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The dear weight that you carry during maternity can also be a cause of back aches and pains. To combat this weight you can take a little help from maternity support belts and cradles. They are elastic, adjustable belts that fit under your belly for that extra bit of support that can be of great value mostly during the last few months of pregnancy. At HPFY we have collected for you a number of support belts and cradles that will help you to sail smoothly through those last few months of pregnancy. Try the popular Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Support Belt With Strong Support or the Medline Curad Maternity Belt and many more from quality manufacturers like Core Products , Its You Babe, ITA-Med  etc. at best prices with attractive discounts on all buys.

Benefits of Prenatal Cradles

  • Added Comfort: These cradles do not provide compression but support to the growing belly. They are totally adjustable and easy to put on. They can be carried on easily for long periods.  
  • Effective Pain Relief: These belts make other parts of your body to share the baby weight rather than just the lumbar region. They help in pain reduction in the back, ankle and leg swelling and other maternity conditions.  
  • Safe: these belts are safe both for mother and the baby as they do not exert any type of pressure on the abdomen. These belts are designed in a way the body carries the weight naturally. They do not apply any pressure or inhibit circulation. 
  • Professionally recommended: These cradles are recommended by doctors to those to be moms who feel a lot of back pain and pressure on the lumbar and spine. 
  • Durable: These belts are made from durable materials that may last through the entire pregnancy. If taken good care of these belts may even last for multiple pregnancies.

Uses of Maternity Belt

  • Relieves aches and pains in the lower back, hip, pelvis and sciatica pain in the legs 
  • Reduces stretch marks 
  • Improves posture 
  • Provides gentle compression during prenatal exercises 
  • Special support for pregnant women suffering from hernias 
  • Useful post-partum as well when the stretched, strained muscles and ligaments require time to heal