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10 Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

10 Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet
Linda Guerrera

Not so long ago, there didn’t seem to be many advantages of a plant-based diet. Many thought the mere thought of a hamburger made from plants instead of beef was just weird. If you haven’t read too much about the health benefits of a vegan diet, read on, we’ve got some great information for you.

The vegan diet has become very popular and for good reason. There are many plant-based diet benefits that you may not be aware of. But before we get into them, let’s define exactly what this way of eating is.

According to WebMD.com

“Plant-based, or plant-forward, diets focus on foods that come mostly from plants. In addition to fruits and vegetables, plant-based diets usually include lots of nuts, seeds, whole grains, oils, legumes, beans, herbs, and spices. They tend to avoid processed foods and animal products like red meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy.” -Alexandra Benisek WebMD.com

Many people choose to become vegan for ethical and environmental reasons, but research has shown that there are many health benefits of a plant-based diet. While years ago, it was quite a challenge to find vegan products, most supermarkets and businesses cater to the growing number of people who choose to eat this way.

Let’s take a closer look at this and highlight 10 benefits of a plant-based diet:

1. Weight Loss and Management

A vegan diet tends to be low in calories, and we know that the less calories we eat, the easier it is to lose weight. High fiber is another feature of a plant-based diet. Fiber not only makes you feel full, but since it is slowly digested, you will keep that satisfied feeling longer, reduce cravings and keep you from overeating.

2. Better Digestion

Plant-based diets naturally have lots of fruits and veggies which contain a lot of fiber. A diet high in fiber doesn't just make you feel full longer, it also helps keep your digestive tract healthy and running smoothly, lowering your risk of health issues like diverticulitis.

3. Healthy Heart

Vegans are at a lower risk of developing heart disease because their diets are typically lower in saturated fat and cholesterol. High blood pressure and high cholesterol levels can be greatly reduced, which is one of the most vital health benefits of a vegan diet.

4. Less Risk of Chronic Health Issues

Doesn’t it seem as though there are more people suffering from chronic diseases than ever before? You can lower your risk of obesity, certain types of cancer and diabetes by following a plant-based diet.

5. Lower Environmental Impact

Because plant-based foods generate fewer greenhouse gas emissions than foods in animal-based diets, the production of vegan foods has a smaller carbon footprint.

6. Ethical Considerations

Animal welfare is a huge concern of many people. Because of the many nutritional plant-based choices we now have, it really is unnecessary to kill animals for food. Eating a healthy plant-based diet fulfills human nutritional needs and reduces our reliance on animals as a protein source.

7. Less Foodborne Illnesses

Animal products can become infected easily with bacteria. Plant-based diets are at a much lower risk of contamination from salmonella and E. coli. 

8. Live Longer

Here’s more great news about eating a plant-based diet. Research has shown that one of the benefits of a plant-based diet is less risk of premature death and a longer lifespan.

9. Good Gut Health

Studies have shown that because a vegan diet aids with healthy gut microbiome, it improves many functions of the body including boosting our immune system and mental health.

10. Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails

Naturally there is a huge correlation with eating healthy foods and the effect it has on the body. A diet rich in fruit, veggies, nuts and whole grains is great for your hair, skin and nails and may even keep you looking young.


While the advantages of a plant-based diet may steer you towards going vegan, it is important to note that there are nutrients we need every day. As long as your diet includes the right amount of protein, vitamin B12, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, and calcium, you will be well on your way to enjoying the benefits of a plant-based diet. Talk to your doctor or a dietician to create a diet that will keep you healthy, strong and plant based.


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