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Ayush Henry, has been a Health Products For You contributor since 2016. He holds an MBA in hospitality and a MA in English. A professional HR soft skills trainer and copywriter, he is passionate about health and fitness and is an avid exercise enthusiast.

He keeps his creative pursuits alive through photography and painting and enjoys road trips on his cruiser motorcycle.


Preventing Fall Injuries

Ayush Henry Nov 17, 2016

Fall injuries are a major health issue especially for senior citizens and small children. Certain medical conditions, age and gender can affect the type and severity of fall injuries. The probability is high that some people may suffer from minor or major injuries as they find it difficult to maintain balance.

Aids For Effortless Writing

Ayush Henry Nov 18, 2016

Some people face difficulty in writing. This can be because of limited dexterity, arthritis or many other medical reasons. There are different ways to fix the affected hand grip.

Book Holders: Ease the Reading

Ayush Henry Nov 18, 2016

The book holders can range from adjustable to folding, along with floor stand to complete kit.

Guide – Hip Kits and Accessories

Ayush Henry Nov 20, 2016

For hip replacement, an artificially created part is replaced with the damaged one.

Frozen Shoulder- All You Need To Know

Ayush Henry Nov 22, 2016

Adhesive capsulitis is also commonly known as Frozen Shoulder.The tissues responsible for the motion of the shoulder get thicker and tighter, resulting in the development of scar tissue.

Not Too Hot Too Cold Just The Right, All Night

Ayush Henry Nov 22, 2016

Outlast technology is not wicking technology, which manages moisture by reacting to your sweat and pulling it away from the skin.

Plantar Fasciitis: Risks and Diagnosis

Ayush Henry Nov 22, 2016

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common inflammations causing heel pain. A thin, web-like ligament, called as plantar fascia, connects the front of foot to the heel to support arch of the foot and assist in walk.

Respironics Simply Go POC - Simply Goes with You…Anytime…Anywhere

Ayush Henry Nov 23, 2016

SimplyGo is the only POC to offer both continuous flow and pulse-dose delivery in a single device weighing only 10 pounds.

Say Goodbye to Foot Pain

Ayush Henry Nov 23, 2016

Foot ache is common among athletes and people with long standing shifts. The pain can occur in the form of soreness on any side of feet, after all they carry the entire body’s weight.

Symptoms & Causes of Breast Cancer

Ayush Henry Nov 23, 2016

Breast cancer begins when cells present in the breast begins to grow exponentially. These out of control cells can usually be felt as a lump (tumor) that can be confirmed by an x-ray report.

Device Holders For Limited Finger Dexterity

Ayush Henry Dec 03, 2016

For some people performing a simple task like holding a spoon, writing with a pen and doing anything that involves the use of fingers can be a big and sometimes painful task.

Natural Skin Care in Winter

Ayush Henry Dec 03, 2016

As the winter approaches the skin starts getting dry and sometimes flaky.During this time it is always better to go natural on skin.