Using the Pari Vios LC Plus Adult Aerosol Nebulizer Compressor to Breathe Better

Using the Pari Vios LC Plus Adult Aerosol Nebulizer Compressor to Breathe Better

Deliver consistent particle size and faster treatments for COPD and other respiratory illnesses with the Pari Vios LC Plus Adult nebulizer compressor efficiently by understanding how it works.

Respiratory ailments such as COPD or asthma often require the administration of liquefied medication in an aerosol manner. The most efficient way to do this is with a nebulizer and not all nebulizers are equal. Many nebulizers utilize an open type of mouthpiece that can waste medication and minimize the efficacy of each treatment. If only there was a way to eliminate this waste and maximize treatment. Fortunately, the Pari Vios LC Plus Adult Aerosol Nebulizer Compressor resolves this dilemma and can lead to faster, more efficient treatment.

Getting Started with Pari Vios Nebulizer

To reap the benefits of nebulizer therapy, understanding how they work and which parts do what can be beneficial to the user. A nebulizer uses a compressor to convert liquid medication to a fine mist which is then inhaled into the lungs freeing up constricted airways. It’s when this medicated mist is inhaled that relief is achieved and this is where the LC Plus Nebulizer Cup sets itself apart from the rest of the competition. While achieving optimal particle size, it does not allow for the medicated mist to be wasted therefore delivering a constant mist of medication that can minimize therapy time to 5-6 minutes. Not only will this increase patient compliance, but improve quality of life overall. This nebulizer cup is reusable and can be cleaned and disinfected, but is recommended to be replaced every six months. To remind you it is time to change your nebulizer cup, Pari includes a time strip for a simple visual reminder to change your cup. Follow these steps to activate the time strip:

  • Squeeze bubble on top to activate
  • Within two minutes a red line will appear (if not press bubble again)
  • Once redline appears, remove adhesive tape and affix to front of compressor
  • Do not apply time strip to nebulizer cup
  • After six months, the word now will appear in oval signaling time for nebulizer cup change

Simply connect the LC Plus nebulizer cup to the compressor with wingtip tubing and your therapy session is ready to go.

Cleaning Your LC Plus Nebulizer Cup

In order to ensure your nebulizer treatment is as efficient as possible, making sure everything is clean and operational is paramount. The most important part of this is the nebulizer cup itself. This is the part that contains the crucial medication delivered to the lungs, so it is critical to treatment efficacy that it is properly cleaned and disinfected. There are four methods to achieve this:

  • A warm soap and water cleaning
  • Dishwasher
  • Boiling water
  • An autoclave

Know the Parts of Your Pari Vios Nebulizer Compressor


Pari Vios LC Plus Adult Aerosal Nebulizer to Breathe Better

Understanding how to assemble and disassemble your nebulizer and compressor can expedite relief, as well as minimizing therapy time. The heart of every nebulizer system is the compressor. Pari has intentionally colored its compressor green to show the company’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint on our environment and essentially helping those with respiratory ailments. Your nebulizer cup is connected to the compressor via tubing with wingtip connectors and should always be checked for a snug, airtight fit. The nebulizer cup assembly comprises of 4 parts that include inspiratory valve cup, a nebulizer insert, mouthpiece with an expiratory valve, and the nebulizer cup itself. Once all parts have been properly assembled you are ready to begin your respiratory therapy session. The nebulizer cup should be filled to the exact amount that your doctor has prescribed for you and should not be deviated from without permission or knowledge of your doctor. With the power switch in the off position, simply plug your compressor into an AC outlet and place on a flat stable surface that is non-cushioned and un-upholstered. Simply sit in an upright position with the mouthpiece firmly in your mouth and switch on the compressor and breathe slowly. Easy peasy!! Once treatment has completed, simply switch power button to the off position and you’re done.

Specification Table

Respiratory therapy can make a huge difference for those with COPD, cystic fibrosis, and other respiratory illnesses and huge part of that can be an aerosol nebulizer to deliver crucial medication. Choosing one that makes treatment easier and faster can improve patient compliance and quality-of-life and the Pari Vios LC Plus Adult Aerosol Nebulizer Compressor sets itself apart from the competition making any respiratory therapy quick and easy. Breathe better and faster using this environmentally friendly respiratory aid.


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