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Top 10 Best Natural Remedies for Anxiety You Should Try Today

Taikhum Sadiq

Anxiety is when you have a strong feeling of nervousness, panic, and stress before or after an important incident

You may not exactly know what anxiety is or why you have it, but you surely know how it feels. Sadly, the feeling is not a nice one. Almost every person has anxiety of some kind. A lot many people find it difficult to deal with their dog's death or separation and feel depressed and lonesome for days. It is dog separation anxiety.

While feeling anxious and stressed once in a blue moon is understandable; however, some people live in a state of constant anxiety. It is known as Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). In today's fast-paced world, having anxiety is as normal as having two limbs. But there are no medicines or therapies that will magically cure your anxiety.

To minimize the anxiety symptoms and have lesser anxiety attacks, you can always go for natural remedies. These are natural ways to keep your mind and soul calm and at peace during stressful situations.

Top 10 Best Natural Remedies for Anxiety

1 Physical Activity

Your body requires movement. Without physical activity, it starts deteriorating internally. It needs to take out all the negativity from within and sweat it out. Start with mild exercising and then go for extensive workouts.

Getting out of your sweats and walking in the garden or jogging in the streets will boost endorphins secretion in the body. Endorphins are feel-good hormones that will lift your mood and keep you happy

2 Herbs

Natural herbs are known to have calming effects on the human mind. You can try several herbal teas, for instance, chamomile or lemongrass tea, to relax. Herbs also have plenty of health benefits; hence adding them to your life is a beneficial health habit.

3 Breathing techniques

Anxiety renders perturbed and erratic breathing patterns. In those stressful times, your breathing gets affected the most. Therefore, it is important to monitor your breathing. One such breathing technique is Diaphragmatic Breathing, commonly known as stomach breathing. It is effective in the restoration of normal breathing patterns and overcoming extreme anxiety.

4 Limiting Alcohol Intake

Most adults find it easier to relax after engulfing a glass or two of alcohol. It does not mean alcohol is making them relaxed; on the contrary, alcohol worsens their anxiety further. Such people develop a cycle that triggers dependency on alcohol. They feel anxious without alcohol and thus spend most of their life feeling stressed for no reason.

Limiting or quitting alcohol can help you reduce your chances of having frequent anxiety attacks.

5 Refraining from smoking

Smoking, just like alcohol, makes a person delusional, not relaxed. One feels better after smoking because it tricks your mind into believing that cigarettes helped them calm. Cigarette smoking does not only make your anxiety worse but also deteriorates the health of your internal organs. Refraining from it can help you get a hold of your mental health.

6 Aromatherapy

After a tiring day, when you get into your car or step into your room, you don't want it to smell foul and stagnant. Use essential oils in diffusers or rub them on your body; it helps in relaxation. Many massage parlors and spas use essential oils. On the days when you don't feel good enough, put some drops of essential oils in your hot bubble bath and relax.

7 Healthy Food

Many people are addicted to mindless eating habits and thus find themselves in an anxious state of mind ever so often. It is crucial to keep track of what goes inside your stomach. When your body lacks adequate nutritional elements, you start feeling irritated. Therefore, it becomes crucial to choose the right kind of food that keeps your mind and body calm and composed.

8 Sleep

In our fast-paced mundane lifestyle, sleep has become a luxury. Not many can sleep peacefully and thus wake up anxious and stressed. An improper or poor sleeping schedule leads to negativity and overthinking, which in turn aggravates your anxiety. Therefore, having 7 hours of sound sleep is a must for a healthy mind and body. If you find it troublesome to sleep, try doing a bed-time routine. It helps you get in alignment with yourself.

9 CBD Oil

CBD oil or cannabidiol oil is a hemp-derived product. A quality CBD oil relieves pain and anxiety caused by prolonged insomnia or any other mental ailment. If you experience severe headaches resulting from constant anxiety or stress, CBD oil can help you eliminate them.

10 Grounding exercises

Anxiety causes turbulence in your mind and adversely affects your relationship with your body. You may also experience dysphoria, which can lead to disconnection from your surroundings. In such a situation, grounding yourself can help. Grounding exercises like walking barefoot in the garden for a while, putting your hands in room temperature water, focusing on water movement, touching or feeling things around you, or counting your breath are proven to deal with anxiety effectively.

When should you see a doctor?

These natural remedies have proven to work for many people across the globe. However, if you don't see any changes in yourself even after doing all the things mentioned above, you should visit a doctor. These remedies alone may not work to the full extent; thus, it is always recommended to have expert advice and take proper medications while trying these natural remedies.


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