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Face masks are designed to protect medical professionals, nurses and nursing assistants from germs and infections. Face masks differ in design due to the different applications they are intended for. It is important to choose the right type of mask for a specific application otherwise they may not provide the required amount of protection. Various types of masks include face masks, earloop masks, procedure masks, multi-purpose masks and much more. Buy quality face masks from top manufacturers like Dynarex, Medline, 3M and many more at best prices on HPFY!

Coronavirus PPE In Stock


These masks are designed to protect medical workers from the risk of contamination by airborne contaminants. Respirators are available in various sizes and must be fitted properly to the wearer’s size to provide the correct level of protection. A respirator consists of a filter through which the inhaled air passes. This filter cleans the air before it goes into the respiratory tract. A correctly fitted mask ensures that the air passes through the filter and not from the gaps between the face and the mask. These masks are recommended for people who work very near to the patients with flu like symptoms.

Surgical Masks

Surgical masks are used by medical professionals while surgeries or other medical procedures. These masks act as a barrier to splashes of blood or bodily fluids while operating. Sometimes infected persons are also made to wear surgical masks so that others do not catch the infection. Surgical masks have a capacity of trapping large droplets of bodily fluids that may carry bacteria or viruses along. These masks also keep hands and fingers soiled with body fluids away from the face and mouth while working. It must be kept in mind that surgical masks are not designed to protect a person from small airborne viruses and bacteria. The airborne contaminants can harm the wearer by getting into the nose or mouth by spaces between the mask and the face.

Where to buy N95 Mask online?

The N95 Respirator Face Mask offers a combined features of both particulate respirator and surgical mask making it the most desirable option for pandemic use. To top these features off, it is N95 and FDA cleared making it a perfect choice for Covid Mask.

Try the popular Gen 3-Ply Protective Pleated Face Mask With Earloops, Medline Biomask Antiviral Pleated Earloop Face Mask, Dynarex Pleated Surgical Face Mask With Ties, AMD NIOSH N95 Respirator Dust Mask and many more for your safety and security against infections and contamination.

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Frequently asked questions

A facemask provides a physical barrier to minimize contamination of the nose and mouth with respiratory droplets. It is recommended that following a risk assessment people who are symptomatic should wear a facemask when being transported around a care facility or between facilities.

PPE used at a workplace must be:

  • Selected to minimize risk to work health and safety
  • Suitable for the nature of the work and any hazard associated with the work
  • A suitable size and fit and reasonably comfortable for the person wearing it

To ensure PPE continues to minimize any potential risk for the worker, PPE must be maintained, repaired or replaced and stored correctly which includes making sure it is clean, hygienic and in good working order.

Using PPE may give rise to problems that without proper management, could become a health and safety risk. For example:

  • Wearing PPE may adversely affect how well tasks can be performed—PPE can restrict vision or mobility.
  • It may be uncomfortable to wear and some workers may not be able to wear the recommended PPE at all due to sensitivities
  • It may create new hazards through its use - some items might hinder the body’s natural cooling mechanisms by preventing evaporation of perspiration.

Face masks, earloop masks, procedure masks, pain relief masks with beads, multi-purpose masks etc. are available for purchase.