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Top 10 Urological Products

Top 10 Urological Products
HPFY Staff Writer

When using any type of medical aid product, finding the proper products for you can seem like a daunting task. There are a plethora of different brands and items available, so how do you determine what is right for you? Since we don’t all have an unlimited supply of money, finding products that are cost-effective and actually do the job properly is of utmost importance. We here at HPFY can point you to 10 great urological products that may fit the bill for yourself and your needs.

Why and What do you need for Urinary Incontinence?

Whether it’s due to an injury, an illness/disease, or just plain old aging, it can be relatively common to develop urinary issues that impact our everyday life. As you can imagine, these issues can range from simple and mundane to greatly diminishing our quality of life. The need for great urological products can be caused by:

  • Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s)
  • Bladder stones
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Cancer
  • Decreased urine output (weak flow)

These causes all can bring about the three major types of incontinence. Stress, urge, and overflow incontinence are the most common types of urinary incontinence associated with urological issues, but there can be even combinations of them just to make your life that much more complicated.

Top 10 Urinary Incontinence Products

For those searching for the best urological products, allow us to present 10 great urological products that can help you overcome your urological issues. These products are:

  1. Medline Sterile Lubricating Jelly

    This is a grease-free, water-soluble lubricant ideal for gloves, instruments, and even catheters. While adhering well to rubber or synthetic surfaces, it prevents bacteria growth, is hypoallergenic, and easily washes off of surfaces for easy cleanup. It forms a translucent film that is adherent and is non-staining or irritating.
  2. Advantage Replacement Bag Urinal System

    With an average lifespan of three months, this two-liter bag is a multi-use collection bag that can decrease the risk of infection and urine spills. The patented design has a durable hose and anti-reflux valve that will not spill even if the bag is dropped and offers a large capacity reservoir bag to minimize the need for emptying (especially helpful at night). Easy, economical, and great for a better night’s sleep!!
  3. HR Pharmaceuticals Surgilube Sterile Lubricating Jelly

    Ideal for lubricating catheters, this antimicrobial and sterile lubricant is bacteriostatic and free from glycerin, latex, and parabens. It is chlorhexidine free and is BPOC compliant as well as being certified kosher by the Orthodox Union. It’s water-soluble design won’t stain fabric surfaces and has a premium viscosity that works naturally with the body’s natural lubrication.
  1. Medegen Deluxe Urinal with Hanging Lid

    Convenience and ease of use are what this urinal is designed for. With a notched handle that conveniently hangs on the rails of most beds, this male urinal can be placed either vertically or horizontally due to the patient conforming neck angle and opening which helps contain contents without spillage. The snug-fitting odor shield is clearly marked urinal to avoid other uses and the wide base improves stability whether empty or full.
  2. GeeWhiz Male External Condom Catheter

    Using no adhesives, this male catheter uses a unique patented inner sticky gel seal to prevent slippage. It is made of silicon and slips over the penis like a condom with a tube connected to a collection bag that can be worn on the leg. With a quick connect and disconnect feature, it can be worn at night or during the day and has a leak-proof seal that can’t be accidentally removed. This design does not require a strap, such as the Covidien Kendall Dover Male External Urinary Catheter Strap. Convenient and easy to use!!
  3. Medline Urinals

    Designed for the male anatomy, this easy to use and economical urinal is translucent and has a spill-proof lid. This allows it to be stored on its side and prevents accidental tipping and spilling. It has a convenient handle for maximum stability and ease-of-use while holding up to 1000 mL of liquid which can be read in ounces or milliliters. It is even available with a glow in the dark lid for nighttime use.
  1. Sage PrimaFit External Urine Management System for Females

    This innovative urine management system is specifically designed for a female’s anatomy and is perfect for the transition from indwelling catheters to independent continence. The Flex-Fit Core contours to the patient’s anatomy, while maintaining its shape during use and uses a sure stay silicone adhesive pad to keep the device in place. The ultrasoft wicking fabric keeps moisture away from your skin and the tapered end-cap fits in the perineum to keep the device in place and secure.
  2. Rusch Bedside Urinary Premium Drainage Bag

    Equipped with a latex bottom outlet tube, this urine drainage bag is made of high-grade PVC and has kink-resistant tubing and the unique design allows for easy filling/emptying of the bag. The universal hanger offers securing features that are ideal for nursing homes or home care, while the bag features an anti-reflux drip chamber and a needleless sample port. They are sterile and designed to be single-use bags.
  3. Medline Senna-S Tablets

    Unfortunately, every now and then we have to deal with constipation during our everyday lives. Often medications we take can cause constipation that can be uncomfortable and even painful at times. These tablets can gently relieve constipation overnight with a sugar-free, low-sodium formula that offers 8.6 mg of sennosides and 50 mg of docusate sodium per tablet.
  4. ProCare Catheter Strap

    When dealing with catheters, accidental removal is a real issue. This strap is a 2-inch wide flannel lined elastic strap with contact closure which securely holds the catheter tube in place without occlusion and helps to prevent accidental removal. This can extend the life of your catheter as well as minimize potential injury.

Each urological issue can be specific to each patient. This can require a different approach from person-to-person, so there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Since each patient is unique, every urological solution can also be unique to their case. Work with your urologist or nurse to identify your specific need and what solutions may be tailored to your individual issues. Don’t fret, there is a solution out there for you!!


Disclaimer: All content found on our website, including images, videos, infographics and text were created solely for informational purposes. Our content should never be used for the purpose of diagnosis or treatment of any medical conditions. Content shared on our websites is not meant to be used as a substitute for advice from a certified medical professional. Reliance on the information provided on our website as a basis for patient treatment is solely at your own risk. We urge all our customers to always consult a physician or a certified medical professional before trying or using a new medical product.


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HPFY Staff Writer

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