A Positive Approach Towards MENOPAUSE

A Positive Approach Towards MENOPAUSE

A Positive Approach Towards MENOPAUSEMenopause is one of the most natural and inevitable processes in women's life. Certain physical, mental, social and psychological changes occur during menopause. It does not occur suddenly, but rather is a steady process. The average age of menopause is 51 years (from 47 to 53 years). The transition period is a different experience for each woman. Awareness of this helps them to cope with on-going changes.

Women must remember that transition to menopause can be the time of reflection and inspiration. Many women experience a sense of freedom and they look forward to personal growth.

Accept The Natural Process

Women going through menopause essentially have two choices:

A Positive Approach Towards MENOPAUSE

Convert your negative emotions to positive. Don’t let them overpower you.
Say to yourself “I accept this change and I’m ready to explore the new coming”

You're Still A Woman

In current times, it is very easy to get confined by the feeling that after post-reproductive age, your womanhood is somehow reduced. But the reality is different. Take this as an opportunity to connect with other women around.  You can create new fangled and lasting bonds that are forged through womanhood, by talking with other women about these changes.

Revive Your Purpose

Use menopause as a time to rejuvenate the roles, interests, and purpose. Many women find that this is a right time for reflection about where they have been and where they are headed. It’s time to think about yourself and know that what were the things that you always wanted to do. It could be anything that you have been stopping yourself for reasons. It could be self-priority, ending or altering a negative relationship, getting yourself things that you always wanted, giving yourself a fresh new look.

Stress Reducing Techniques

You may feel stressed during menopause; the fluctuating hormones are probably going to fuel these feelings. Consider natural ways to reduce the stress, rather than reaching for a pill.

Ways can be

  • Joining meditation, yoga and gym classes
  • Handling the same workload you have in a different way.
  • If hot flashes are bothering you, try effective ways of deep breathing exercises, it can help a lot.

Ensure Good Physical Health 

Regular physical activity, during and after menopause, seems to improve quality of life. A healthy body will support through this transition. Take balanced diet and exercise to strengthen you for this change in your life. Food is one of the great ways to improve your mood. Turn to nourishment such as fruits and vegetables, beans and pulses, fish, unprocessed and sugar-free foods, etc. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. The hormonal changes affect how the cells in body maintain moisture.

The changes that come with this new season of life can be difficult to accept, but it is also an opportunity to embrace the next chapter of life.  Self acceptance and self reflection can greatly help while going through menopause.


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