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Mastectomy Breast Forms: Restore Your Natural Self and Feel

Mastectomy Breast Forms: Restore Your Natural Self and Feel
Swati Chadha

Post mastectomy, women are faced with an altered self-image which has a direct impact on their physical and mental health. This can make something as routine as wearing clothes an unattractive task. Following a partial mastectomy, women are left with an asymmetrical body which can cause spinal curvatures, muscular pain and postural problems. It is here that wearing breast forms or prostheses can help.

A breast form simulates a natural breast and can be placed inside a pocketed bra or attached to the chest wall with adhesive strips. It resembles a natural breast closely in terms of weight, appearance and texture. Therefore, a breast form helps:

  • Restore balance and symmetry of the chest and back, thereby maintaining spine alignment and avoiding any shoulder drop, back, neck and postural problems


  • Restore feminine body silhouette


  • Protect the chest and surgical scars


  • Keep the bra from shifting or riding up


There are different types of breast forms which include:

  • Silicone forms, worn externally


  • Non-silicone forms, made of foam or fiberfill, designed to be worn immediately after mastectomy, during workouts and in hot weather conditions


  • Attachable breast forms which are fastened to the chest with adhesive strips


  • Soft camisoles with breast forms to be worn immediately after surgery during the healing period


Breast forms are available in different shapes, sizes and patterns.

So, regain your hampered self-image by choosing the most appropriate breast form. Enlisted below are top five breast forms with features which make them stand out:

1. Trulife 616 Tri-Featherweight Breast Form

Made of soft foam and removable cotton-backed cover, Trulife 616 Tri-Featherweight breast form is in the shape of a symmetrical triangle and fits both sides well. Its primary use is to restore the body balance by replacing the tissue loss in the breast area. Weight asymmetry can cause spinal curvatures and shoulder drooping. This breast form can be used immediately after mastectomy while the healing process is on. Women can wear it during leisure activities such as sleep, exercise, etc. It can be placed securely in pocketed bras and post-surgical camisoles. Being an average profile breast form, it provides minimum coverage and can be worn in outfits with lower necklines.

Trulife 616 Tri-Featherweight Breast Form
Softee Poly Fil Breast Forms with Velcro

2. Softee Poly Fil Breast Forms with Velcro

Softee Poly Fil breast form is extremely lightweight, hypoallergenic and adjustable to size proportion. The clientele involves women who suffer back pain and discomfort when they wear heavy prostheses. This breast form is washable and easy to maintain. Women can buy them with or without Velcro. Available in black, white and beige colors, it is certainly a seamless fit.

3. Classique 045 Triangle Post Mastectomy Leisure Breast Form

Lightweight and made of polyurethane foam encased in a seamless fabric, the Classique 045 triangle post mastectomy leisure breast form is in the shape of a symmetrical triangle. Polyurethane gives the form a soft feel. It immediately attains the body temperature making it best for lounging, exercising and for short duration usage. The concave back of this breast form accommodates excess tissue. Available in an attractive beige color, this breast form can be hand washed and is thus easy to maintain.

Classique 045 Triangle Post Mastectomy Leisure Breast Form
Nearly Me 420 Casual Non-Weighted Foam Triangle Breast Form

4. Nearly Me 420 Casual Non-Weighted Foam Triangle Breast Form

The Nearly Me 420 casual non-weighted foam triangle breast form is made of soft polyurethane foam encased in a polyester fabric. Lightweight, durable and puncture-proof. Available in a symmetrical triangle, this breast form from Nearly Me can be worn on both the left and right sides. It provides the best fit with the smallest curve pointing upwards and thus, cannot be rotated in different directions. It is meant to be used during the first 6-8 weeks post mastectomy when sleeping, swimming, exercising and relaxing. It has a shallower profile and is meant for use in cases where some bit of natural tissue has been retained post-surgery. Available in a lovely shade of beige, this foam breast form can be hand washed and therefore, is easy to maintain.

5. Trulife 611 Tri-Leisure Triangle Breast Form

This soft Trulife 611 Tri-Leisure triangle breast form is in the shape of a symmetrical triangle and can fit equally well on both the left and right sides. The inner weighted core ensures minimal weight. It has a removable cotton-backed cover topped by a fabric tab which helps attach the breast form directly to the clothing. Besides, it can securely be placed in a pocketed bra and post-surgical camisoles.

Trulife 611 Tri-Leisure Triangle Breast Form

Thus, for women who do not want to go in for breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, it is advisable to opt for a breast form which best matches their needs. It is the best way out to regain one’s feminine silhouette post mastectomy. So, browse an online mastectomy store or specialty shop to choose the correct breast form. Check breast form sizing charts for the best fit.


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