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Innerspring Mattresses

A Good Night's Sleep with Innerspring Mattresses

Taikhum Sadiq Oct 31, 2017

Innerspring mattresses are the most prominent and popular form of mattresses with a common inner spring core supporting the upper and lower upholstery layers.

Intermittent Catheters

Types of Intermittent Catheters: How To Choose The Right One?

Taikhum Sadiq Oct 31, 2017

Intermittent catheters are straight tubes of flexible plastic or rubber that are used to drain the body of urine when the person is not able to do so naturally. One end is rounded while the other is funnel shaped.

Foley Catheters

Foley Catheters: Everything You Need to Know

Taikhum Sadiq Oct 30, 2017

Also known as an indwelling catheter, Foley catheter is a urinary device for long-term catheterization and secures the tube in place through an inflated balloon.

Post Mastectomy Bras

ABC Mastectomy Bras – Regain Self-Image and Confidence

Swati Chadha Oct 30, 2017

The negative impact on a woman’s self-image post mastectomy can be corrected using appropriate mastectomy bras which are comforting and help restore the balance and symmetry of the body.

Commode Chairs

Management of Immobile Patients and Their Toileting Needs

Kevin Cleary Oct 26, 2017

Believe it or not, the waste our bodies produce can actually be hazardous to us, so it is imperative to be able to use the toilet in a safe and proper manner. However, sometimes there are circumstances that can make going to the bathroom a challenging endeavor. Old age, injury or disease can negatively impact our ability to expel waste in a safe manner and our bathrooms can be our biggest enemies. Using a commode chair that suits your needs can make this crucial activity simpler, easier and safer.

Wheelchair Cushions

The 5 Best Wheelchair Cushions for Pressure Relief

HPFY Staff Writer Oct 25, 2017

Ideal wheelchair cushions should prevent pressure sores or skin tears and also help in pressure management, positioning and enhanced sitting balance.

Enteral Feeding Tubes

Top Five Feeding Tubes of 2023

HPFY Staff Writer Oct 25, 2017

Tube feeding also known as enteral nutrition is a temporary or permanent method of feeding liquid nutrients through a flexible tube for patients who cannot eat on their own.

Medical Gloves

Choosing The Right Exam Glove: 8 Best Protective Gloves For 2023

Taikhum Sadiq Oct 23, 2017

Exam gloves, used on a daily basis by both healthcare and non-healthcare professionals to maintain sanitation and hygiene, have varying features.

Oxygen Concentrators

Top 5 Best Portable Oxygen Concentrators of 2023

HPFY Staff Writer Oct 23, 2017

Portable oxygen concentrators are lightweight options to oxygen tanks and among the best oxygen suppliers for people who need to stay active and mobile.


Choosing the Best Rollator Walker for Your Needs

Swati Chadha Oct 23, 2017

Mobility aids that help regain independence are a boon to those with mobility concerns. Check out top seven features to to look for when buying a rollator.