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Top 5 Wound Dressings For Treating A Slough Wound

Top 5 Wound Dressings For Treating A Slough Wound
Akanksha Nigam

Top 5 Wound Dressings

  1. Coloplast Triad Hydrophilic Wound Dressing
  2. Anacapa Anasept Antimicrobial Skin And Wound Gel
  3. Medline Maxorb II Alginate Wound Dressing
  4. 3M Tegaderm Transparent Film Dressing - Picture Frame Style
  5. Molnlycke Mepore Self-Adhesive Absorbent Surgical Dressing

What is a slough wound? 

Wound healing occurs in stages. An acute wound follows the process of hemostasis, inflammation, repair, and remodeling. For a wound to heal, each step must be completed in order for the next step to begin. However, some wounds do not heal in the predicted manner. They remain in the inflammatory stage of wound healing and become chronic. This stagnancy increases the presence of slough on the wound bed. Examples of chronic wounds are – pressure injuries, venous leg ulcers, and diabetic foot ulcers. 

During the healing process, necrotic tissue, or slough, forms over the chronic wound. It presents as is a pale yellow, dead tissue and covers the entire wound bed. A wound develops slough, it means that it is stuck in the inflammatory phase and healing is delayed. 

Removal of slough is an integral part of treating a wound. The presence of wound slough : 

  1. Prolongs inflammation 
  2. Increases the risk of infection 
  3. Hides/mimics infection 
  4. Attracts bacteria to the wound bed 
  5. Increases pus and odor 
  6. Prevents the wound from progressing through the healing stages 

One of the ways to treat slough is to remove the bad tissue by using the body’s enzymes and natural fluids. This is known as autolytic debridement. This is done by applying moisture-retaining coverings such as hydrocolloid dressings, hydrogel dressings, alginate dressings, and transparent films. When moisture accumulates, the dead tissue swells up and separates from the wound. These dressings need to be changed frequently, more than once per day.  

If the wound slough is dry and adherent, look for a dressing that adds moisture. If there is pus on the wound, choose an absorbent dressing. An antimicrobial dressing is used for signs of infection, swelling, purulent drainage, delayed wound healing, or increased pain or odor. 

Where to buy wound care dressings? 

HPFY hosts a gamut of dressings for all your wound care needs. Here are some of our top-selling wound care dressings

FSA Approved

Maintains a moist and optimal environment to support autolytic debridement and is ideal for wounds that produce light to moderate exudate levels. This zinc-oxide-based paste can be applied easily on hard-to-dress areas. Coloplast Triad is useful for pressure ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, superficial wounds, first- and second-degree burns, and partial and full-thickness wounds. It adheres to wet skin, stays in place even in cases of incontinence and maceration, and is also suitable for neonates. 

Coloplast Triad Hydrophilic Wound Dressing



FSA Approved

Anacapa clear hydrogel provides a moist environment to aid wound healing and inhibits the growth of bacteria. This colorless gel reduces bioburden levels and improves the pace of recovery. It has a shelf-life of 24 months and is used for skin tears, abrasions, minor irritations, lacerations, and cuts. It is also used for advanced wounds such as partial to full-thickness wounds, pressure ulcers of all stages, surgical wounds, diabetic foot ulcers, first- and second-degree burns, venous ulcers, grafted wound sites, and intact skin. 

Anacapa Anasept Antimicrobial Skin And Wound Gel



FSA Approved

A 100% calcium alginate dressing that offers superior absorption of moderate to heavy drainage. It wicks fluid vertically to prevent maceration. Suitable for partial to full-thickness wounds, it is available in rope and sheet form. This dressing plays two roles: it keeps the peri-wound skin dry and provides a moist environment for the wound. It comes apart easily and leaves less residual material. This dressing is also used for trauma, pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers, first- and second-degree burns, and graft donor sites. 

Medline Maxorb II Alginate Wound Dressing



FSA Approved

Made with a thin, semi-permeable film that maintains a moist environment for wound healing and autolytic debridement. This hypoallergenic dressing is gentle, conformable, and moves with the skin. It can be used on surgical incisions, abrasions, skin graft sites, partial thickness burns, and stage I and II pressure ulcers. 3M Tegarderm is also great for post-tattoo applications. 

3M Tegaderm Transparent Film Dressing - Picture Frame Style



FSA Approved

A breathable dressing that absorbs blood and exudate with a water-repellent film that protects the wound from contamination. This covering does not need to be removed during X-rays, and its adhesive is made to be comfortable on the skin.  

Molnlycke Mepore Self-Adhesive Absorbent Surgical Dressing



A wound slough not only slows down the process of wound healing, but unless it is removed, the wound will not heal. It starts as a yellow-colored tissue that, over time, may turn dry and brown. This dead tissue attracts bacteria and dramatically increases the risk of infection. If you notice any signs or discomfort on the wound, reach out to your healthcare provider. 


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