy. As the baby grows, the increasing weight can put pressure on your body. A pregnancy support belt is designed to ease pressure on the back, hips, and pelvis and help relieve pain and common pregnancy discomfort.  

A maternity belt is a circular piece of soft and stretchable fabric that wraps around your body, from the lower back to the abdomen, to support your growing baby bump. At HPFY, we have a vast collection of durable maternity support belts that are designed to help address common ailments that expectant mothers experience. 

Features of Maternity Supports  

Pregnancy Support Belt benefits  

There are many advantages of a pregnancy belt, such as 

Note: Always speak to your medical provider before trying anything during pregnancy. Based on your symptoms, your doctor will determine if a pregnancy belt will be beneficial for you. 

Types of Maternity Supports at HPFY 

  1. Pregnancy Belt: A maternity belt wraps around the abdomen to help support the lower back, pelvis, hips, and abdomen during pregnancy. The maternity support belt is often worn on top of the clothing, while some may wear them underneath.  Chattanooga Stork Sport Maternity Support Belt corrects spinal alignment and gently supports the abdomen to relieve the muscular pain and fatigue of pregnancy. 
  2. Prenatal Cradle: A prenatal cradle consists of a belly band that wraps around the lower body and an upper belt that goes over the top of the belly, and some come with shoulder straps. Together, they form a cradle for the belly.  Prenatal Cradle Plus is much like a woman clasping her hands under her abdomen; it supports the weight of pregnancy yet does not restrict mom or baby 
  3. Postpartum Girdle: Postpartum girdle or belly wrap is a medical-grade compression girdle that extends from under the breasts to the hips to support and aid in recovery after childbirth.  Gabrialla Post-Partum Support Girdle is designed to provide strong support to relieve discomfort, firm up the tummy, and restore the body to its original look, shape, and feel. 
  4. Maternity Leggings: The maternity leggings contain an underbelly supportive belt and a non-binding waistband, which provides space to accommodate the baby bump. They help support the lower body, including the legs, buttocks, and hips.  Leading Lady Maternity Support Leggings are soft and stretchy and grow with your belly during pregnancy and stay flexible. 
  5. Maternity Panty Hose: Compression pantyhose exerts gradient pressure to help prevent swelling, circulation issues, and varicose veins during pregnancy.  Gabrialla Sheer 20-22mmHg Medium Graduated Compression Maternity Pantyhose is ideal for those who stand for long periods or walk long distances. 

Maternity Support Belt Buying Guide  

1. Material of the Pregnancy Band  

Make sure that the maternity belt is made of strong and durable material to withstand its regular usage and not fall apart. You will get the best results with a maternity support belt made from thick and stretchy fabric so that it continues to provide compression as your body changes. Also, consider the breathability of the pregnancy belt to be worn comfortably for long periods. 

2. Size of the Maternity Belt 

Look for the maternity band that will fit a wide range of sizes because your belly will continue to grow. Follow the size chart and take measurements of your body to get the right fit. Purchase a pregnancy belly band that provides sufficient compression with movement and is comfortable to wear regularly. 

3. Pregnancy Support Type  

Maternity support belts are designed for prenatal or postnatal use, while some are made to work for both. Maternity belts without clasps will provide compression but may not necessarily lift the tummy up and carry some of the weight, whereas those with clasps provide compression and carry some of the weight. For postpartum recovery, a pregnancy band that provides compression is appropriate as it provides support to stand up straight and rebuild your core strength. 

FAQ about Pregnancy Belt 

1. How long should I wear Pregnancy Support Belt? 

It is recommended to wear a pregnancy belt not more than two or three hours at a time. Wearing the belt for too long can weaken the muscles, leading to long-term negative effects. 

2. When should I start wearing a Maternity Support Belt? 

Pregnancy belts can be worn at any time during pregnancy. However, many women start wearing them usually in the second and third trimesters to ease the pressure of growing belly and relieve pain in the back, hips, and pelvis. They can be worn after delivery to support recovery. 

3. Can a Pregnancy Belly Band hurt the baby? 

Pregnancy support belts are designed to be safe to wear during pregnancy and do not harm the baby. However, they cannot be worn for long periods as they may affect blood circulation to the abdomen. 

Where can I buy a Pregnancy Belly Band online? 

When you are expecting a baby, your changing body needs a lot of support. HPFY brings maternity supports like pregnancy support belts, postpartum girdles, prenatal cradles, and maternity leggings to help you manage low back pain and keep you comfortable and safe. We supply high-quality pregnancy belly bands from our leading manufacturers like CORE PRODUCTS, ITS YOU BABE, NORTH COAST MEDICAL, etc., at the best prices with attractive discounts and offers. Shop now and sail through this beautiful phase of life with comfort and ease. 

Read more about Maternity Belt 

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