Why Do Grandparents Love A Sheepskin Gift?

Why Do Grandparents Love A Sheepskin Gift?

Sheepskin, or skin of the sheep in the layman terms, is known around the world for its plush fabric, undeniable softness, and extreme durability. It can be used in all seasons by people of almost all ages. Your grandparents can also draw many health benefits from sheepskin products. Luxury clubbed up with health benefits would be a great holiday gift for your grandparents.

Some of the reasons why we call sheepskin a great gift for your grandparents are stated below:

1. Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter

Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter

The hollow fibers of sheepskin allow the fabric to breathe and work as a natural temperature insulator. They will keep your grandparents warm and cozy during winters, and calm and cool in summers.


2. Quick Sweat Absorption

Quick Sweat Absorption

Sheepskin has a unique property of absorbing sweat as soon as it comes in contact with the wool fibers. It evaporates the sweat 7 times faster than synthetic alternatives.

3. Dirt and Bacteria Resistant

Dirt and Bacteria Resistant

Sheepskin or lambskin is naturally dirt and bacteria-resistant. It is also resistant to urine and even blood, thus making it a favorite and a more hygienic choice for the elderly and even children.


4. Improved Blood Circulation

Improved Blood Circulation

Another important benefit of sheepskin is that it regulates the blood circulation and strengthens the immune system. It is especially helpful for the elderly as it relaxes and rejuvenates their body.

5. Enhanced Moisture Wicking Ability

Enhanced Moisture Wicking Ability

Sheepskin rugs and underlays have a fantastic quality of absorbing moisture without actually feeling wet. This prevents the risk of pressure sores and skin maceration over time in bedridden people.


6. Hypo-allergenic and Skin-Friendly

Hypo-allergenic and Skin-Friendly

Lanolin present in the sheepskin, a substance similar to that found in humans, makes it affable to the touch. It is kind to sensitive skin and can help soothe rashes or skin conditions like eczema.

7. An Aid to Restful Sleep

An Aid to Restful Sleep

The comfort and coziness of the soft sheepskin fabric will help your grandparents get a good night sleep. Sheepskin also helps regulate the microclimate around beds, allowing for a restful sleep.


8. Easy to Take Care

Easy to Take Care

The self-cleaning quality of the sheepskin when hung in the fresh air makes it great for use by seniors. So, your grandparents do not have to worry too much about the cleaning process.

Sheepskin – An aid to Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Sheepskin works as an excellent nursing aide for the prevention of pressure sores in the following:

  • Very thin or overweight individuals who sit for long periods
  • Elderly people who are confined to bed or wheelchair
  • People who work at a desk or travel in a car for long periods
  • People with fragile or sensitive skin
  • People with orthopedic problems
  • People who suffer with Anorexia
  • People with Multiple Sclerosis
  • Cancer patients
  • Alzheimer’s patients
  • Parkinson’s patients

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