Top Patient Care Options

Top Patient Care Options

Caring for patients can be stressful, so being equipped with the proper tools can make this job not only easier but far more effective. Protecting not only the patient but the healthcare provider should be the primary goal in each instance. Without the right medical aids, this job can be difficult if not dangerous to all involved. So how do we go into this and ensure the safety of everyone involved? We here at HPFY can point to medical aids that make this job safer and more efficient for everyone involved.

Best Selling Patient Care Products

No matter the job at hand, if you are not properly equipped it is increasingly difficult to do the job properly and efficiently. Nevermore so than in the healthcare industry. As we have seen recently with the Covid-19 pandemic, our frontline healthcare workers need the proper protective equipment in order to properly and safely care for those who need medical attention. While healthcare professionals may have the training to identify the medical aids they need, some of us may not know which patient care medical aids are the best. Some top patient care options available include:

1. Masks

Patient and caregiver safety can be enhanced with the use of masks. Wearing a Generic 3-Ply Protective Pleated Facemask with Earloops can offer protection from airborne particulates due to three layers of polypropylene that can block 95% of air particles. For outdoor protection, try the KN95 Filtering Face Mask for protection from PM2.5 smog, flu, bacteria, and other airborne particulates. With bacteria and particulate filtering of 95%, it is great for cold weather and wind. Another option for full-face protection is the Seal Tight Face Shield. Offering maximum visibility, this disposable face shield can be worn with or without glasses and has comfortable padding and full-length protection from splashing or spraying.


2. Noncontact Infrared Thermometers

The presence of a fever can be an important indication of illness or infection. Using the Infrared Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer and its professional sensor and microcontroller unit with LCD display is perfect for all ages and instant, accurate readings. These thermometers are great for avoiding cross-contamination and the Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer gives hygienic safe measurements without skin contact. Measuring temperatures from distance allows the caregiver to identify a potential fever from distance and remain contact free from the patient. The Briutcare Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer has a lightweight design and allows the user to automatically save 32 temperature readings and is FDA, CE, and ISO approved to ensure the highest quality.


3. Isopropyl Alcohol and Wipes

When fighting bacteria or viruses, keeping things clean and sanitized is our first line of defense. Items such as Isopropyl Alcohol can keep us safe from germs, molds, and fungus. It can be used as a bactericidal for clean rooms and bathrooms. To further control bacteria and viruses, the use of the Safe N Simple Alcohol Wipes is great for daily use for cleaning and deodorizing while being gentle on your hands. Any cleanser with alcohol should be 70%-75% alcohol and, in combination with water, is crucial in inhibiting or destroying pathogenic microorganism growth.

4. Hand Sanitizer

Clean hands mean less transfer of bacteria or viruses, and the best way to do that is through washing our hands regularly. Antibacterial soap is good, but the use of hand sanitizers is better. With so much on the market, what are great options? One great patient care option is Germ War Hand Sanitizer, which contains 62% ethanol. It fights bacteria/viruses and cleans and sanitizes your hands to help control infectious diseases by killing 99.99% of germs with just a single pump. Another extremely convenient option is the HR Hand Sanitizer. Now you can keep yourself and your patients safe from contagious pathogens, such as Covid-19.

5. Oral Thermometer

The presence of a fever can be the first indication that there is something nefarious going on. It usually indicates that our body is fighting off some type of infection from a foreign pathogen. The use of a Digital Oral Thermometer can identify the presence of elevated body temperature (a fever) and its severity. Pathogens such as the flu or Covid-19 usually introduce themselves first with a fever. The LED screen makes it simple to read and can give you an accurate reading in 60 seconds. They can be used orally, rectally, and even in the armpit area.


The old adage is “the right tool for the right job” and never have wiser words been spoken than when it comes to patient care. The safety of the patient and the caregiver is priority number one. Finding the right way to care for patients in a safe and effective manner means having the best patient care options available. Choose the right tool and stay safe!!


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