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Top 10 Medical Tables of 2023

Top 10 Medical Tables of 2023
Kevin Cleary

Doing your job properly requires skill, knowledge, and the proper tools. Not only does this make you more proficient in your job, but it makes doing your job easier and safer. This applies especially to those in the medical field. It doesn’t matter if you are a doctor, nurse, or massage therapist. Having the proper skills and tools at your disposal is critically important and finding the proper medical table can help you do your vitally important job efficiently and safely. Let us at HPFY show you 10 great options for medical tables that may be ideal for you!!

The Best 10 Medical Tables for Clinics and Hospitals

Whether you are a doctor, physician’s assistant, nurse, or physical therapist, finding the right medical table with the appropriate features for you can make daily life tons easier. With all the options on the market today, which might be proper for you? Here are 10 great options:

1. Armedica AM-SX1060 Hi-Lo Changing Table

Smoothly traveling vertically with no horizontal movement, this changing table has an extreme high-low base and a single section top construction with side rails. This makes this table perfect for children and adults with special needs. The drop-down rails make transferring patients easier and safer on staff.


  • Heavy-duty motor with 400 lbs lifting capacity
  • 4 swivel locking casters for excellent mobility
  • Equipped with pivot down side rails
  • 18"-37" height adjustment with footswitch control

Armedica AM-SX1060 Hi-Lo Changing Table


2. Armedica Quantum 400 Intersegmental Roller Table

This electromechanical treatment table uses the Glide-Trak System to relieve muscle tension and deliver a soothing massage. The 3 nylon rollers have adjustable massage pressure for full spine or targeted treatment areas. The rugged frame and quality construction set the standard for IST treatments.

  • Motorized elevation and vibration
  • Hand-held remote control with cord
  • Dimensions: 25"W x 78"L x 27"H
  • Lockable settings to prevent tampering
Armedica Quantum 400 Intersegmental Roller Table

3. Hausmann Wall Folding Treatment Changing Table

The foldaway design of this treatment table can save floor space and has 2-inch high density foam with an upholstered, vinyl top for easy cleanup. The two folding high-pressure laminate legs only protrude 8 inches when folded and has a 350 pound capacity.

  • Comfort plus vinyl have a softer feel for enhanced patient comfort
  • Durable
  • Laminate color: Natural oak
  • Size: 72"L x 24"W x 31"H
Hausmann Wall Folding Treatment Changing Table

4. Armedica AM-353 Series High-Lo Treatment Table

With full height adjustment and section mobility, this treatment table has three section construction with adjustable head and back sections. This makes patient positioning easy and comfortable, as well as, easy patient dismounting after treatment. The foot section can elevate 78° and is available with or without casters.

  • Height adjustment with footswitch control
  • 400 lbs lift capacity
  • 110 volts, 60Hz motor
  • 17"-36" height adjustment with footswitch control

Armedica AM-353 Series Hi-Lo Treatment Table


5. Armedica AM-300 Three Section High-Lo Treatment Table

Placing your patient in the proper position is what this three-section treatment table is all about. It provides full height adjustment and section mobility that can handle 400 pounds and be adjusted with the easy to use footswitch control.

  • Heavy-duty welded steel construction
  • Power-assisted caster system
  • Extra durable vinyl upholstery
  • 18"-37" height adjustment with footswitch control
Armedica AM-300 Three Section Hi-Lo Treatment Table

6. Armedica AM-SX1072 Hi-Lo Changing Table

Many facilities deal with children and adults with special needs and this changing table is perfect for these environments. It moves up and down smoothly with no horizontal movement and has a sturdy X frame made from 11gauge steel tubing. The pivot-down, side rails easily secure any patient safely and can adjust its height from 18 “-37 “with the provided foot switch control.

  • Heavy-duty motor with 400 lbs lifting capacity
  • 4 swivel locking casters for excellent mobility
  • Equipped with pivot down side rails

Armedica AM-SX1072 Hi-Lo Changing Table


7. Oakworks PT300 Hi-Lo Treatment Table

Featuring a unique base design that takes up less space, this treatment table makes it easy for a physical therapist to position themselves safely and easily. With a low table height of 16 inches, the three section table can handle up to 550 pounds of weight. These are perfect for physical therapy clinics, hospital centers, private practices, and medical centers alike.

  • Stiff twin beam construction
  • Fabric - premium, PVC-free TerraTouch
  • Easy on and off, wheelchair accessible
Oakworks PT300 Hi-Lo Treatment Table

8. Armedica AM-200 Hi-Lo Treatment Table

This treatment table offers two-section top construction and full height adjustment for easy patient placement. The footswitch control can adjust this table from 18 “-37 “and has an adjustable headrest with a contoured face opening.

  • Power-assisted caster system
  • Lifting capacity of 400 lbs
  • 110 volts, 60Hz motor
Armedica AM-200 Hi-Lo Treatment Table

9. Clinton 8870 Family Practice Exam Table

Ideal for clinics and practices of all sorts, this table has two Eurostyle drawers that are accessible from both sides, as well as, two adjustable stirrups. The air spring adjustable backrest makes patient positioning easy and comfortable and the storage compartment with one shelf makes it perfect for multiple types of treatments.

  • Coated, two-position adjustable stirrups
  • 400 lbs. (181.43 kg) load capacity
  • Built with plywood and laminate panels
Clinton 8870 Family Practice Exam Table

10. Armedica AM-SM3500 3-Section Hi-Lo Treatment Table

For a clinic that has limited space, this treatment table has an X frame design and a three-piece top section with a fixed center section that can handle up to 400 pounds. It allows for easy patient positioning with minimal effort and is constructed from antibacterial vinyl.

  • heavy-duty welded steel construction
  • 4 total lock 3" swivel casters
  • 120-volt 60hz motors
  • Height: 31" (78.74 cm)
Armedica AM-SX3500 3 Section Hi-Lo Treatment Table

In order to do any job properly, you need the proper tools for the proper jobs and in the medical profession, it all starts with the ideal medical table. Each one may have subtle differences in their specifications and abilities that can make any medical professional more efficient and safer.


Disclaimer: All content found on our website, including images, videos, infographics and text were created solely for informational purposes. Our content should never be used for the purpose of diagnosis or treatment of any medical conditions. Content shared on our websites is not meant to be used as a substitute for advice from a certified medical professional. Reliance on the information provided on our website as a basis for patient treatment is solely at your own risk. We urge all our customers to always consult a physician or a certified medical professional before trying or using a new medical product.


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