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Guide – Hip Kits and Accessories

Guide – Hip Kits and Accessories
Ayush Henry

Hip Surgery

Hip surgery or Hip Replacement Surgery is a common means to treat hip arthritis or any other type of arthritis. In the United States, more than 250,000 surgeries for hip replacement are performed every year. As a matter of fact, arthritis can cause severe damage to the joints and make a person unable to conduct day-to-day activities like bending, stretching, and even walking. The constant increase in the popularity of hip surgery can either mean that the patients have either stopped responding to the traditional treatment method or the problem has reached the level where the traditional method is not adequate.

In such a hip replacement surgery, an artificially created part is replaced with the damaged one. Generally, this includes replacing the hip socket, femoral head, and femur with a plastic cup, a metal ball, and a metal stem, respectively.

How do Hip Kits Help?

As the name suggests, a Hip kit is a kit of several products that are exclusively manufactured to improve the quality of life of those who have undergone anterior hip replacement surgery. It helps in the restoration process of muscle strength after surgery. Subsequently, a hip kit ensures independence and prevents any injuries to the tender joint muscles. It offers utmost convenience to the patient in doing daily chores, making it easier to live with limited mobility, such as bathing, dressing, and reaching for high items.

Premium 5-Piece Hip and Knee Replacement Kit

HPFY 5-Piece Hip and Knee Replacement Kit


Sock Aid

Arthritis can make simple tasks like pulling up a sock seem like climbing up a mountain. Many people who have gone under hip surgery or have arthritis either stop wearing socks and stockings or go through extreme trouble and pain to put them on. In such a case using a sock aid can be helpful. An aid like this is specifically designed to make wearing socks possible without bending over.

Sock Horse Sock Aid

Sock Horse Sock Aid



A medical reacher is another aid fashioned to provide those who have gone under hip surgery or live with limited mobility. This aid allows a person to reach or pick objects without extending or bending their body, which helps them prevent any potential injuries. Additionally, it comes in various lengths, types, and styles to choose from as per your need. The easy-to-operate tool is convenient and is rapidly becoming popular among the masses.

Lightweight Aluminum Reacher

Lightweight Aluminum Reacher


Dressing Stick

A lightweight dressing stick is a durable thin rod with hooks at each end to assist in getting dressed without bending. The smaller hook is generally used for zippers, while the other hook is to aid in wearing pants and picking up clothes from the floor. A wooden dressing stick is anywhere around 20" to 27.5" long, making it the perfect dressing assistance tool.

Economy Dressing Stick

Economy Dressing Stick


Shoe Horn

Just like putting on clothes and socks and reaching or grabbing anything becomes troublesome after a hip prosthesis, putting on shoes seems like adding insult to your injury. To make it easier and painless, hip kits consist of a shoehorn. Long shoe horns are beneficial in putting on long shoes or heavy boots without bending.

Blue Plastic Shoehorn

Blue Plastic Shoehorn


Bath Sponge

Bathing with a bath sponge can help you feel independent and comfortable since you do not need your caregiver's help to cleanse yourself properly. The soft sponge does not harm your skin, while the long handle helps you reach the hard-to-reach body parts effortlessly.

Complete Medical I Got Your Back Long Handle Figure 8 Sponge

Complete Medical Long Handle Figure 8 Sponge


New and advanced Hip Kits are constantly improving the lives of very many people. There is a wide variety of accessories that could assist in the post-hip replacement phase available at You can also explore our high-quality Hip Kits manufactured by HPFY.


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