Hip Replacement and Injury

Hip Replacement is a surgical procedure to replace the nonfunctional hip with a prosthesis. Hip replacement surgery in usually done to reduce pain and increase function. Hip replacement surgeries take place mostly due to birth defects, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, injury, fracture or tumors in the bones of the hip joint. The topmost part of the thigh bone and the hip joint is replaced. This procedure takes up to six weeks for recovery. The health condition of the patient plays an important part in the recovery. Gradually the hip function is regained with a good post-operative care and physical therapy.

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Precautions that need to be taken during recovery period

  • Avoid falls or injuries that might dislocate the hip
  • Avoid bending at 90 degree angle at the hip
  • Use a pillow between both the legs while sleeping 
  • Avoid inward rotation of the operated leg.
  • A stick or reacher may help you to pick up or grab things in your surroundings.

As you regain hip function a slight pain can occur. Pain killers can help you in combating the same. Wound site must be kept clean and dry. Any signs of infections like redness, swelling, pain or fever must be notified immediately to the doctor. You may also experience swelling in your leg due to inactivity. If swelling aggravates notify your doctor. Physical therapy is the most important element in hip recovery. Controlled exercises are used to improve muscle tone. Exercises must be undertaken in the presence of a certified professional. Do not strain the hip joint and stop wherever you feel pain. Easy exercises like abduction, thigh tightening and pump exercise may help in building the muscle tone. Early walking should be supported with a crutch, cane or walker. Do not resist walking. Various lifestyle changes can help you recover faster and better. At HPFY we bring to you an assortment of quality products to ease everyday activities post hip replacement surgery. Try popular products like the Achieva Sock Assist Sock Aid, BodyMed Dressing Stick, Drive Premium Plastic Elevated Regular or Elongated Toilet Seat With Lock or the Mabis DMI Deluxe Reach Extender Hip Kit and many more. These products are available at best prices along with attractive discounts on HPFY!