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The Benefits of Sheepskin in Medical Care

The Benefits of Sheepskin in Medical Care
Kevin Cleary

We have all held and have been amazed at how soft and fuzzy sheepskin can be, but did you realize that this wonderful material has an abundance of health benefits? I know I didn’t!! Like everyone else, I was sure it was just something that was comfy and warm. Well, it turns out that there are a multitude of medical sheepskin benefits that can help just about anyone.

10 Benefits of Sheepskin for Your Health

Everyone has heard of sheepskin, but the benefits may not be so well-known. Sheepskin is just what it sounds like the hide or skin of the sheep. I’m sure everyone is familiar with wool. For many years, people have been using sheepskin to stay warm, but little did we know that there are other health benefits of sheepskin. Some of these are:

1. Supports to Relieve Aches and Pains

One of the natural characteristics of sheepskin is the crimped fibers that form the natural cushioning of your body. The three-dimensional spiraling of each fiber acts like a natural spring. This allows for the material to form to your body shape and makes this material ideal for autistic children since many on the autism spectrum benefit from the warmth, softness, and soothing touch sensation.

Sheepskin Offers Pain Relief

2. Regulates Body Temperature

Wool has one interesting property. This is the ability of wool to keep you warm in cold weather and cooler in hot weather. By maintaining this regulating property, sheepskin can keep the user comfortable in all situations. This can be extremely beneficial for newborn babies who may have been born premature or with a low birth weight since they can’t regulate their own body temperature just yet. Using a sheepskin blanket like Skil-Care Lap Blanket with Hand Warmer, which has soft, cozy cloth fabric strategically lined with synthetic sheepskin, can give autistic children the comfort and security they desire without overheating.

sheepskin benefits in regulating body temperature

3. Reduces Friction and Skin Shear

The outer layer of wool has the unique benefit of having a protein layer that is extremely smooth, which allows sheepskin fibers to easily move against one another and make movement easier, not to mention more comfortable. For those who may be saddled with limited mobility, this soft protein layer can easily move against the skin and limit the risk of skin breakdowns over time. Rolyan Synthetic Sheepskin Pad has an antimicrobial fabric and helps prevent bedsores or decubitus ulcers of any kind.

benefits of Sheepskin

4. Minimizes Bacteria and Other Pathogens

The natural resistance of sheepskin fleece to mold and dust mites can help avoid getting sick. Sheepskin for babies can minimize illnesses and allow for a good night’s sleep for the baby, as well as for mom and dad. Also, the moisture-wicking properties of woolskin can easily remove moisture that bacteria love to thrive in.

Sheepskin Minimizes Bacteria and Other Pathogens

5. Hypoallergenic

Lanolin is found naturally in sheepskin as well as human skin and can benefit sensitive/inflamed skin to help those with rashes or even eczema. Natural sheepskin contains natural products that are nearly devoid of chemicals that can trigger allergic reactions in the user. Vive Wheelchair Armrests are hypoallergenic, soft, and breathable to protect against irritation, sore spots, and nerve pain.

Sheepskin is Hypoallergenic

6. Moisture Wicking Ability

Skin breakdowns can be caused by a number of reasons, but one of the largest is moisture. Since sheepskin has wonderful moisture-wicking ability, moisture stays away from the skin and minimizes any potential hazard or complication that can lead to skin breakdowns and possible infections.

Top 10 Reasons Why Sheepskin Is Good for Your Health

7. Promotes Good Night's Sleep

By regulating body temperature, a sheepskin blanket creates the ideal sleep environment – a 'Goldilocks zone' for sleep. A sheepskin sleeping pad offers the perfect balance – not too hot, not too cold! Moreover, the numerous benefits of sleeping on sheepskin can make your bed exceptionally comfortable. A sheepskin bedding underlay is ideal, and this can have a tremendously positive effect on the sleep of autistic children and infants.

Sheepskin products offer good sleep

8. Minimizes Potential Disease

Genuine lambswool has properties that can deter pests such as bedbugs. This can minimize the chance of disease transmission, and finding the best sheepskin for a baby is important since their immune system is still developing.

Sheepskin Minimizes the risk of Potential Disease

9. Improves Blood Circulation

The regulation of your body temperature can help improve overall circulation. Also, absorbing pressure allows for the distribution of weight, therefore minimizing any chance of creating a pressure point that can negatively affect circulation. No more waking up with a limb that is still asleep!! Circulation is also aided by the added warmth that medical sheepskin provides.

Sheepskin benefits in improving blood circulation

10. Durable

Since medical sheepskin is able to handle multiple washings, it is a more hygienic choice and is resistant to fluids such as urine and blood. This makes it a wonderful choice for the elderly and children.

Sheepskin products are Durable

Yes, sheepskin is warm and fuzzy, but discovering its remarkable health advantages can be an eye-opening event. Elderly folks and autistic children can greatly benefit from the use of medical sheepskin. There are various benefits of sheepskin that all lead to a healthier life and improved quality of life.

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