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6 Muscle Strain Treatments You Must Know About

6 Muscle Strain Treatments You Must Know About
Shweta Chaubey

Muscle strain treatment is more than necessary. Not treating a pulled muscle can lead to graver consequences, such as a chronic pain, fracture or infection like osteomyelitis. Hence, when a muscle strain strikes, whether due to sudden movement, sports activity, or overexertion, it is important to know the best ways to address it.  

HPFY is here with a list of six muscle strain treatments that can help you recover quicker and better. 

6 Best Muscle Strain Treatments 

1. Rest 

You read that right! Remember, your body is a smart machine; sometimes, it knows better than you do. The first course of action, always, is resting the strained muscle.  

The downtime prevents any further injury to the already painful muscles. However, rest doesn’t mean complete inactivity – it means refraining from activities that worsen the pain. 

2. Temperature therapy 

Next up is cold therapy, followed by heat therapy. For the first 48 hours, applying an ice pack for 15-20 minutes every two hours can significantly reduce inflammation and swelling.  

Once the swelling subsides, apply heat to the pulled muscle to relieve the tightness and improve blood circulation for quicker muscle strain treatment. You can use a heat pad, towel, wrap, or warm bath. Just be sure to avoid applying heat immediately after the injury, as it might increase inflammation. 


3. Massage 

Massaging is a therapeutic approach to quicker muscle strain treatment. The soothing touch of a gentle massage that focuses on the affected area helps to break down scar tissue, enhance blood circulation, and provide relief.  

Ensure not to put excessive pressure on the injured muscle during the massage. You can also find massage therapy essentials, including massage creams and manual and electric massagers, at HPFY. 


4. Compression bandage 

Wrap the strained muscle with a compressive bandage. Compression improves blood circulation and helps in healing the torn or pulled muscles. These bandages gently squeeze the area, prevent the pooling of fluid buildup, and give your muscles the stability they need to heal effectively. 


5. Elevation 

Elevation is a simple technique for muscle strains in the legs that can make a big difference. When sitting or resting, prop your injured leg up with pillows. It can minimize swelling and encourage fluids to move away from the pulled muscles. 


6. Physical Therapy 

Start gentle stretches and exercises as you gradually feel better. Doing so helps to restore flexibility and strength to the affected muscle. However, always consult your doctor before engaging in any exercise routine to ensure it's safe and appropriate for your recovery. 

HPFY offers a wide range of products for physical therapy and rehabilitation after surgery or injury. You can explore our catalog to find the best supplies you need to recover quickly.  


The importance of self-care for muscle strain treatment 

Treating a muscle strain goes beyond the above-mentioned muscle strain treatment options; self-care is equally crucial. Prioritize adequate rest, maintain a balanced diet, stay hydrated, and listen to your body's cues. If pain persists or worsens, contact your doctor immediately. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Muscle Strain Treatment 

1. How long does a muscle strain last?   

The duration of a muscle strain recovery will depend on the severity of the injury. While mild strains might improve after a week, more serious ones could take several weeks or months.  

Avoid working out or doing rigorous physical activities during this period to prevent reinjury to the already strained muscles. 

2. How do you know if you've pulled a muscle?  

A pulled muscle is characterized by -  

  • pain or muscle spasms 
  • inflammation 
  • limited range of motion  
  • swelling in the sprained area 

3. What is the difference between muscle strain and sprain? 

While often used interchangeably, sprains and strains are not the same. A sprain involves stretched or torn ligaments, while a strain affects muscles or tendons. If you're dealing with pain around a joint, you might be dealing with a sprain and need immediate sprain treatment. 


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