Aids For Effortless Writing

Some people face difficulty in writing. This can be because of limited dexterity, arthritis or many other medical reasons. There are different ways to fix the affected hand grip. The ergonomically designed writing aids can make writing easier and effortless. These writing aids are user-friendly and have various easy to use features.

Kinsman EZ Grip ResQ gel pen

Aids For Effortless Writing

Kinsman EZ Grip ResQ Gel Pen is a patented pen which immediately neutralizes hand difficulties. This pen can solve the problem for the people who are suffering from Arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, cramping and broken bones. It easily fits between fingers comfortably without triggering spasms for patients with focal dystonia. All normal writing pressures are lessened or disconnected and do not travel through the wrist and up the arm as usual. The EZ grip pen is designed in a way that does not require pressure to hold or use it. The lightweight pen is only 1 ounce and a bare minimum touch of any finger of the user does the work.

Dr. Grip Retractable Pen

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Dr. Grip Retractable Pen is designed to reduce muscle strain and writing stress. The ultra-comfortable, soft, contoured rubber grip is easy to grasp. It has a special design that reduces the power needed to grip a pen or pencil by up to 40 percent. Also has a medium point and use standard pilot refills.

Grip Assessment Kit

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Grip Assessment Kit provides six different grips to properly assess the correct grip. Each grip works for both right and left handed users by gently placing the hand of its user in the proper position for gripping. Natural feel and soft comfortable material makes it easy and fun to write with.

Norco Lite-Touch Pen

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Norco Lite-Touch Pen is an ergonomic, easy-to-hold pen that is built up to provide a comfortable hold. It has a slight indentation in the thumb area that aids in gripping and requires little to no pressure. This lightweight plastic pen comes with a clip top, cap and has black ink.

Easy Glide Writer

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Easy Glide Writer slides easily along a writing surface using upper arm strength. A slight downward pressure is needed to write. It is made of PVC foam and fits any size pen or pencil.

Slip On Typing or Keyboard Aid

 Aids For Effortless Writing









Even if typing on computer is affected then prefer Slip On Typing or Keyboard Aid that slips on and off hand easily, tightens with a VELCRO® brand strap. It has rubber tip for touching the keys. The molded plastic adjusts with heat gun. It is easy to clean and is completely latex free.

There are many other writing aids available at along with other daily living aids.


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