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What is Cold Therapy?

Cold therapy also commonly referred to as cryotherapy is the process of applying a cold pack over the area of pain and inflammation. Cold therapy has been used for ages to treat swelling and pain. Cold therapy packs come in a wide variety of shapes sizes and styles to accomplish different purposes. It is a handy option to provide first aid in case of injuries. When cold therapy is applied to the injured areas it shrinks the blood vessels and therefore keeps the blood or fluid from pooling in the area of injury. 

HPFY offers an extensive range of ice packs designed for specific body parts, such as ice packs for hands, ice packs for back, shoulder ice packs, neck ice packs, knee ice packs, ankle ice packs, and a lot more. Please scroll through our catalog and buy a cold pack best suited for your needs at an affordable price.

How do Cold Packs Work?

Cold packs are generally filled with a gel like substance that cools down at a fast rate and remains cool for a long period of time. These packs are reusable a number of times and they are not messy. In order to prevent frost bites or chapped skin it is best to place a towel between cold pack and the skin to reap the maximum results. 

Uses of Gel Ice Packs

Cold therapy can be used in the case of:

Benefits of Ice Therapy Machine

No matter which method of cryotherapy you try, the icy temperature can provide a multitude of health benefits. You can start reaping the benefits after just a few minutes of cold exposure. Here are some of the potential benefits of cold therapy machine: 

When not to use Compression Cold Therapy?

Cold therapy is not always a good idea. For some individuals and certain health conditions, it can potentially do more harm than good. Cold therapy is not suitable for the following: 

Ice Pack for Injury Safety Tips

How to choose the Best Ice Pack?

3 Top Reviewed Cold Packs at HPFY 

  1. Southwest Elasto-Gel All Purpose Therapy Wraps 
  2. Breg TMJ Polar Pad 
  3. Battle Creek Ice It MaxComfort Cold Therapy Knee System 

Where to buy Ice Packs online?

If you are feeling sore, achy, or in pain, cryotherapy can help ease symptoms. Exposure to cold causes constriction of blood vessels, reducing blood flow to injured areas, which helps reduce swelling and inflammation. Health Products For You brings a wide range of reusable ice packs and disposable ice packs from leading manufacturers like Breg, Enovis, Vive Health, Power Play, etc., at exciting prices and offers. 

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Hot/Cold Therapy Systems

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Hot and Cold packs are the dual faced carriers of this therapy. They are made of materials that can be used as mediums for both heat and cold. They are combined with a comfortable garment that fits around perfectly on

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A cold pack or an ice gel pack is a portable plastic bag filled with water, or refrigerant gel or liquid. When one wants to use it the contents in it are frozen and applied to the affected part.


Frequently asked questions

Cold Therapy or Cryotherapy is the process of using cold temperatures for the health benefits they provide. This therapy is used in different ways in order to decrease pain and muscle spasms, improve recovery, slow cell aging and to improve the overall health of the individual.

Cold therapy is helpful in reducing inflammation, swelling, and pain. Cold therapy works after a sudden injury because it narrows the blood vessels, preventing blood from accumulating in the area.

Yes, a cold pack is vey effective in relieving headaches as it reduces the inflammation in the nerves thereby reducing the pain.

HPFY offers Therapy wraps for the shoulder, knee, ankle, back, the Sealed Ice Polar wraps for the foot/ankle, wrist/elbow, shoulder/hip, thigh, back and temporomandibular joint.

Cold packs numbs the affected area, which can reduce pain, tenderness, along with swelling and inflammation.