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ABC Mastectomy Bras – Regain Self-Image and Confidence

ABC Mastectomy Bras – Regain Self-Image and Confidence
Swati Chadha

Undergoing partial or full mastectomy can be a distressing experience as it hits a woman’s self-image and confidence. The altered body image can have a negative impact on a woman’s physical and mental health. Besides, post breast surgery, during the healing process women need functional, comfortable garments and breast forms that can restore symmetry. It is here that mastectomy bras have an important role to play. They are special bras with pockets to hold the breast prosthesis. Besides being comfortable, they help restore the body’s balance and symmetry, having a positive impact on the woman’s altered self-image.

A wide variety of mastectomy bras are available. These include everyday bras, post-surgery bras, sports bras, underwired bras and swimwear. They are made from different fabrics such as cotton, rayon and silk and are extremely soft and comfortable. Mastectomy bras have beautiful designs and appear as trendy and stylish as regular bras.

Let us look at some of the best-selling mastectomy bras at Health Products for You and their key features.

ABC Leisure Mastectomy Bra Style 110

1. ABC Leisure Mastectomy Bra Style 110

Made of soft, stretchable cotton fabric, the ABC Leisure Mastectomy Bra Style 110 is comfortable and gentle on the skin and has an average profile. Intended for casual use, it is ideal for use post-surgery and during recovery. The hook and eye closures are positioned in the front for ease of use. Cotton and spandex pockets hold the breast forms in place.

2. ABC Rose Contour Mastectomy Bra Style 103

The beautifully knitted fabric of ABC Rose Contour Mastectomy Bra Style 103 is a mix of nylon and spandex making it extremely soft and comfortable for the user. The fabric features the ABC signature rose which renders a feminine flair to the bra. The pockets, made out of cotton and spandex, hold the breast forms securely in place. The straps are wider for extra support, elastic and adjustable to provide the best fit. The cups, made of polyester, offerperfect lift and separation.

ABC Rose Contour Mastectomy Bra Style 103
ABC Front Close Rose Contour Mastectomy Bra Style 123

3. ABC Front Close Rose Contour Mastectomy Bra Style 123

The ABC Front Close Rose Contour Mastectomy Bra Style 123 is styled after ABC Rose 103. The two are very similar in their features.Style 123 has front close and back adjustment which makes it easy to wear and remove. Its wireless fiber-filled soft cups are pocketed to hold the breast forms in place. The wider stretchable straps enable that extra bit of support and comfort. It is available in attractive beige, cocoa, black and white colors.

4. ABC Lace Front Mastectomy Bra Style 101

The ABC Lace Front Mastectomy Bra Style 101 bra has a beautiful stretchable lace along the entire neckline and straps, making it a pretty piece of lingerie. It is made of a microfiber base fabric which is very soft, breathable and cooling on the skin. The cups are soft and fiber filled to give the necessary shaping. The elasticity of the lace along the neckline and straps provides the bra a secure fit. It is available in attractive beige, black, pink and white colors.

ABC Front Close Rose Contour Mastectomy Bra Style 123
ABC Front Close Rose Contour Mastectomy Bra Style 123

5. ABC Basic M-Frame Mastectomy Bra Style 118

The M-frame styling of ABC Basic M-Frame Mastectomy Bra Style 118 gives the bra a tailored and neat appearance. It is specially designed for slightly fuller figures. The fiber-filled cups enhance the breast shape. The side and back panels are made of a power net fabric for extra support, breathability and flexibility. The straps are rigid to manage that extra bit of support. It is available in beige, black and white colors.

That is the beauty of mastectomy bras.Fitting into a correct ABC Massage Form mastectomy bra can convert the entire anxiety around undergoing a partial or full mastectomy into a gratifying experience. It will not only support and comfort women after the surgery and during the healing process, but will also restore their feminine feel. Expert fitting assistance and advice can help choose the right breast forms and mastectomy bras.

These bras require due care and maintenance. They should be washed in warm water with a mild soap or specialized garment washing solution. They should be hung till dry. Fabric softeners should not be used. Regular care and maintenance will prolong the life of these garments and offer an overall natural look and feel.

Where to buy ABC Mastectomy Bras?

Health Products For You carries mastectomy bras in a wide variety of styles and colors at affordable prices. Please browse through our wide collection and choose the design that best suits your requirements. Shop now and get exclusive discounts on every purchase you make.


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